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Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary, Doug Schoen, and the FBI investigation(s)

photo credit: RT.com

Over the weekend, Democrat pundit Doug Schoen stunned TV viewers when he went wobbly on his support of Hillary Clinton. He's concerned about the fallout from the FBI investigation. From his follow-up column at The Hill:

However, in good conscience, and as a Democrat, I am actively doubting whether I can vote for the Secretary of State. I also want to make clear that I cannot vote for Donald Trump as his world view and mine are very different.

So, it would seem that Mr. Schoen will either vote third party or not vote for any presidential candidate. Either way, that’s more bad news for Mrs. Clinton.

On a related subject, Andrew McCarthy raised some interesting points concerning the FBI Director’s decision to re-open the email investigation. From PJ Media:

I have never been a fan of the notion – at the Justice Department, it is the received wisdom – that the election calendar should factor into criminal investigations.

Law-enforcement people will tell you that taking action too close to Election Day can affect the outcome of the vote; therefore, it should not be done because law enforcement is supposed to be apolitical. But of course, not taking action one would take but for the political timing is as political as it gets. To my mind, it is more political because the negatively affected candidate is denied any opportunity to rebut the law-enforcement action publicly.

The unavoidable fact of the matter is that, through no fault of law enforcement, investigations of political corruption are inherently political. Thus, I’ve always thought the best thing to do is bring the case when it’s ready, don’t bring it if it’s not ready, and don’t worry about the calendar any more than is required by the principle of avoiding the appearance of impropriety.

A problem arises, however, when you start bending other rules. FBI Director James Comey bent a few of them when he decided to (a) make a public recommendation against prosecution, (b) nevertheless make a public disclosure of the evidence amassed by the FBI, and (c) include a public announcement that the investigation was closed.

McCarthy had more to say about Director Comey’s decisions and his bending of the rules at NRO here.

It is fair enough to say that Director Comey should not have started down the wayward road of making public comments about pending investigations in which no charges have been filed. Such comments inexorably lead to the need to make more comments when new information arises. Not that the director needs advice from me, but at this point, he ought to announce that — just as in any other investigation — there will be no further public statements about the Clinton investigation unless and until charges are filed, which may never happen.

As for the election, Mrs. Clinton is under the cloud of suspicion not because of Comey but because of her own egregious misconduct. She had no right to know back in July whether the investigation was closed. She has no right to know it now. Like any other criminal suspect, she simply has to wait . . . and wonder . . . and worry.

There were other worthy Democrats, but the party chose to nominate the subject of a criminal investigation. That is the Democrats’ own recklessness; Jim Comey is not to blame. And if the American people are foolish enough to elect an arrantly corrupt and compromised subject of a criminal investigation as our president, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Read the rest here.
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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Trump, Hillary, Cubs, Indians

Indians are up 3-1 in the World Series. 

cartoon credit: The Cagle Post

Go Tribe!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Track your ballot! Make sure your vote counts.

art credit: NewsNowDC.com

If you have already mailed in your ballot, here’s another precaution you can take. I just found this on Gateway Pundit:

From a Trump supporter:

I am a single, Republican mother of two younger kids in small town Illinois. Within my friends, I keep seeing and hearing of all these examples of voter fraud going on right now with Trump supporters.

Three well-respected people within the same household in my town who mailed in their ballots in favor of Trump went online to make sure their votes were counted – only to find they were not going to be counted because the signatures on the ballot didn’t match those on their letter. They would have never seen this if they hadn’t gone online to verify!

How many others who have no thought to follow up on their vote are having the same thing happen to them?

Track your ballot and verify. Here’s the track-my-ballot link at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Voting machine glitches, paper ballots, and early voting

art credit: CNN Money

Today, Drudge links to a report at Info Wars about voting machine “glitches” in Texas:
Chambers County Clerk Heather Hawthorne issued a press release Tuesday announcing electronic voting would be suspended until the glitches affecting voting machines could be corrected.
. . .
“Moving temporarily to paper ballots in such a situation is standard protocol,” Hawthorne reportedly told 12NewsNow.

On Wednesday, Hawthorne issued another press release claiming the machines had been fixed.

Interesting that this particular Board of Elections could, as a matter of “standard protocol,” switch almost immediately to paper ballots after a “glitch” was discovered. But in the comments below the report were several computer programmer types who said that any student who completed Computer Programming 101 could program a voting machine; my husband is a professional programmer specializing in large databases, and he concurs. It's not difficult. Any “glitch” was unlikely to be a careless programming error. More likely to be deliberate. And since the "glitch" was fixed almost immediately, it would appear to be a pretty simple "correction." 

Voting machine "glitches." Voting without valid i.d. Voting more than once. Early voting ballots counted before Election Day. The list of potential opportunities for voter fraud is a long one. 

What can be done to put a drag chain on potential voter fraud in your precinct? Over at the American Thinker blog, Crystal Hoadley recommends that voters who are planning to pull the lever for Trump vote “as close as possible to Election Day.” Read why here
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Game One of the World Series tonight at 8pm. 
Go tribe!

