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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Babylon Bee on Justice Clarence Thomas’s vote


Yesterday, The Babylon Bee knocked another one out of the park:

Democrats Argue That Clarence Thomas
Should Only Have 3/5 Of A Vote

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats in D.C. have lashed out at Justice Clarence Thomas following his vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, arguing that he should only get 3/5 of a vote in the Supreme Court.

"This is an illegitimate vote!" shouted AOC to protesters gathered in front of the Supreme Court Building. "Three Justices lied during their appointment hearings—so their votes don't count—and Clarence Thomas should only get 3/5 of a vote. That means Roe was overturned by a vote of 3 to 2 3/5! That's crazy!"

Democrats say they are proposing this historic compromise to restore public trust in the Supreme Court. They argue that since Clarence Thomas is bad, he should have 2/5ths of his vote removed.

"This is what must be done to restore confidence in our democracy," said Senator Chuck Schumer.

At publishing time, Sen Elizabeth Warren had fallen uncharacteristically quiet on the issue. According to sources, she's concerned someone will bring up her Native American heritage and she'll lose a vote in the senate.

A brief summary of the "3/5 compromise," as recited in the US Constitution, is here

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Monday, June 27, 2022

Clot Shots & adverse events


At the NOQ Report, S.D. Wells brings us up-to-date with adverse events that can follow injection of the “vaccines” ~ a/k/a Clot Shots:

Editor’s Note: Despite the fact that adverse reactions are being more readily reported by a reluctant corporate media, any mentions of them are still getting blocked by Big Tech. We [NOQ and sister sites] have officially dropped down to essentially zero traffic from Google and Facebook, and we wear that predicament like a badge of honor. We will continue to report on the many disturbing cases of jabs-gone-wrong, and while we understand why most other conservative news outlets refuse to do so, that doesn’t make it right. It’s up to you guys to help share this information if you choose to do so because now more than ever, with millions of parents preparing to get their young children jabbed, the facts need to come to light. 

7 Scariest Covid-19 Post-Vaxx “Adverse Events”
That Are Becoming More Common

The CDC and MSM call it “vaccine hesitancy” but it’s more about “vaccine science” that shows the COVID-19 gene-mutation jabs are experimental, dangerous and ineffective. It’s not “hesitancy” if the statistics reveal that getting a clot shot is FAR more dangerous to the majority of the population that actually catching the latest coronavirus. It’s not a conspiracy theory that the clot shots are experimental at best, with “emergency use only” approvals and fraudulent clinical trials that reveal commonplace nightmarish side effects and adverse events.

Just because mainstream (fake news) media doesn’t cover the facts does not mean they are not happening all around us. If a tree falls in the forest, but you don’t hear it hit, that doesn’t mean it never fell. When perfectly healthy athletes, pilots and military members drop dead from blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes, just days or weeks after getting injected with gene therapy COVID-19 shots, there is valid reason to be very concerned.

Why give any teenager, tween or child a deadly Wuhan virus clot shot when there’s next-to-zero chance they could die from COVID? . . .

Two-thirds of all Americans have been brainwashed by a fear-based campaign of propaganda to get the COVID jabs.

The days of evidence-based science are dead in America. The days of checks and balances are gone. The regulatory agencies are chock full of Big Pharma gurus who make all the rules and mandates based on zero science. Only fear could make hundreds of millions of Americans get stuck with shots that clog the blood, flood the organs, and cause “sudden adult death syndrome” (SADS).

Only a fear-based campaign for a virus that causes far less than a one percent death rate could convince two-thirds of all Americans to wear a bacteria-breeding mask over their respiratory apparatus for two years straight.

Only a scamdemic could take so much taxpayer money and hand it to the evil scientists, politicians and regulatory goons who funded, designed and propagated it. Let’s face it, there’s NOTHING “safe” or “effective” about the Fauci Flu jabs. Avoid them like the plague.

