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Monday, November 30, 2020

Election fraud indicators

If you are having a hard time following all the election fraud hearings, threads, and updates, you are not alone.  Over at American Thinker, Andrea Widburg has a summary of 20 points that indicate massive election fraud (“A compilation of twenty alleged election 'facts' that don't pass the smell test”).  If you want to follow up on any of these summary points, she links to her sources -- reports, analyses, videos, etc. Here are four of her points:

Then there are the indicia of fraud that Dr. Navid Kershavarz-Nia detailed:

9. The fact that Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia simultaneously pretended to halt ballot-counting while continuing to count is evidence of election fraud collusion.

10. Optical scanners were set to accept unverified, un-validated ballots.

11. The scanners were almost certainly programmed to fail to keep audit records.

12. In the contested states, the voting machines were alleged to have processed hundreds of thousands of ballots within a short time, which is a physical impossibility.

The rest is here. 

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Friday, November 27, 2020

TV News Updates: Fox, One America News, Newsmax


Here’s a chunk of JD Rucker’s article at NOQ Report a few days ago:

Fox News revealed its true colors on election night. At least that’s the common narrative spoken in conservative circles. But the truth is more nefarious, more sinister. Fox News has been quietly working against President Trump and conservatives since shortly after his election. They just did it stealthily and attempted to shift their network and their formerly massive audience to the center.

This is why they must be pushed even further. If there’s one thing we can say about CNN, MSNBC, and network news channels, it’s that we know the enemy well. There is no subterfuge in their ideology, no false pretense behind their actions. They are progressives, unabashedly, through and through. That makes them less dangerous than a network like Fox News who hides their true intentions. It’s better to face a wolf in the woods than a rattler in your sleeping bag.

What we saw on election night was them turning on the faucet of what had previously been a drip campaign. They did not want to lose their audience too soon, not as long as they could continue to manipulate them. They wanted to carry the mantle as the only major news channel conservatives could go to with the expectation of not being bombarded with Trump Derangement Syndrome. But what they gave us was subtle. 

Read the full report here.  Our household has removed Fox from our “Favorites” menu.  We’ve tried a little bit of Newsmax, which can be accessed online.  But we have decided to turn the dial to One America News Network in prime time.

OANN’s daytime news coverage broadcasts on roughly one-hour cycles.  Once you’ve watched one hour, you’re going to be seeing most of the same reports in the next hour. But it’s the 8pm and 9pm weeknight slots that have interested us the most.

Dan Ball is the host at 8pm (“Real America”).  It’s an opinion format, similar to Tucker Carlson’s, but we had never watched him before, since we were always on Fox, with or without the Mute button.  Mr. Ball is accessible, informed, and refreshingly in-your-face with his conservative values.  His guests are a mixture of A-listers as well as unknown but excellent resources on various topics. And he lets them talk!  Without interrupting!

The 9pm slot is hosted by Kara McKinney (“Tipping Point”).  Her delivery is a bit stiffer, but considering how young she is, she puts a lot of her commentary into historical perspective. She also has good guests.

We’ll continue watching and report again in due course.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

What Thanksgiving means To Americans


Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

Re-posted from earlier Cleveland Tea Party Thanksgiving blogs:

What Thanksgiving really means To Americans

A couple of years ago, Jerry Bowyer, writing in Forbes Magazine, recounted the real significance of Thanksgiving, a significance that is too often lost among the turkey dinners, football games, and stories about Indians who befriended the early settlers. 

In 1620, the Plymouth pilgrims based their original community on Plato’s Republic, a collective model that appealed to their religious convictions and morality. But the communal model didn’t work for them. After two years of failing harvests and resulting malnutrition, disease, starvation, and deaths, the pilgrims replaced the communal model with a model based on private property. The ensuing harvest was abundant, with surpluses available for trade.

