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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tea Party Scam Alert: OH Elephant Clan on Parade as Tea Party Candidates!

Fellow Patriots

The Ohio Republican Party (Ohio Elephant Clan) and the chief clown leading their three ring political circus -- ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine, are up to their old "we can't do anything with integrity" tricks again!

In a direct mailing campaign for the ORP endorsed candidates, State Central Committee Candidates included, the Ohio Republican Party is including a Tea Party style logo (right) claiming they stand for "Tea Party Values."

The logo alleging that the ORP endorsed candidates share our values is nothing more than a cheap attempt at trying to fool voters into believing these candidates are supported by groups in the Tea Party movement.

This shows the Ohio Republican Party and their leader Chairman Kevin DeWine still does not understand that the Tea Party movement does not exist for the GOP or their handpicked candidates.

That's right the same Ohio Republican Party that has stated the Tea Parties & 9.12 groups are nothing without the GOP, the same Ohio Republican Party that called the police on Patriots protesting at their HQ over the sham state endorsements given out earlier this year are now pretending they have "Tea Party" values!

Make sure you let all your Tea Party & 9.12 friends know, that some of the candidates (Husted, Mike DeWine & Dave Yost) using the above GOP fabricated "Tea Party logo" -- refused to participate in several Tea Party candidate forums -- but now they supposedly share our values.


  1. Can't comment on Husted, but i have seen several Tea Party supporters that seem to be behind Dave Yost and think he is awesome. You couldn't pay me enough money in the world to vote for Mike Dewine...we kicked him out of the Senate for a reason..he was always siding with the Dems and not listening to us..i for one do not support Dewine at all..for any position!

  2. I saw Husted's commercial, which started out showing a Gadsden flag. Appears he's implying he has the backing of the Tea Party Patriots. If that's true, then why wasn't he at the TPE III? Seems someone who's trying to convince others of the 9-12/Tea Party support isn't being truthful.

  3. http://www.ohgopscc.com/orp-02012010.jpg

  4. The Tea Party Patriots are not associated with the TPE III. The TPE is a drive-by Tea Party by a GOP political sstrategist using the movement to make money for his once almost failing firm.

    The TPE gives the Tea Party movement a bad name.


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