Top 7 SCARIEST COVID-19 post-vaccine “adverse events” MSM and CDC never mention for fear of “vaccine hesitancy”

#1. Dropping dead suddenly from “unexpected causes” a.k.a. SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)

#2. Weird, long, rubbery, fibrous blood clots (bio-structures)

#3. Myocarditis, irregular heart beats and heart attacks

#4. Cancer and tumors flare up out of the blue

#5. Catching and/or dying from COVID-19 or its variants

#6. Paralysis of arms, legs or face (Justin Bieber’s “Ramsay Hunt” Syndrome)

#7. Suddenly suffering from GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome), AIDS, ADE, or VAED

Source link is here.  What the reporter left out:  the mis-named "vaccines" can compromise both adults' and youngsters' natural immune systems, see e.g. here

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Daniel Greenfield on policy: deliberate destruction


Daniel Greenfield cross-posts his Front Page commentary at his blog, Sultan Knish.  He weighs in on the subject of the Biden administration's policy of deliberate destruction of America's economy and society. Here’s Mr. Greenfield’s conclusion:

This is not a conspiracy theory. The only assumption being made here is that the Left is achieving its stated goals as the result of a plan rather than a series of accidental coincidences.

Too many Republicans are failing to hold the Left accountable by refusing to state what is going on. Hanlon’s Razor, “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” is fine when it’s not being applied to an ideology that is achieving its objectives through its actions.

That’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s policy.

Pasting Biden’s “I Did It” stickers on gas pumps is fine, but he’s completely expendable.

If Americans don’t understand that our misery isn’t an accident or incompetence, but part of a plan, then the downward cycle will continue to play out with increasingly worse outcomes.

Until the Left finally gets what it wants. And then the rest of us won’t have anything left.

Read the rest here. Hard to argue with Mr. Greenfield’s assessment.

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

How America Ends


Doomsday prophecy:  Mike Adams predicts “How America Ends” at America First.  These are frightening predictions, but they square with many of the developments since the coup d’etat in 2020-2021. Here’s an excerpt:

. . .The era of Western Civilization is coming to an end. It will be characterized by the collapse of the dollar, a global repudiation of the petrodollar status, a collapse of the rule of law across the United States, a collapse of the stock market, pensions, bond market and crypto markets, a collapse of the food supply chain, and a collapse of the fuel and transportation infrastructure. This will, in turn, take down the power grid in many areas, leading to a Mad Max-style scenario from which a few capable survivors will attempt to flee.

Before the end of 2025, as I have publicly predicted for at least the last five years — America as you know it will cease to exist. This has been the plan all along from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and plenty of RINO neocons, too (the Cheneys, Bushes, etc.). They needed to take down America in order to achieve one world government under the fascist United Nations, with universal gun control, universal vaccine mandates, abortion “rights,” engineered global starvation and total control over all speech and elections.

Their agenda is failing at many levels, however. Roe vs. Wade was just struck down by the US Supreme Court, for example, and there are elements at work that are looking likely to achieve key indictments against deep state players. However, any state that wants to exist after the dollar collapses must be ready to roll out its own gold-backed currency on an emergency basis. Texas is largely prepared to do this, but few other states are ready. The re-establishment of trade and commerce (following the dollar collapse) is going to be the key to surviving the demise of the dollar. . . .

Read the rest here.  I am posting this even though I am not able to say whether it's a realistic prognosis, a long-shot, or way over the top.  But even if some less drastic version of this is likely . . .  BTW, this is not the first time I've read about the "global repudiation of the petrodollar," which could indeed be catastrophic.

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Never Talk About Marxism - but it's in the schools

At andmagazine.substack, Sam Faddis describes the decline and fall of the American education system.  If you have kids or grandkids in school, this will be of interest (read: reason for alarm):

. . . Apparently, Marxists, at least in modern-day America, have the same rule. The first rule about Marxism is you don’t talk about Marxism.

Americans hate Marxism. They understand it is a failed ideology that has killed hundreds of millions of people and laid waste to entire nations. They do not want it here. So, even as the revolutionaries spread their doctrine and feed it to your children they color it as something else.

. . .

Our schools are under the control of an educational establishment completely infiltrated by Marxists who detest this nation and everything it stands for. They are not attempting to teach your children to read, write or do arithmetic. They are training them as revolutionaries for the express purpose of destroying this nation from within.

