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Monday, February 1, 2010

Tea Party Patriot Action Alert: The Ohio Republican Party is playing their games -- Again!

Action Alert


Once again, and at the expense of conservative voters in OH, the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) is up to their back room deals. Or maybe we should say -- blunders! After the political version of musical chairs in the State Auditor & State Attorney General primary elections the conservative grassroots groups across Ohio are fit to be tied and are taking a stand against this nonsense that is destroying our state.

Earlier this year the Tea Party Patriot groups and many other 9.12 Groups in OH asked the ORP to show some respect towards 9/11 and not hold an endorsement meeting for State offices on this day. The ORP, unable to answer as to why their endorsement meeting HAD to be held on 9/11 and could not be held on any other day, responded to our requests with attacks on the Tea Partys & 9.12 Groups....
This is NONSENSE! State GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine has every right to call a meeting of the State Republican Committee on 9/11...

And we, as the governing body of the state's Republican Party, have every right to endorse in a Primary Election, not for the benefit of voters who are not registered Republicans, but for the benefit of those registered Republicans that look to the Party leadership for guidance.

Get off of your high horse and recognize that all of the Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings across the nation mean NOTHING without the viable alternative that the Republican Party...and the conservative principles for which this Party stands...represents for the American people. (Dave Johnson Columbiana Co. GOP Chairman & State Central Committee 30th Senate District)
Taking Johnson's response above and combining it with the response from State Central Committeewoman Colleen Wing ( 23rd Senate District) it is clear that although across the nation we have been heard -- the Ohio Republican Party is ignoring the voice of the people and in fact think it is their job to choose for us who will be the future leaders for OH and this country...
"It is important to me that we live our lives in respect of the lives that were lost and the actions that were taken on that day. Being with my fellow committee members, planning and preparing for an important election is my way of ensuring the future of our State and ultimately our Country. We are choosing our future leaders." (Emphasis Added)
The ORP State Central Committee is holding a teleconference call Monday February 1 to vote on endorsements for the State Auditor & State Attorney General primary. To conduct this proceeding over the phone, a suspension of the rules is neccessary. The reason this meeting is being held by teleconference is that the ORP does not want the Tea Party Patriots & 9.12 groups in OH holding a rally at their office while these proceedings would be taking place.

After they vote to suspend the rules, the farcical endorsements will be "given" out. Notice I did not say "earned."

After refusing to give out an endorsement to Mike DeWine or Dave Yost for State Attorney General at the
MUST have 9/11 meeting, now that Yost slinked out of the A.G. primary and has slithered into the State Auditor race -- Chairman Kevin DeWine and the State Central Committee want to endorse the two for their respective races. In exchange for helping Orp Chairman kevin DeWine & John Husted settle a personal vendetta and his getting out of the State AG primary and into the State Auditor race, Yost was promised the endorsement for the State Auditor primary.

The sheep serving on ORP State Central Committee should be ashamed of allowing themselves to be used as tools to help further the personal political agenda & grade school like vendetta's of the lemon-like leadership of Chairman Kevin DeWine and his sidekick John Husted.

We are asking that you contact ORP Chairman and the State Central Committee and request that rules not be suspended & NO endorsement be given out for these races. Let them know should they decide to AGAIN ignore our requests the GOP endorsement will serve as a scarlet letter for their chosen candidates.

