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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kucinich shows "Phony" Love for the Troops!

Reaching for straws in his attempts to beat back the on coming surge from challenger Peter J. Corrigan for his 10th Congressional seat, Congressman Dennis Kucinich is now trying to act as if he cares about our U.S. Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. 

Routinely slamming the efforts of our troops, Dennis Kucinich made the following statement about Afghanistan President Karzai’s admission that he receives “bags of cash” from the Iranian government...
“The Karzai regime is so corrupt; it doesn’t even bother to try to hide it anymore. It can’t be voted out of office because the elections are rigged. While Americans struggle to provide for their families, we continue to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to prop up the arrogantly corrupt regime. How bad does it have to get?
 “We know that the War in Afghanistan is longer than any other war America has ever fought. We know that the war has cost U.S. taxpayers more than a trillion dollars. We know that the death toll is rising. We know that more than 1300 Americans have died, thousands more wounded and countless Afghan civilians have died. We know that the civilian death toll is rising, and we know there are fewer than 100 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan,” said Kucinich.

“What more do we need to know? What part of "Get Out" does the Administration not understand? Our presence in Afghanistan is indefensible. Our soldiers should not have to put their lives on the line for this,” added Kucinich.
Several of Kucinich's statments ring hollow with hypocrisy. 

First, while Kucinich takes issue with Karzai taking bags of cash, Kucinich himself had no problems accepting support and bags of cash in the form of donations from many of the people tied up in the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal.

Second, Kucinich just moved to defund the Afghanistan War and undercut the efforts of our troops.  Which is in line with his obvious disdain for our fighting forces as shown when he refused to visit our troops in 2007 and instead met with Syrian President Bashir Assad. Assad is routinely adored & praised by terrorist groups for allowing them to use his country as a Terrorist Safe Haven.  Then praising Syria for their efforts in the Middle East and with their help in the Iraq War, Kucinich stated our troops were illegally occupying Iraq.

Finally, Kucinich asks, "what part of 'Get Out' does the administration not understand."  Well we would ask, "What part of NO Health Care Reform Bill & NO Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants does Dennis Kucinich not understand?"

Standing in stark contrast with the voters in the 10th Congressional District, Kucinich flip-flopped his stance and voted FOR the Health Care Bill vote and is a strong supporter of Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants.

So it appears besides ridiculing him, the Adminstration ignores Dennis Kucinich the same way he ignores the wishes of the constituents he is supposed to represent.

9th Circus Court of Appeals allows Illegal Immigrants Voting Rights in AZ

In another case from the robed clowns on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, an Arizona law that requires proof of citizenship when registering to vote and proof of identification when casting a ballot was struck down on grounds that it was superseded by the National Voter Registration Act.

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor cast a concurring vote for the opinion which drew praise from the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and the League of United Latin American Citizens.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spending Revolt Tour & Nancy Pelosi Pork Barrel Pig Roast

  In the time it takes you to brush your teeth today...
the Federal Government will spend $47 Million!

The nationwide Spending Revolt Bus Tour is rolling into N/E Ohio for another stop on Monday October 25th at 5:30pm.

Along with the Spending Revolt Bus & some musical entertainment there will be the location exclusive "Nancy Pelosi Pork Barrel Pig Roast." In recognizing the efforts of our Cash for Clunker Congress -- Nancy Pelosi "Pulled Pork" Sandwiches will be served!

Pleas join us as this is sure to be an event you don't want to miss!
  • Date: Monday October 25, 2010
  • Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
  • Location: LA Pete's (Click for Map)
  • Address: 6080 Brecksville Rd. Independence, OH
Speakers to date include;
  • Matt Patrick (WTAM)
  • Jim Trakas (former OH Rep)
  • Mike Carey (Ohio Coal Assoc.)
  • Ralph King (CTPP)
  • Walker F. Todd (American Institute for Economic Resaearch)
Please bring a friend and don't forget to sign the Spending Revolt Bus & Spending Revolt Petition against out of control spending!

See ya there!

GOTV Rally w/ Tea Party Patriot's Co-Founder -- Jenny Beth Martin

As part of the Tea Party Patriots nationwide Get Out the Vote efforts, Jenny Beth Martin, Co-Founder of the Tea Party Patriots, one of the people profiled in Tea Party: The Movie & selected for TIME Magazines Top 100 World's Most Influential People will be stopping in Ohio for a visit on Saturday October 23, 2010.