That is the obvious truth. And, yet, somehow, it cannot be said. The first rule of Marxism is as we know – you can’t talk about Marxism.

Read the full article here. Do you know what is being taught in your neighborhood schools?

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Friday, June 24, 2022

Pushback Against COVID Jabs for Babies


Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism has encouraging news from the medical profession (h/t Meaning in History):

Growing Revolt Among Medical Practitioners 
Against Vaccinating Toddlers for Covid

From IM Doc via e-mail:

I had a moment today where I realized that it may very well be the nursing and the pharmacy professions that begin the long slow pushback against the over-prescription of Covid vaccines.

Two things in two different parts of the country happened.

Today in our county, which recall is over 80% vaccinated and hence has been very receptive of Covid vaccines for adults, I was called to an urgent meeting because it may be that hospital staff would need to be pulled to the Health Dept. Why? – Because the inoculation of the less than 5 [year olds] is beginning – and all 3 of the Health Department nurses resigned in protest. They are simply not going to give these kids these inoculations. When a nurse on my staff was approached with filling in the deficit – her response (in my presence and that of the supervisor) – “Not only no – but F*** no.”

It turns out the county Health Department found no nurses willing to do this. So our entire vaccine program for everyone not just kids was on hold.

After more panicked efforts, they found one nurse to give the shots. That nurse too refuses to give it to the babies. She will be there only to do the shots for 18 and up. She will not even give to teens. I am sure they will eventually find people to do it, but it is profoundly admirable of these nurses. I will be doing all I can to help them get other employment.

. . .

Read the full story here. 

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Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Uniparty: a refresher course


Our household cut the cable many months ago, so we see only a few segments on cable or network news that get linked on various aggregators.  JD Rucker at America First linked to yesterday’s Tucker Carlson segment calling out the RINOs in DC (especially Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, but all the RINOs signing on to, e.g., the pending gun control legislation).  What was significant is that Mr. Rucker’s report was based on Sundance’s commentary at Conservative Treehouse – a good sign that Sundance’s analyses are increasingly popping up on alternative media. 

Sundance has been pointing out the corruption in the Uniparty for years, but this update from him the other day spells out the dynamics:

. . . what Tucker Carlson outlines in this monologue is accurate insofar as it merely scratches the surface of the DeceptiCons in Washington DC. {Direct Rumble Link}

The UniParty issue does not start in Washington DC, it surfaces in Washington DC.

The UniParty agenda, the origin of the crap that we see surface in a toxically corrupt federal government, starts IN YOUR STATE.

The UniParty is an outcome of the private organizations that run the political parties known as the RNC and DNC.  This is where almost all voters and political followers get lost.  The Republican and Democrat parties are not affiliated with any construct of the United States government.  They are private entities, private clubs, that can establish any set of rules and regulations for the people within the club/party.   That’s where the origin of the feces begins.

The club can accept or deny membership for any person who wants to run for political office.  The RNC and DNC clubs essentially select the politicians.  There is nothing within this process that is even remotely democratic, representative or even visible in the framework of the U.S. constitution.

Private corporations known as the RNC and DNC run the professional political apparatus, and from that origination all of the corruption in the body politic -as outlined in the visible UniParty agenda- surfaces.   Two clubs, both funded by Wall Street power brokers, globalists and ultra-rich mega-donors, select the members who will represent their interests in Washington DC.   That’s the root of the issue.

The Republican National Committee (RNC), and the Democrat National Committee (DNC), are private clubs.

The RNC and DNC are corporations, private businesses; and just like all private businesses, they have the ability to make rules, bylaws, terms and conditions of membership and association that are completely arbitrary according to their charter.

The RNC and DNC are not entities of government.  The RNC and DNC are not affiliates of government.  The RNC and DNC have absolutely no connection to government, other than their arbitrary business model for helping politicians enter and remain within government.

. . .

Nothing within the business system of DC and club politics has anything to do with the constitutional framework of U.S. government.

Read the whole thing here. Links to Fox News' Tucker Carlson segment are at the Treehouse.

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