Take Action:
---then forward this---

1.) Call OH GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine (614)228-2481

2.) Call your State Central Committeeperson. The State Central Committee members for the Cuyahoga County with available PH#'s are;

21st Senate District
  • David Gunning h (216)623-0150 w (216) 469-3504
  • Phyllis Mosley h (216)761-5838 w (216) 761-5838

23rd Senate District

  • Colleen Wing h (216)227-8581

25th Senate District

  • Dave Bailey h (216) 751 - 7956
3.) E-mail all the members of the Republican State Central Committee. E-mail them as a group by copying / pasting their e-addresses:

1val@sbcglobal.net; acoughlin@neo.rr.com; Aesabath@aol.com; Bennett@ohiogop.org; betkitchen@aol.com; bjbinkley@msn.com; bryancwilliams@verizon.net; Burkeamb@hotmail.com; casey524@aol.com; cetodd1@aol.com; chairman@starkgop.org; christa.criddle@fuse.net; christim@fuse.net; cscal81@zoominternet.net; Curt3638_2000@yahoo.com; cwing@lakewoodrepublicans.org; dalefellows@sbcglobal.net; davebaileybadco@yahoo.com; dean@en.com; DGunning@ralaw.com; dhtalmage@voyager.net; djbjsherman@gmail.com; dmehaffie@woh.rr.com; doug@franklincountygop.org; dwjohnson@summitville.com; edonsim@aol.com; jadavidson@ameritech.net; JBecker@Fuse.net; jeantwinoaks@voyager.net; jowac@aim.com; kay1@zoomnet.net; kjohnston@insight.rr.com; lauragroux@hotmail.com; ledicesae@roppe.com; llf@bright.net; mark@compcoind.com; Montgomery@aol.com; nancegop@adelphia.net; NCLaria@gmail.com; nuts2u2@earthlink.net; Ohioandy@aol.com; owenhall@owenhall.com; payne@ohiogop.org; pflanaga@aol.com; ph@putnamtruckload.net; philbow@roadrunner.com; phog@northcoastwindandpower.com; phyllismosley1234@yahoo.com; randylaw4ohio@aol.com; rexdamschroder@yahoo.com; rhouck@willard-oh.com; seau@adelphia.net; Spaethchair@aol.com; srjones5@sbcglobal.net; Stewartd@mcohio.org; swain5030@yahoo.com; tmorgan@gradyhospital.com; mauk@ohiogop.org; gormley@ohiogop.org; chairman@ohiogop.org

Patriots.... get on your high horses and go let these guys know there are some NEW conservatives in town!


  1. I had some call backs on the messages I left yesterday.

    Kevin DeWine -- left message/no return call
    Jason Mauk -- left message/no return call
    Phyllis Mosley -- left message/no return call
    Dave Johnson -- left message no return call

    Dave Gunning -- no return call and I did not expect one. Gunning as Chairman of the RPCC Rules Committee routinely violated the RPCC Bylaws by donating to Democrat candidates running against endorsed GOP candidates. Fr those that don't know... the words integrity & Dave Gunning are rarely used in the same sentence.

    Dave Bailey -- Dave is a nice guy and we are glad he is feelng much better. BUT.... Dave is beholden to the GOP. After expressing my personal feelings and relaying coments from our members to him, Dave stated he gave his word to Yost and he will vote to suspend the rules and will vote to endorse Yost for Auditor.

    Colleen Wing -- Colleen stated she was against the suspension of the rules, but would vote for Yost's endorsement for Auditor. Colleen felt if any endorsement is given, it should be after the filing deadline.

    Colleen is a party (GOP) girl. But it was apparent in our conversation that she too is tired of having to explain away the fumblings of the ORP and some of the backroom deals. While it is clear she will put the party first, I believe to a certain extent, deep down, again, she is getting tired of defending them. But, it is party first.

    So in the end.... the Ohio Republican Party, Chairman Kevin DeWine & the ORP State Central Committee could care a less what the voters say and endorsed Dave Yost. This is now the second time the ORP & K. DeWine thumbed their turned up noses at rank & file conservatives.

    The lemon-like leadership at the ORP and their lemon headed leader must be changed if we want to start advancing public policy consistent with our core values.

  2. This is the BS that caused me to STOP being a Republican and becoming active as an independent and Tea Party person. If you miss the point of that statement, it is NO more contributions of time or money! Ohio Republican Party, get your head out of your ___ and realize the party is dying or dead without the conservative independents now reforming into a political


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