Jenny Beth Martin was one of about 20 people who took part in the original conference call (convened via Twitter hashtag) in response to Rick Santelli's now famous rant that kicked off the Tea Party movement. Come & meet one of the "real" driving forces behind the Tea Party Patriots & the Tea Party movement sweeping the nation!
  • Date: October 23, 2010
  • Time: 10:00am
  • Location: Shula's II (Click here for map)
  • Address: 6200 Quarry Lane Independence, OH
Speakers will be;
  • Jenny Beth Martin (Co-Founder Tea Party Patriots)
  • Rebecca Hiemlich (Americans For Prosperity / State Coordinator)
  • Marianne Gasiecki (Mansfiled Tea Party Patriots / Founder)
  • Diana Greenwood (New Ashland Tea Party Patriots / Founder)
  • Amy Brighton (Medina Tea Party Patriots / Co-Founder)
  • Kat Palmer (Westshore Tea Party)
  • Rick Mikesell (Cleveland Conservatives)
 Please RSVP to clevelandteaparty@gmail.com if you plan on attending.

We will conduct a neighborhood canvass in District 10 after the rally. We will pass out literature informing voters in this District on the destructive votes of Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Even if you do not live in District 10 -- please join us in our neighborhood canvass after the event.

Remember Dennis Kucinich's sold all of us out on his vote for Health Care, believes in unabated Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants, and in the face of a $1.3 Trillion Deficit -- believes we need even MORE government spending!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dennis Kucinich; The Anti-American Congressman Supports Code Pink

As Dennis Kucinich, facing a tough reelection bid against challenger Peter J. Corrigan, and his supporters skip around Cleveland telling everyone how wonderful he is -- you can bet the truth about Dennis is not being told. 

Dennis Kucinich, the top Socialist in Ohio, who recently voted to defund our troops in Afghanistan is also a supporter of groups that work against the national security interests of the United States and lends aid to terrorists targeting our soldiers....

From American Thinker --
Last week, American Thinker published evidence that Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Congressmen Henry Waxman (D-CA), Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), and Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) made it possible in 2004 for Code Pink and other radical groups to deliver $600,000 in cash and supplies to enemy insurgents and their families in Fallujah. Two days later, Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson posted the diplomatic letter Waxman wrote to assist Code Pink's mission.

Waxman's Republican opponent, Korean War veteran and former Marine Chuck Wilkerson, calls the letter a "smoking gun." He adds, " ... to actively assist getting aid to people who killed and wounded Americans on the battlefield is beyond forgiveness. If aid and comfort were given to the enemy, this borders on treason." Wilkerson is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate whether Waxman is guilty of "aiding and abetting a declared enemy of the United States in a war authorized by the Congress." Attorney General Eric Holder has yet to comment.

Fellow leftists have attempted to defend Code Pink's actions by arguing that the supplies they gave to the insurgents were merely "humanitarian" in nature. The evidence supports a different conclusion. For example, the radical delegation made a point of meeting with associates of radical militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr and other advocates of killing U.S. troops. The supply mission also served as a propaganda coup for U.S. detractors, attracting sympathetic coverage from an array of hostile international media outlets including Al Jazeera and Iranian TV.

Who is Code Pink?
Code Pink presents itself to the public as a group of "Moms" who oppose violence and war. In reality, Code Pink's leaders are not peace activists at all, but dedicated Marxists who for decades have conducted a political war against the American system that targets the U.S. military.

Delivering supplies to America 's enemies is not a new occupation for Code Pink's leaders. Founder Medea Benjamin helped create the Institute for Food and Development Policy in the 1980s to support Nicaragua 's communist dictatorship in its war against the U.S.-backed Contras. Code Pink's Kirsten Moller and Sandra Brim also worked for IFDP. As the director of Medical Aid, Brim even flew an American neurosurgeon to San Salvador to operate on Revolutionary Party Commander Nidia Diaz, who had been wounded in combat. Two months earlier, Diaz's group had claimed responsibility for the murders of four U.S. Marines and nine civilians.

Medea Benjamin also founded Global Exchange, a forerunner to United for Peace and Justice, the vast "anti-war" coalition led by American Communist Party member Leslie Cagan, and helped organize the destructive 1999 riots against the World Trade Organization and capitalism in Seattle . Benjamin and Cagen teamed up again in 2004 to form Iraq Occupation Watch, which quickly opened a center in Baghdad to encourage American troops to defect and desert.

Code Pink's purpose is to reduce the effectiveness of the U.S. military by all possible means. These include denouncing U.S. troops as war criminals and murderers; manufacturing sympathy for enemy states, groups, and combatants; and coordinating activities with those same enemies. The group works to undermine military recruiting efforts and ROTC programs and lobbies to insert anti-military propaganda into U.S. school curricula. At a typical protest in 2007, Code Pink members and their supporters reportedly defaced a Marine recruiting center in Berkeley with signs slandering our Marines as "traitors" and "assassins."