Their Thanksgiving celebrated the triumph of the individual, private property, and incentive, over collectivism. At first, the pilgrims felt guilty because they were putting self-interest over the seeming altruism of socialism. Yet the devout survivors had learned two lessons: 1) that a theoretical and Utopian collective society fails, and (2) in real life, private property and capitalism produce prosperity. For them, God, not Plato, knew best. Accepting the principles of private property and self-interest was God’s way of harnessing self-interest to the greater good. We know all of this because an elder and Governor of the Plymouth plantation, William Bradford, kept a journal and it survives today. Mr. Bowyer’s earlier article, with additional historical background, is here.) 

It’s wrong to say that American was founded by capitalists. In fact, America was founded by socialists who had the humility to learn from their initial mistakes and embrace freedom. One of the earliest and arguably most historically significant North American colonies was Plymouth Colony, founded in 1620 in what is now known as Plymouth, Massachusetts. As I’ve outlined in greater detail here before (Lessons From a Capitalist Thanksgiving), the original colony had written into its charter a system of communal property and labor. 

As William Bradford recorded in his Of Plymouth Plantation, a people who had formerly been known for their virtue and hard work became lazy and unproductive. Resources were squandered, vegetables were allowed to rot on the ground and mass starvation was the result. And where there is starvation, there is plague. 

After 2 1/2 years, the leaders of the colony decided to abandon their socialist mandate and create a system which honored private property. The colony survived and thrived and the abundance which resulted was what was celebrated at that iconic Thanksgiving feast.

As my friend Reuven Brenner has taught me, history is a series of experiments: The Human Gamble. Some gambles work and are adopted by history and some do not and should be abandoned by it. The problem is that the human gamble only works if there is a record of experimental outcomes and if decision makers consult that record. For many years, the story of the first failed commune of Plymouth Bay was part of the collective memory of American students. But Progressive Education found that story unhelpful and it has fallen into obscurity, which explains why (as I alluded to before) a well-educated establishment figure like Jared Bernstein would be unaware of it.

I’m often asked why our current leadership class forgets the lessons of the past so often. They are, after all, very smart men and women. Don’t they know that collectivism will fail?

No, they don’t. Not anymore. For much of our history, our leaders were educated in the principles which were to help them avoid errors once they have joined the ruling class. They studied to learn how to not misuse power. Now our leaders learn nothing of the dangers of abusing power: their education is entirely geared to its acquisition.  All of their neurons are trained on that one objective – to get to the top. What they do when they get there is a matter for later. And what happens to the country when they’re done with their experiments is beside the point: after all, their experiments will not really affect them personally. History is the story of the limitations of human power. But the limits of power is a topic for people who doubt themselves and their right to rule, not the self-anointed.

That’s how it is now, and that’s how it was in 1620. The charter of the Plymouth Colony reflected the most up-to-date economic, philosophical and religious thinking of the early 17th century. Plato was in vogue then, and Plato believed in central planning by intellectuals in the context of communal property, centralized state education, state centralized cultural offerings and communal family structure. For Plato, it literally did take a village to raise a child. This collectivist impulse reflected itself in various heretical offshoots of Protestant Christianity with names like The True Levelers, and the Diggers, mass movements of people who believed that property and income distinctions should be eliminated, that the wealthy should have their property expropriated and given to what we now call the 99%. This kind of thinking was rife in the 1600s and is perhaps why the Pilgrim settlers settled for a charter which did not create a private property system.

But the Pilgrims learned and prospered. And what they learned, we have forgotten and we fade.  Now, new waves of ignorant masses flood into parks and public squares. New Platonists demand control of other people’s property. New True Levelers legally occupy the prestige pulpits of our nation, secular and sacred. And now, as then, the productive class of our now gigantic, colony-turned-superpower, learn and teach again, the painful lessons of history. Collectivism violates the iron laws of human nature. It has always failed. It is always failing, and it will always fail. I thank God that it is failing now. Providence is teaching us once again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

David Horowitz: Call to arms


We are not only watching massive voter fraud emerge, we have also witnessed the destruction of Election Day.  Election Weeks, no requirement for voter ID or signature matching, mail-in ballots, and so many other ways to game the system.  David Horowitz of Freedom Center has a guest post at Power Line, which starts off:



Our friend David Horowitz wrote this essay, which he titled “Fighting Words.” It is a call for freedom-loving Americans to fight back against the totalitarian Left.

