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Monday, September 7, 2009

Stop Ohio Republican Party from Disrespecting 9/11

Tea Party Patriot Action Alert

As we near the date of 9/11, the day of one of the most vicious attacks on American soil, many of us will be going to an event honoring the fallen, their families and the heroes of that day. As everyone did 8 years ago, and for some time afterwards, partisan politics were put aside and we came together as Americans. Our leaders acted in the best interest of America and “for which we stand.”

Unfortunately, as this fateful and sacred day in our country’s history nears, instead of being respectful by honoring, commemorating and remembering the victims and their family and instead of putting partisan politics away for a day, the Ohio Republican Party insists on donning their Elephant lapel pins and going to work.

In the most disgraceful way, the State Central Committee for the Ohio Republican Party will be meeting at 10:00AM on Fri. 9/11 at the Hilton Polaris (8700 Lyra Dr. / Near the Polaris Mall) to give out state party endorsements for the May 2010 primary.

After speaking with quite a few other Cleveland Tea Party Patriots (CTPP) who were also upset about this meeting, I contacted Chairman DeWine’s office to express our concerns. I identified myself as one of the CTPP coordinators, and that I was calling with some concerns about an upcoming endorsement meeting.

It was stated that we find it offensive, and most importantly disrespectful, that the OH GOP feels the need to hold partisan political meetings on 9/11 for the reason of giving out party endorsements. Surely, with the primary race over 6 months away -- there could be no rational or justifiable reason for giving out endorsements on this sacred day. (Or so I thought!)

Furthermore, it was stated that we feel party endorsements should not be given out in primary races and that the candidates should be elected on the merits of their accomplishments and/or their proposed platforms. I then requested, that if the endorsements must be given for primary races, that at least in good taste, the endorsement meeting should rescheduled for another day.

Since the OH GOP Chairman, Kevin DeWine, or his Executive Director, Jason Mauk, refuses to return calls, we are left to go by what was stated by DeWines office staff on his behalf....

In response to my above remarks it was confirmed the meeting is being held on 9/11/09, that the endorsement meeting will go on regardless of the date and something will be done to remember the victims. It was further stated by the Chairman’s office that, “the GOP Chairman in ALL 88 county’s and ALL of the members on the OH GOP State Central Committee felt the need to ‘direct’ voters in the primary on who to vote for and that is why the endorsements will be given.”
As we can clearly see, while the OH GOP claims they hear our Tea Party Patriot message that -- we are free-thinking conservative voters, we don’t need their direction & are tired of being told who to vote for -- their actions do not show it.

If you feel it is disrespectful and offensive to meet and give out party endorsements on 9/11 and you do not to need to be told who to vote for - we are urging you to contact the OH GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine, all 88 County GOP Chairman and all GOP State Central Committee members and ask that the endorsement meeting be canceled on this sacred day and no endorsements be given out for any primary races.

If the OH GOP Chairman DeWine refuses our requests we will request that any candidate, in honoring the victims and the heroes that stood up for our freedom on that sacred day, refuse the endorsement on the grounds that 9/11 should be national day of remembrance free of partisan politics.

Take Action:
---then forward this---

1.) Call OH GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine (614)228-2481

2.) Call your Republican Party County Chairman (from the list below). Leave brief message with your opinion on the endorsement meetings.

3.) E-mail members of the Republican State Central Committee. E-mail them as a group by copying / pasting their e-addresses:
1val@sbcglobal.net; acoughlin@neo.rr.com; Aesabath@aol.com; Bennett@ohiogop.org; betkitchen@aol.com; bjbinkley@msn.com; bryancwilliams@verizon.net; Burkeamb@hotmail.com; casey524@aol.com; cetodd1@aol.com; chairman@starkgop.org; christa.criddle@fuse.net; christim@fuse.net; cscal81@zoominternet.net; Curt3638_2000@yahoo.com; cwing@lakewoodrepublicans.org; dalefellows@sbcglobal.net; davebaileybadco@yahoo.com; dean@en.com; DGunning@ralaw.com; dhtalmage@voyager.net; djbjsherman@gmail.com; dmehaffie@woh.rr.com; doug@franklincountygop.org; dwjohnson@summitville.com; edonsim@aol.com; jadavidson@ameritech.net; JBecker@Fuse.net; jeantwinoaks@voyager.net; jowac@aim.com; kay1@zoomnet.net; kjohnston@insight.rr.com; lauragroux@hotmail.com; ledicesae@roppe.com; llf@bright.net; mark@compcoind.com; Montgomery@aol.com; nancegop@adelphia.net; NCLaria@gmail.com; nuts2u2@earthlink.net; Ohioandy@aol.com; owenhall@owenhall.com; payne@ohiogop.org; pflanaga@aol.com; ph@putnamtruckload.net; philbow@roadrunner.com; phog@northcoastwindandpower.com; phyllismosley1234@yahoo.com; randylaw4ohio@aol.com; rexdamschroder@yahoo.com; rhouck@willard-oh.com; seau@adelphia.net; Spaethchair@aol.com; srjones5@sbcglobal.net; Stewartd@mcohio.org; swain5030@yahoo.com; tmorgan@gradyhospital.com; mauk@ohiogop.org; gormley@ohiogop.org; chairman@ohiogop.org
Republican Party County Chairmen -
Find your county Chair & call him/her:

Allen Keith Cheney 419-228-7040 419-331-5655
Ashland Bob DeSanto 419-289-1710 419-289-1454
Ashtabula Richard Hornstein 440-992-4008 440-576-6925
Athens Pete Couladis 740-589-9914
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Crawford Don Long 419-562-8739
Cuyahoga Robert Frost 216-621-5415
Darke Gerg Fraley 937-548-0313
Defiance Jeffrey Strausbaugh 419-782-2625 419-784-3700
Delaware Teri Morgan 614-888-6085
Erie Jude Hammond 419-433-3031 419-627-6650
Fairfield Steve David 740-689-1746
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Huron David Kniffen 419-668-4622 419-668-7576
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Knox Ken Lane 740-397-2462 800-307-8038
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Madison Pete Kitchen 614-879-7044 614-879-6400
Mahoning Mike Smith 330-482-0200
Marion Karyle Mumper 740-389-4329 740-244-4344
Medina Ralph Berry 330-723-0415
Meigs Charles Barrett 740-742-2578 740-992-2911
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Washington Marilyn Ashcraft 740-373-6830 740-732-2331
Wayne Jim Carmichael 330-264-4744 330-466-1474
Williams Bob Winzeler 419-485-3543 419-485-3147
Wood John Miller 419-354-5927
Wyandot Sherman Stansberry 419-294-3237

Go Get 'em Patriots!


  1. Email response received today re: 9/11 Mtgs:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about our upcoming State Central Committee meeting. I want to assure you that Chairman DeWine asked the committee about holding our meeting that fell on Sept 11. It was the committee’s decision to proceed with the meeting on this date. I supported that decision.

    It is important to me that we live our lives in respect of the lives that were lost and the actions that were taken on that day. Being with my fellow committee members, planning and preparing for an important election is my way of ensuring the future of our State and ultimately our Country. We are choosing our future leaders.

    There are differing opinions on the proper remembrance of 9/11. Mine has meant no disrespect to yours or others and does not diminish my reverence for that day.

    Thank you again,

    Colleen Wing

    23rd State Central Committeeman

    Lakewood, Ohio


  2. I think we need to keep our eyes on the big picture. 9/11 was a tragic day for all Americans but as we remember those who lost their lives and the families left behind we must stay focused on taking our government back. I will be working on 9/11 providing for my family and marching on DC 9/12 to protest this administrations march to socialism.

  3. Thanks Doc.

    Wing's answer could only be as expected as much from someone like her.

    Her statement of -- "planning and preparing for an important election is my way of ensuring the future of our State and ultimately our Country. We are choosing our future leaders." --

    And here I thought the voters were supposed to choose our future leaders.

  4. This is NONSENSE! State GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine has every right to call a meeting of the State Republican Committee on 9/11...with no disrespect intended whatsoever to the victims of 9/11.

    And we, as the governing body of the state's Republican Party, have every right to endorse in a Primary Election, not for the benefit of voters who are not registered Republicans, but for the benefit of those registered Republicans that look to the Party leadership for guidance. ... Read More

    Get off of your high horse and recognize that all of the Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings across the nation mean NOTHING without the viable alternative that the Republican Party...and the conservative principles for which this Party stands...represents for the American people.

    I am happy to discuss this with you if interested. David Johnson - 30th District State Republican Committee

  5. What's more offensive than turning the murderous infamous anniversary of 9/11 into "Patriot Day"? criticizing the GOP for meeting to get some viable candidates to stop the juggernaut coming down the Washington DC pike, that's what.

    If this Tea Party group has been out there on previous 9/11 anniversaries ("...many of us will be going to an event honoring the fallen, their families and the heroes of that day...”) then, by all means attend the event as you have planned.

    But just remember, this is not as 'sacred' a day in my memory as it seems to be in yours. I'm still really p..sed off and I intend to stay that way until the threat is gone. I've already called the DeWine office and told them I support the way they are spending 9/11.


  6. I think that if the United States CITIZENS are willing to continue protesting, then they should start adding some more concrete ideas behind their plan to protest. We are protesting the treatment of the people by the government, the people that work for US!!!! If that is TRULY the case, then the people that work for US need to be more like us. Government offices should not be lifetime terms, they should have the same benefits we do, if any, and they should have to have the same health care coverage and when they are done, they NEED to find a real job. Can you imagine how much we could save as a nation if they all took a reasonable sized pay cut...and all that money went back into the kitty. That is fair, especially since so much of the nation is jobless and the stimulus program is NOT helping, although that is the lie they want us to believe.

  7. And honestly, I am appalled by the fact that our government and our people have so quickly forgotten what happened on our soil....I remember every day the pain of that day! And I think that everyone should, not brush it under a rug and become complacent AGAIN and watch it happen AGAIN...because it will if we are not careful, especially with a muslim in the White House. Never in my life have I been embarrassed to say that I am an AMerican, this administration has made me embarrassed not only for myself but for TRUE Americans EVERYWHERE!!!!!

  8. Elvis, you wrote --- "criticizing the GOP for meeting to get some viable candidates to stop the juggernaut coming down the Washington DC pike, that's what."

    ** First the GOP gave us Sen. George Voinovich... I believe he just voted for Cass Sunstien. Is this the type of viable candidates they are going to save us with?

    Second, I would have to disagree, as would many other Tea Party Patirots & 9.12ers, that we need the GOP to decide who we should vote for.

    You then stated -- "...Tea Party group has been out there on previous 9/11 anniversaries..."

    The Tea Party's did not come into being until January of this year. Glad you are so up on things. You want to blindly slam us for demanding the OH Elephant Clan show a shred of dignity and respect for 9/11 -- yet you never took the time to see when this group even started.

    Even though many of us feel otherwise, I am glad you called and voiced your support -- as we believe people should be free-thinking individuals. Unlike the ORP who feels the need to dictate who we should or shouldn't vote for!


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