Perhaps the most contemptible aspect of Code Pink's anti-military jihad has been its relentless harassment of wounded troops at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington , D.C. The group has held dozens of protests in front of the Army Medical Center , loudly chanting slogans and waving signs with thoughtful messages such as "Maimed for Lies." They also lined the sidewalk with a row of mock caskets. Most of Code Pink's hospital demonstrations have been held on Friday evenings, when the recovering soldiers are being visited by their parents, spouses, and children.

Why Fallujah?

Since "humanitarian aid" could have been delivered to any of a dozen war-torn cities in Iraq , why did the leaders of Code Pink and their fellow radicals choose Fallujah?

In late 2004, Fallujah was the last major stronghold of organized resistance to the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq . Long known as a hotbed of insurgent activity, this was the city whose residents had murdered four Blackwater USA security guards the previous March, burned and mutilated their bodies, and strung up two of the corpses on a bridge as a display.

The first attempt in 2004 to control the city had failed, and by November the stage was set for a major military engagement that would cost fifty-one Americans their lives and wound another 560. Such was the environment that inspired Code Pink to collect supplies and cash to support what Medea Benjamin openly described as "the other side."

The evidence clearly indicates that Code Pink's mission gave aid and comfort to America 's wartime enemies in Fallujah, a clear-cut act of sedition made possible by the group's allies in Congress -- Democrats Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Raul Grijalva, and Dennis Kucinich.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Geithner tout's "savings" in Record-Breaking $1.3 Trillion Deficit

U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Acting Director Jeffrey Zients released a statement regarding our new record-breaking $1.3 trillion annual deficit & a $13.5 trillion total debt. Well practiced at putting lipstick on a pig, Geithner defends the ballooning of big government spending claiming the deficit & debt could have been higher if not for the Administrations careful stewardship...
Due to careful stewardship of the emergency programs, their effect on the deficit was much smaller than previously estimated. The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) had outlays of just $9.0 billion in FY 2010, which was $25.9 billion or 74 percent below previous estimates from July 2010. Aid to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was $52.6 billion in FY 2010 – $16.4 billion or 24 percent less than the most recent forecast.

"By carefully managing the emergency initiatives to stop the financial panic and by accelerating our exit from those investments, we have significantly lowered the cost to taxpayers, bringing the costs of the financial rescue down by more than $240 billion this year. However, we still have a long way to go to repair the damage to the economy and address the long-term deficits caused by the crisis," Secretary Geithner explained.
Taking into account the out of control spending & the ever increasing federal entitlement programs equal to $53 trillion in unfunded liabilities are "unsustainable" and has our country barreling down the path to an unrecoverable financial ruin we would have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Geithner's statement of, we have a long way to go...." November 2nd is coming much sooner than he thinks!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Action Alert: Poll Watchers Needed in OH by Monday


Greetings fellow Patriots,

We are in need of volunteers to be poll watchers on Election day to ensure integrity and also to help Get Out the Vote (GOTV)!

We are calling all Florida and Ohio volunteers to sign up by Monday, October 18, 2010 in order to meet the deadline. We need volunteers in other states, but the priority this weekend is to sign up if you are in Ohio or Florida.  (Click here to volunteer)

Tea Party Patriots powered by our friends at Let Freedom Ring are looking for super-volunteers who will be technology-empowered poll watchers helping turnout every single Tea-Party friendly voter and bringing sunlight and accountability into the polling place on Election Day.

With our GOTV test program we need super-volunteers with either a smart-phone or internet connected lap top to take a four hour shift at polls in one of 21 congressional districts in 8 key states. We need volunteers in all fifty states who can focus on voting integrity.

Sign Up Today Using This Form (Click Here)and you will be able to get trained on-line and use our one-of-a-kind Tea Party patented Poll Watching web program.

Come blaze a trail this year with us that will be talked about for decades to come. Come make history with us on Election Day.

We need super-volunteer poll watchers to help with our GOTV program in the following locations:

(All States and all Congressional Districts need Voting Integrity Poll Watchers):
  • OHIO: 1, 15, 16, 18
  • DELAWARE: Statewide
  • FLORIDA: 2, 8, 22, 24
  • ILLINOIS: 11, 14
  • NEVADA: 3
  • NEW YORK: 19, 20, 24, 29
  • PENN. 3, 8, 10, 11
If you are interested, please remember you must sign up by this Monday October 18.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

AFP National Neighborhood Canvassing Day II

Dear Friend,

Our National Neighborhood Canvassing Day on October 2nd was a great success in Ohio. We spread the word to about 3,600 households about their elected official’s big government votes. Even more activists volunteered to spread the word through their communities last week at our November Is Coming bus tour stops.