By now it should be obvious – even to conservatives – that we are in a war. It is a conflict that began nearly fifty years ago when the street revolutionaries of the Sixties joined the Democrat Party. Their immediate goal was to help the Communist enemy win the war in Vietnam, but they stayed to expand their influence in the Democrat Party and create the radical force that confronts us today. The war that today’s Democrats are engaged in reflects the values and methods of those radicals. It is a war against us – against individual freedom, against America’s constitutional order, and against the capitalist engine of our prosperity.

Democrat radicals know what they want and where they are going. As a result, they are tactically and organizationally years ahead of patriotic Americans who are only beginning to realize they are in a war. The Democrats’ plan to steal the 2020 election was hatched many years ago when Democrats launched their first attacks on Voter I.D.s, and then every effort to secure the integrity of the electoral system. Those attacks metastasized into an all-out assault on Election Day itself with early- and late-voting grace periods, and a flood of 92 million mail-in ballots, hundreds of thousands of which were delivered in the middle of the night to be counted behind the backs of Republican observers after Election Day had passed.

The result of these efforts is that Election Day no longer really exists as a day when the votes are cast and counted. This is a fact that offers generous opportunities for the election saboteurs to do their work. Those saboteurs’ opportunities were greatly enhanced this year with the installation in battle ground states of voting machines specifically designed to calculate how many votes were required to steal an election and then to switch ballots already cast and deliver them to the chosen party. Mail-in ballots were indispensable to the realization of this plan.

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Read the essay here.

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Monday, November 23, 2020

Confused by the Sidney Powell headlines?


The headlines were puzzling.  Sundance at Conservative Treehouse explains:

This is all about who is getting paid by the campaign and RNC.  The Trump campaign isn’t going to reimburse Sidney Powell for any expenses, nor is she allowed to make offers of financial payment from the GOP or Trump campaign.  The vultures assembling and protecting their paychecks do not want Powell getting paid, nor do they want any financial liability.  That’s all this statement is.

This statement by the Trump Campaign has nothing to do with Donald Trump, it is directly related to those interests who derive financial benefit from the Trump campaign.  The same network of vultures exists on the DNC side of the equation and they exploit Bernie Sanders donor files.

. . .

That announcement is all about money; nothing more.

Read the full analysis here.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Are we asking the right questions?


Ned Ryun at American Greatness asks some serious questions. 

You can quibble with me about it all, and no doubt there are some good and well-meaning people mixed up in all of this, but a look at the world around us, from exploding debt to the expansive powers of our massive administrative state to our broken immigration systems to a failed electoral process to Big Tech monopolies crowding out our First Amendment freedoms, should answer all objections. No serious movement would have allowed that to happen or appear to be so full of people who, even now, think all of this is fine. We will just keep pushing on doing the same things that haven’t worked in more than a generation. 

Perhaps if we became more sophisticated in our use of 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 funds, we could address some of our problems in a meaningful way. But instead, we insist on funding retreads like the Heritage Foundation at $80-$100 million a year, AEI at $50-$60 million a year, and the mostly worthless state policy think tanks sucking down hundreds of millions of donor dollars every year. To what end? Serious question. 

None of that money will be or has been used to address the greatest threats to our democracy, from election integrity to Big Tech. Honestly, you could pile 90 percent of that money in the street, light it on fire, and it would be just as effective. 

But instead of thinking about adjusting our priorities, we’re sitting here like programmed robots ready to repeat the same mistakes. Again. And again.

A provocative read;  Mr. Ryun’s full column is here.

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