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Monday, July 25, 2016

Democratic National Convention and the Pledge of Allegiance

The Democratic National Convention is off to a chaotic start, and most Tea Party people will be following the outrageous headlines and reports at Drudge or other favorite aggregators. But this tweet deserves a bit of attention, just so we can keep our senses of humor:

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D'Souza is in the news these days as the writer of the just-released film Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party
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VP candidate Sen. Tim Kaine, the GOP, and the Uniparty

Richard Fernandez (Belmont Club at the PJ Media blogsite) has a good analysis of the GOP official website statement about Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary’s pick for Vice President. Fernandez call it a “stunningly awful” statement, an almost GOP-lite endorsement of Kaine:

A Career Spent Taking Cautious Positions 
Anathema To The Party's Liberal Base

. . . It is as if Reince told the interns to "Come up with something that makes Kaine as likable as possible to our people."

For Tea Party readers who have been following Sundance’s blogs at Conservative Treehouse over the past couple of years, the mushy GOP website statement on Kaine comes as no surprise. The GOP establishment, and party chairman Reince Priebus, are reluctant, at best, to support Trump’s candidacy. At worst, some of the GOPe are downright hostile to the Trump candidacy, as seen in the “Never Trump” delegates from Iowa and Colorado who marched out of the Republican National Convention in a huff.

For Tea Party people who have not heard of the terms “Uniparty” or “Splitter Strategy,” nor followed Sundance’s “Tripwire” predictions based on his “Uniparty” analyses, today’s blog on Conservative Treehouse here gives a handy summary. At the bottom of the article, you’ll find links to Sundance’s previous blog posts that outlined the “Uniparty” theory, linked to the new GOP primary rules state-by-state to define the “Splitter Strategy,” and then calculated the Tripwires or predictions that give credence to the Uniparty theory. It was the accuracy of the many predictions – in sequence – that persuaded many readers to change their minds about what was unfolding. Not politics as usual. (Maybe readers will want to bookmark the page to go through all the posts linked at the bottom, as time permits.)

Once readers recognized what the “Uniparty” was, the behavior of the political class, the donor class, and the media became more comprehensible, albeit more reprehensible. Scrolling through the reader comments at Treehouse can be helpful and even reassuring; it’s a bit unnerving when we find ourselves in such uncharted waters.

Link to Sundance / Treehouse: click here.
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

A "dark" day for the media in lock-step

This one is making the rounds:

Art credit: sizzle

And see here and here. Sad and scary.

Friday, July 22, 2016

FACES IN THE CROWDS during the Republican National Convention

FACES IN THE CROWDS during Day 4, 
the final day of the Republican National Convention ~ 
Photos by Pat Dooley Photography  

Who says Code Pink doesn't have a sense of humor? Check out the white sign in the middle, just above the Trump sign. Embiggen if necessary.

And finally, two Cleveland Tea Party people went to XO on Thursday evening before the prime time speeches -

and got to shake the hand of America's Sheriff, Milwaukee's David A. Clarke, Jr. Wow.

If you missed Sheriff Clarke's speech at the convention, go here. If you missed his epic encounter with CNN's Don Lemon, go here. Clarke is an inspiration to us all.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

THANK YOU Cleveland Police Dept. and partners!!!

During the RNC this week, Cleveland has been crawling with paid protesters hoping to disrupt proceedings, but such efforts have been thus far mostly unsuccessful. Prior to RNC week, and having attended two meetings with presentations from law enforcement, Secret Service, and FBI, I was concerned that Cleveland was still vulnerable. This blog post is to say that no matter what happens tomorrow, Clevelanders owe an enormous thank you to the planning and preparations by Cleveland Police Dept. and its law enforcement partners.

Cleveland Tea Party’s roving photographer, Pat Dooley, took photographs today of many of the LEOs, and spoke for all of us when he thanked them for their service and efforts to keep us safe. You’ll see photographs of local and visiting police, mounted police, highway patrols, and others from Ohio State University, Cleveland Clinic, California, South Carolina, Pittsburgh, Austin TX, Florida, Georgia, Ohio National Guard, and many others. (scroll down for photographs or visit the entire album here.

THANK YOU Cleveland Police Dept. and partners!!!

UPDATE at 8:30pm: Geraldo is on O’Reilly at Fox giving credit to Gov. John Kasich for the successful security plans and measures in Cleveland. Whaaaaa  huuuhhhh??? Kasich had NOTHING to do with this! Kasich couldn’t even see his way clear to come to The Q to welcome the delegates to the Convention on Monday in his own state. It’s the Cleveland Police Dept. and FBI and Secret Service and law enforcement partners that deserve our gratitude.

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How Trump Can Win The Blue Collar Vote

(via YouTube)

One short segment on Fox and Friends this morning featured a panel of [1] coal miner Doug Brown, [2] homebuilder Ryan Puzzitiello, and [3] Cleveland's co-founder of "Tea Party For Trump" Ralph King.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Donald Trump wins the nomination

For any Tea Party people who have been out of the country over the past few hours, here is the video of the New York delegation casting votes for Trump and putting him over the top. 

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