We have great momentum going, and we have to keep it up, so that everyone knows how their elected officials have been voting. Please join us again this Saturday for another neighborhood canvassing day. Please check out the locations below to find out where you can pick up neighborhood walking maps and literature to distribute in your community.

(to get the word out that Steve Driehaus’s votes are bankrupting America)

When: this Saturday, Oct. 16, pick up walking lists between 9:00am and 11:00am and meet back for pizza around 12:00pm

Where: Pick up walking lists at Clippard Instruments parking lot, 7390 Colerain Avenue, near Banning & Colerain Ave. next to the Sunoco station, and then meet back for pizza at White Oak LaRosa’s, 5800 Cheviot Road in the White Oak Shopping Center.

(to get the word out that Charlie Wilson’s and Zack Space’s votes are bankrupting America)

When: this Saturday, Oct. 16, 10:00am
Where: Sippers Cafe, 165 East Main Street

(to get the word out that Betty Sutton’s votes are bankrupting America)

When: this Saturday, Oct. 16, 9:00am
Where: The Courtyard Cafe, Brecksville Shopping Center, 7600 Chippewa Road (route 82), Brecksville, Ohio 44141 (just east of the intersection of routes 82 and 21, map)

(to get the word out that John Boccieri’s votes are bankrupting America)

When: this Saturday, Oct. 16, 12:15pm
Where: Commissioners Park, on the corner of Main Street and Claremont Avenue

(to get the word out that Zack Space’s votes are bankrupting America)

When: this Saturday, 10am to 7pm
Where: Ohio’s First Capitol Tea Party Booth at the Fall Festival of Leaves in Bainbridge, 200 North Maple, Bainbridge, Ohio, 45601 (you can pick up walk maps and literature this Friday and Sunday too

COLUMBUS (meeting this Sunday, instead of Saturday) -
(to get the word out that Mary Jo Kilroy’s votes are bankrupting America)

President Obama will be at the Oval at OSU this Sunday evening, October 17th. Americans for Prosperity will be joining Young Americans for Liberty and the Columbus Tea Party in showing opposition for President Obama’s big government agenda. We will be announcing the meeting time and location in the next couple of days. Please join us this Sunday in opposing President Obama’s agenda and pick up neighborhood walking lists and literature.

Thank you,

Rebecca Heimlich
Ohio State Director
Americans for Prosperity

Friday, October 8, 2010

EPA Lays Out Five-Year Plan on Agency Priorities

From the EPA -- (or ADA -- American Destruction Agency)
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued its fiscal year (FY) 2011 to 2015 strategic plan, which provides a blueprint for advancing EPA’s mission and Administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s priorities.

This plan presents five strategic goals for advancing the agency’s environmental and human-health mission, accompanied by five cross-cutting fundamental strategies that seek to adapt the EPA’s work inside and outside of the agency to meet the growing environmental protection needs of the day. The plan will guide the agency to foster a renewed commitment to new possibilities for achieving the vision of a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment.

The five-year plan includes new benchmarks that track progress against Administrator Jackson’s seven priorities such as taking action to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and adapt to climate change, protecting America’s waters, increasing the use of smart growth and sustainable development strategies in communities, building and maintaining strong state and tribal partnerships, working for environmental justice, and ensuring that chemical health and safety information is available to the public.

The five strategic goals for advancing the agency’s environmental and human-health mission are:
  • Taking action on climate change and improving air quality
  • Protecting America’s waters
  • Cleaning up communities and advancing sustainable development
  • Ensuring the safety of chemicals and preventing pollution
  • Enforcing environmental laws
The Administrator has committed the agency to pursuing these priorities in the years ahead to fulfill EPA’s mission to protect human health and the environment. In addressing these priorities, EPA will continue to affirm the core values of science, transparency and the rule of law. The agency sent notification letters to more than 800 organizations and individuals requesting comment on the draft plan.

Congress requires all federal agencies to develop a strategic plan covering a five year period, which is updated every three years. EPA developed the FY 2011-2015 strategic plan after receiving extensive comments from stakeholders and the public. The plan is prepared in accordance with the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993.

More information on the strategic plan: http://www.epa.gov/ocfo/plan/plan.htm  

Make a difference from your home this Saturday- National Freedom Phone-a-thon Day

Make a difference from your home this Saturday by making calls on our “Freedom Phoner” system telling others about Ohio Congress members who have voted for Nancy Pelosi’s big government programs. We need to get the word out about politicians who have voted for job and liberty killing legislation.

You can make these calls from your home any day, but this Saturday, October 9, is National Freedom Phone-A-Thon Day. Your home phone number will not show up on caller ID and you will not have any charges to your home phone.

