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Friday, November 27, 2009

The "Freedom" CD

Hey all you patriots out there -- here is the "Freedom" loving CD you have all been waiting for!

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots co-coordinator Glynn Urban, along with her sister Adeena, her brother Noah, a rocker & recording engineer from Cleveland, and their pal C.J. teamed up with Ron Mason, a former Capitol Records country music recording artist, and recorded a CD named -- Freedom.

For those that were at out Tax Day Tea Party, Adeena & C.J. sang the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful, which is also included on the CD. Rumor has it that they did such an outstanding job that the Canadians from across the lake must have heard it and gave them a standing ovation!

Ranging from God-loving patriotic tear jerker's, country music style innocence and rockin' kick-butt songs, Freedom is a must have collection of patriotic songs that are sure to make you reflect, sing-a-along and tap a toe!

With the political landscape of today, how fitting is it that there is a song called -- "Feeding at the Federal Trough"?

For a sample of some of the songs click here.

Want to order your own Freedom CD?

Send a check or money order to:

Zerin Music
P.O. Box 56
Avon, OH 44011

Cost is $10 plus $2 for shipping & handling. Make checks or money orders out to Zerin Music. Delivery time is less than 2 weeks.

To help with our fundraising activities a portion of the sale from each CD purchased by our members will be donated to the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots. So be sure to write Cleveland Tea Party in the memo section of your check or money order.

While Freedom is a great gift for yourself, don't forget the upcoming holidays -- a Freedom CD makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

Money from the Stimulus Bill, Bail Out's
and/or TARP will not be accepted!


  1. We NEED this music playing on the radio and at our events to commemorate this struggle for Liberty that we are now facing. This is a fabulous collection of sounds we need NOW. These would make terrific Christmas gifts!!


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