With over 7,000 calls already pledged for Saturday, we are off to a great start, but we need more and that’s where you come in. By committing to 25, 50, or even 250 calls this Saturday we will be able to reach even more of your neighbors and friends.

Click here now to make a pledge. If you can’t make calls this Saturday, please sign-up for our system and make calls when it is convenient for you. Click here to sign up.

Also, don’t forget about our National Contest for the top Freedom Phoners!

Top 5 Phone Bankers can choose between one of the three awards below:
  • Trip for one to Cancun, Mexico, for AFP’s Hot Air Tour event at the UN conference on Climate Change. 
  • Scholarship for two to the national Summit in DC - Fall 2011 
  • Scholarship for two to RightOnline in Minneapolis, MN – June 2011
Next Top 5-10 Phone Bankers will receive:
  • $250 Visa Gift Card
Next Top 11-15 Phone Bankers will receive:
  • $100 Visa Gift Card
If you’re having any problems please visit the Freedom Phone Page which includes a tutorial on how to use the system, a FAQs link, and more information on the National Contest Rules. You can also call 866-730-0150 for technical help.

We are in the final stretch and need to make sure that everyone is well educated about the votes of big government politicians in Ohio.

Thank you,

Rebecca Heimlich
Ohio State Director
Americans for Prosperity

Monday, October 4, 2010

Reason #973, 526 You Should Vote on November 2nd



Kucinich Wants to Cut Funding for our Troops in Afghanistan

The former boy Mayor of Cleveland who wanted to be President wants to cut funding for our troops in Afghanistan....
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), who previously forced a vote in the House to stop the war in Afghanistan from spilling over the border into Pakistan, today renewed his calls for Congress to explicitly cut off funding in the region after the Associated Press (AP) reported that North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) helicopters attacked Pakistani troops at a border crossing. The Pakistani troops, who were in uniforms similar to the local civilian population, are among the same troops being trained by the United States. According to the AP, they were ordered to stop supply trucks attempting to cross the Torkham border post.

“NATO troops have attacked Pakistan, attacked an ally for the simple offense of refusing NATO forces to expand the war into their sovereign nation,” said Kucinich. “Last night, in the middle of the night, Congress passed a Continuing Resolution that included Pakistan counterinsurgency funds. Those funds are for our troops to operate in Pakistan, and to train Pakistan’s military and Pakistan’s Frontier Corps. We are killing the same troops we claim to be helping.

“We cannot afford to continue the status quo in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Our counterinsurgency strategy places our troops and our national security in great peril. The truth is that we cannot afford these wars. We cannot afford an open-ended commitment to wars that have done nothing to further our security or moral standing in the world. The American people cannot afford to have Congress allocate vital resources under the fa├žade of nation-building overseas, especially while people here at home have such urgent unmet economic needs. Congress must take its Congressional responsibility seriously. We have not declared war on Pakistan and we must cut off military funding immediately,” said Kucinich.
Knowing Kucinich has no problem selling out our troops in harms way, should we have been surprised when he flip-flopped and voted for the Heatlh Care bill selling out the people in District 10 for a bag of peanuts and a ride on Air Force One?

Kucinich is facing Peter J. Corrigan in his bid for reelection. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Will OH House Candidate Kelli Perk be charged in Cuyahoga County Corruption Probe?

While Kelli Perk claims she was only playing by the rules -- one has to wonder exactly "what" rules Perk played by and if they were legal.

From The Plain Dealer --
A lawyer in Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason's office was hired three weeks after she withdrew from a Parma judicial race in 2007, clearing the path to public office for the candidate Mason supported.

Mason gave a job to Kelli Perk weeks after she dropped out as a candidate for Parma municipal judge. Perk, who works as an assistant county prosecutor in Mason's civil division, said nobody ever asked her to drop out of the contest. A spokesman for Mason said in a written statement that Perk was hired based on her job qualifications.

"In my heart and mind, I did everything for the right reasons," Perk said in a telephone interview. "I played by the rules."

A timeline of the Perk's interactions with Mason's office, gleaned from public records, has raised questions from a Republican lawmaker about whether Mason used his influence to shape the 2007 race for Parma Municipal Court judge. If so, it would resemble at least two similar cases involving other officials that are detailed in the federal probe of Cuyahoga County government corruption.
Perk, 47, is running this November for a seat in the Ohio House of Representatives against Republican Walton Hills Mayor Marlene Anielski. State Rep. Josh Mandel, who is running for state treasurer, currently represents the cluster of suburbs that make up the House district. More...
The right reasons in your heart & mind?  Maybe Joseph Gallucci, who was convicted of conspiracy to commit bribery for doing the same thing Perk & Mason have done during his bid for Cuyahoga County Auditor in 2006, should have used the same excuse.

The Plain Dealer Endorses Rob Portman for U.S. Senate

In the race for OH's next U.S. Senator the Plain Dealer has endorsed Rob Portman over Lee Fisher, Ohio's current Lt. Governor. With Fisher being Lt. Governor, he shares half the responsibility for the failed policies of the Strickland Adminstration.

From the PD --
One of the state's most important contests this fall turns out to be an easy call: Rob Portman ought to be Ohio's next U.S. senator.

Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, Portman's Democratic opponent in the contest to replace the retiring George Voinovich, is a talented and smart public servant who's long appeared to have a clear compass about Northeast Ohio's needs and the state's economic development agenda in general. Yet after listening to both candidates for months now and watching how each man has conducted his campaign, there is no doubt that Republican Portman, 54, is better prepared to represent these interests as well as to tackle the weighty national issues that will come before the Senate.

Campaigning seriously since last year, Portman has devoted large chunks of time to doing what all politicians claim to do -- and what serious policymakers really do: listening. That has given him an impressive understanding of the issues, especially those related to the economy, that trouble Ohioans.

In branching out beyond the comfort zone of his old congressional district and his party's southern Ohio stronghold, Portman has in many ways duplicated what Ohio's soon-to-be senior senator, Sherrod Brown, did four years ago in his return to the statewide stage.

The comparison to Brown may unsettle admirers of both men. Portman's approach to most issues is as predictably conservative as Brown's is liberal. But for all the focus on Capitol Hill ideological gridlock, a lot of a senator's work involves seeking practical solutions to specific local concerns. That starts with listening. If Brown and Portman can put their partisan differences aside -- and Portman's House record and temperament suggest he can -- they could be useful allies to advance Ohio interests.

Portman also would serve the state well if he resists -- as Voinovich sometimes did -- the siren call of blind party loyalty. Simply opposing every idea from the Obama White House or its Democratic allies is no way to govern. If elected, Portman needs to be a responsible critic -- one who offers meaningful alternatives and tries to discover common ground on issues such as containing health care costs or trimming the federal deficit. The way he has run his campaign -- in an old-school "senatorial" fashion -- offers hope that he would do just that.

Even a few months ago, we might have said the same about Fisher. But Fisher's campaign for the Senate -- an effort we supported in his primary against Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner -- has been a profound disappointment.

In the 1990s, Fisher was an advocate of Bill Clinton's "third way" approach and campaigned as a moderate New Democrat. As Gov. Ted Strickland's development director until he surrendered that hat to run for the Senate, Fisher cultivated a pro-business image. That's why we have so much trouble recognizing the candidate who's running for the Senate by bashing foreign trade and clinging to the party line at every turn. It's a cookie-cutter approach Democrats around the country are using. It not only doesn't fit Fisher very well, it also revives the old criticism that he is a political chameleon.

Portman for his part takes a few raps from some quarters for having served as President George W. Bush's trade representative and budget director, resigning in the summer of 2007 -- when the storm clouds of recession were just gathering. But instead of being a handicap, his economic experience has become a plus -- as have his years of being a policy wonk in the first Bush White House and earlier and as a member of the House of Representatives from suburban Cincinnati for 12 years.

The best choice for Ohio is to elect Rob Portman to the Senate.
While considering the above PD endorsement of Portman, please be mindful that Lee Fisher, at a recent fundraiser, stated he supports the DREAM Act and Immigration Reform (AKA: Amnesty).

Plus, while many of us were honoring the fallen from the terrorist attacks on 9/11 -- candidate Fisher was out hosting a fundraiser instead of remembering this fateful day in our country's history.

This post is not a CTPP endorsement of any candidate.
We encourage everyone to be a free-thinking, sovereign-minded & educated voter.

The Plain Dealer Endorses John Kasich for OH Governor

Seeing that current Governor of OH, Ted Strickland, has delivered us a +10% unemployment rate in OH, a State Budget that has an estimated $8 Billion bust and, in his own words, described his 4 year term as Governor as a failure for not fixing school funding in Ohio, should we be shocked to see the PD endorse John Kasich for OH's next Governor?

From the PD --
Ohio voters face a daunting choice on Nov. 2: Who should lead this recession-battered state for the next four years?

Incumbent Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland is a decent and honorable son of Appalachian Ohio who promises a steady, if unspectacular, course through the rough seas ahead. He is clearly the safe bet, unlikely to either make a big mistake or bring about big change.

His Republican challenger, John Kasich, is a former congressman from suburban Columbus given to Reagan-style optimism and bold, sometimes questionable, ideas. He is just as clearly the wild card, eager to shake up the status quo and even challenge his own party, but also capable of talking himself right off a cliff.

The easy option would be to endorse Strickland, a dutiful caretaker steeped in public policy minutiae. At least you know what you'd get. But therein lies the problem.

Strickland, 69, suffers from limited imagination and political timidity; at times, he seems almost shellshocked by the loss of 400,000 jobs on his watch. He told The Toledo Blade last week that his administration should have moved faster to prevent Ohio businesses from fleeing to other states. He has consistently mistaken talk for action, produced budgets held together with bubble gum and twine and allowed his team to adopt a siege mentality. He stumbled badly on gambling, treated Ohio's cities as stepchildren and, in a shameful kowtow to his union allies, waged war on effective charter schools.

Even when his heart and mind are in the right place, Strickland can't or won't be daring. He ran for governor in 2006 -- with this editorial page's support -- promising to overhaul public education. After more than two years of study, he unveiled a blueprint for Ohio's classrooms that fobbed off many of the toughest decisions, including how to pay for it all, on some future administration.

Add to those disappointments Strickland's relentlessly negative campaign, his inability to articulate a vision for the state and the ennui that overtakes most lame-duck administrations, and there's little reason for excitement about Ohio's future under his leadership.

Kasich, 58, offers Ohio something it hasn't felt from its governor since the early days of Richard Celeste: a quickened pulse. Alternately arrogant and charming, Kasich can make a not-terribly-unconventional idea such as privatizing parts of the Department of Development -- it's been done elsewhere without triggering either a gold rush or a plague of locusts -- sound like a call to revolution.

But here's what's scary about Kasich: With his Red Bull style, it is sometimes hard to tell what's core belief, what's hot air and whether even he knows the difference. When Kasich praises Ohio's innovative Third Frontier effort, he still says things that suggest he doesn't understand or care how it works. Or listen to him talk about phasing out Ohio's income tax, reducing the state's commitment to public schools or even making university professors work harder. Does he understand that being a Fox News provocateur is not the same as being the leader of a diverse, complex state?

But then consider the needs of this state. Ohio needs to jumpstart an economy that was struggling even before the Great Recession. It needs to convince skeptical investors that its many assets -- top-shelf colleges and research institutions, solid transportation infrastructure, abundant freshwater, a Midwestern work ethic and a revamped tax code -- matter more than its reputation for stodginess and conflict. It needs to convince its ambitious young people that this is a great place to dream, innovate and achieve. And, for now anyway, it needs to do it all while digging out of a giant budget hole.

A can-do, roll-the-dice mindset just might enable Ohio to regain its self-confidence and sell itself to the world. Kasich has it; nice guy Ted Strickland never will.

Kasich showed, as House Budget chair the last time Washington used black ink, that he could cross partisan lines and get results. He also showed in Congress that although he is personally conservative, he has no time for divisive hot-button tactics; Ohio doesn't, either.

So we recommend John Richard Kasich for governor. With trepidation to be sure, but also with a belief that Ohio must take a risk to reap the rewards its citizens sorely need.
With Kasich having former OH Auditor Mary Taylor as his running mate, if elected, fiscal responsibilty should be a cornerstone of their term.  In her term as State Auditor, Taylor saved OH untold amounts of money.

This post is not an endorsement of any candidate. 
We encourage everyone to be a free-thinking, sovereign-minded & educated voter.

Strickland Supporter Dumps Hot Coffee On Iraqi War Veteran

When Ohio Democrat Party Chairman Chris Redfern calls Tea Party people "F******" & Ted Strickland goes off on a Howard Dean type rant against the Tea Parties for highlighting his failures as Governor, does it surprise you one of their supporters would attack an Iraqi War Veteran?

From Right Ohio --
Yesterday, we saw a Democrat take the extreme, us-vs.-them rhetoric of of President Obama and Gov. Strickland and dump scalding hot coffee down the back of an Iraq war veteran working for the Republican Governors Association as a video tracker:

Strickland & Redfern have yet to denounce this behavior from their supporters.  But notice Lee Fisher in the background of the above video.  Lee Fisher, the Lt. Governor who is running for the U.S. Senate against Rob Portman, has yet to come out against this attack on an Iraqi War Veteran.

But Fisher's silence on this attack should come as no surprise... as instead of honoring the fallen of the World Trade Center, Pentagon & Flight 193 terrorist attack, Lee Fisher held a fundraiser on 9/11.  So for Fisher... what is a little cup of hot coffee on an American hero.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dust Bunnies Be Warned -- the EPA is coming after you!

Again acting as the Secret Police for the Administration' agenda, the out-of-control goose-stepper's at the EPA (or ADA -- American Destruction Agency) are launching another attack through nanny state regulation.  This time the target is the farmers & ranchers....
Today, U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.), along with the support of 74 bipartisan colleagues, sent a letter urging Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson to refrain from imposing burdensome farm dust regulations on America’s farmers and ranchers. Lummis released the following statement regarding the EPA’s review:
“The Obama EPA’s unprecedented attempts to regulate dust on farms and ranches is just another example of how out-of-touch this administration is. Clear evidence acknowledges that the dust standard revision is unnecessary. Yet despite results from scientific studies, the EPA is continuing its attempts to control the day-to-day operations on ranches and farms.

“This unreasonable requirement will cause extreme hardship to farmers, livestock producers and other resource-based industries throughout rural America. People in the West and those in dry climates will be hit especially hard. It’s time the EPA rethink the consequences the farm dust regulation will have on the people who feed us.”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is reviewing the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for particulate matter (PM). The review is required every five years under the Clean Air Act. The Second Draft Policy Assessment (PA) for PM released on July 8, 2010 in the Federal Register lays the foundation for establishing the most stringent and unparalleled regulation of dust in our nation’s history. Presently, scientific studies do not support the need for revising the dust standard. In fact, according to the PA, the science would justify leaving it as is. Yet, the Obama administration is signaling its intent to proceed with the new standard.

Obamunists vs. Sovereign Individuals


I would like to introduce you to a friend of Tea Party people and defenders of Liberty across the United States -- Hambo. Hambo is a sharp-tongued, quick-witted guardian of truth over our Constitution, freedom and liberty.

After reading the below post you will see why Hambo's talent of patriotic penmanship is usually considered "pagan prose" by the left & korrectnik's of the world.

From Hambo --
With the election looming large on the near horizon, this is a perfect time to dust off this rant which delineates the stark differences between Sovereign Individuals and the Obamunists.

If America’s political system is like a marriage, we seem headed for a bitterly contested divorce. The two sides only share one thing, an unrelenting hostility for each other. For the purposes of this rant, I’ll call these warring parties Obamunists and Sovereign Individuals.

To show how far apart the two sides have drifted, here are a few bones of contention:

Item 1:

Sovereign Individuals believe that the primary purpose of government is to create an environment which maximizes individual liberty. Sovereign individuals call this ‘an equality of opportunity’.

Obamunists believe that the primary purpose of government is to impose an equality of results through the coercive power of the Nanny State.

Item 2:

Sovereign Individuals believe in the U.S. Constitution, as the Founding Fathers intended it: a document which sets strict, non-negotiable limits on the Nanny State, by clearly delineating the government’s limited powers.

Obamunists view the U.S. Constitution as an archaic relic of America’s ignoble, white racist past which needs to be abolished, to unleash the full, coercive power of the Nanny State.

Item 3:

Sovereign Individuals, as their name implies, believe that the basic unit of American political life is the individual. America is/was created to maximize INDIVIDUAL liberty. Under this philosophy, all individuals are, in the eyes of the government, created equal.

Obamunists believe that the basic unit of American political life is the group. Under their scheme, the Nanny State pigeonholes Americans using immutable traits and/or lifestyle choices. Under this Orwellian scheme, some - depending on how the Nanny State ranks a given group - are more equal than others.

Item 4:

Sovereign Individuals believe that wealth is dynamic and is only limited by the intelligence and hard work put in by sovereign individuals who strive to maximize their potential.

Obamunists believe that wealth is a static commodity which must be controlled, redistributed, by the Nanny State.

Item 5:

Sovereign Individuals believe that each individual is, must be, accountable for his, her, hisher, or its own actions.

Obamunists are convinced that dark forces - racists, capitalist, sexists, homophobes - are constantly conspiring against them.

Item 6:

Sovereign Individuals believe that they, and they alone, are the best, the only, ones who have the right, the power, to decide how to conduct their own life and dispense with their own property.

Obamunists know how pathetic they are and have convinced themselves that they’re too stupid, too inept to conduct their own life. Since misery loves company, they insist that the Nanny State run everyone’s life, including those smartass Sovereign Individuals.

I could continue, but you get the idea.

The good news is that, if Sovereign Individuals prevail, the worst that will happen is that Obamunists will lose their bogus, group-specific, rights and will be forced to fend for themselves as GASP individuals.

The bad news is that Obamunists greatly outnumber the Sovereign Individual and are using Nanny State coercion to, systematically, strip Sovereign Individuals of their inalienable individual liberty birthright.

This Sovereign Individual thinks it’s time for a political divorce, a nasty process which must, necessarily, divide the community property - America. Sovereign Individuals would move to their portion of America and restore the kind of government, the bastion of individual liberty, that the Founding Fathers created. The Obamunists would be free to devour each other, when they discover that all the achievers live in the Sovereign Individual part of America.

Now let's Remember November!