Cartoonist A.F. Branco via Sizzle
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Globalism vs American Nationalism

Here are some potential talking points when you are with liberal family or friends...

image via waltherppk at CTH.
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Trump and Hillary campaign rallies in Cleveland

The Saturday Oct-22 rally at the IX Center for Trump/Pence was Yuge. Estimates went to about 10,000 - looked bigger than the summer rally.

photo via Conservative Treehouse

The day before the Trump rally, Hillary campaigned in Cleveland:

Not so yuge.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Help Donald Trump Win Ohio!


Help the ONLY Super PAC with a grassroots ground game in the battleground states help push Donald Trump over the top in Ohio. 

Over the past week, signs and door lit has been delivered to groups across Ohio - now it is time for the all important Get Out The Vote Phone (GOTV) effort. To win Ohio -- Donald Trump needs your help!

The next xx days are some of the most important days of the election season.  In Ohio, Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary are neck and neck! Which ever candidate gets more people to the polls on election day will win Ohio! This is where you can help Make America Great Again!

You can make calls from the comforts of your home or from the Great America PAC office located at 6886 Pearl Rd Middleburg Hts, OH (Click for Map) to make calls with fellow Trump supporters.

The best part of making calls for the Great America PAC is you are only calling for Mr. Trump and not campaigning for any other candidate.  With this state of the art system we can target specific cities and suburbs anywhere in the state to create local walking lists for your neighborhood!

Yard signs, bumper stickers, car magnets and door literature is also available at the office.  For any questions or to set up phone training sessions please call Steve Herbik at (216)312-2509.

Trump and Pence in Cleveland: live stream of Rally

Cleveland: Saturday, Oct. 22  

The Trump-Pence rally at the IX Center is scheduled to start at 7pm. Live-streaming is already underway. If you are/were unable to attend, here’s the live stream via Right Side Broadcasting on YouTube.

UPDATE 6:30 PM: The Trump jet just made its final approach into Hopkins. MAGA!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Call for a few volunteers TODAY at Trump rally


Calling Tea Party people!!!

Short notice, but if you are planning to attend tomorrow's TODAY'S Trump - Pence rally at 7pm at the IX Center, maybe you can get there a bit early. Here's the message on FB from Ralph King:
In need of 3 or 4 volunteers to help pass out rally signs prior to the Trump Rally tomorrow. We would meet at the rear entrance of the IX Center [the west side, but please confirm with Ralph] about 4PM and hand them out as people enter the IX Center - please Private Message me on Facebook or Steven Herbik if interested.
It's crunch time folks, and anything you could do to help save our Country is desperately needed for the next 17 days!
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Trump and Pence in Cleveland TODAY Saturday


Donald J. Trump & Governor Mike Pence
At the I-X Center
7:00 PM

To get your tickets (free), and for further details, go to the Trump website here.

For directions, go to the IX Center website here (scroll to the bottom for the map).

Via YouTube

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Steyn: Laws are for the Little People

art credit: zazzle

Mark Steyn has been on hiatus for several months, but he popped up yesterday and posted a column before the debate. As usual, he knocks it out of the park. The entire article is here, but here’s a small sampling:
As I've said for years - on radio, TV and in print - for me the overriding issue in American politics is the corruption. In the Obama era, we have seen the remorseless merging of the party and the state - in the IRS, in the Justice Department and elsewhere. Whatever one feels about, say, Scandinavia, they at least come to their statism and socialism more or less honestly. Not so the United States.

It's bad enough that Democrats aren't agitated about this corruption - but then it works to their advantage. Slightly more mysterious is why so many of my friends on the right aren't incensed by it.
. . .
Needless to say, if you get your news from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, etc, etc, you will be entirely unaware of all this. 
. . .
The present arrangements work for the political class, the permanent bureaucracy, their client groups, and the lawless. But not for millions of the law-abiding. Consider illegal immigration, for example, which pre-Trump was entirely discussed in terms of the interests of the lawbreakers - how to "bring them out of the shadows", how to give them "a path to citizenship", celebrate their "family values" and "work ethic" - and never in terms of the law-abiding, whose wages they depress, whose communities they transform, and, in too many criminal cases, whose lives they wreck.  . . .
. . .
Hillary is the most known known in the history of knowns. And what we know of her is that she's stinkingly corrupt, above the law, and able to suborn entire government agencies in the cause of her corruption. Where do you think we're gonna be after eight years of that?

As Trump says repeatedly. “We will never fix a rigged system by relying on the people who rigged it in the first place.” The full article is on Steyn's website here
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Project Veritas video: tactics to disrupt Trump rallies

via YouTube

If you plan to attend the Cleveland, OH Trump-Pence rally this weekend (Saturday at 7pm) at the IX Center next to Hopkins Airport, this Project Veritas video will be of interest. It’s short, less than 2 minutes. It exposes tactics intended to cast Trump supporters in a bad light. Via HotGas:

In this video, the Democratic National Committee’s Rapid Response Coördinator and associate at Democracy Partners, Aaron Black, talks about how they can use verbally abusive and antagonistic women at Trump rallies to incite a “bullying” response from male Trump supporters.

Be forewarned, especially if you are seated in the area behind the speakers, where TV cameras show the crowd. 
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Trump and Pence rally in Cleveland this Saturday

Donald J. Trump & Governor Mike Pence
At the I-X Center
7:00 PM

To get your tickets (free), go to the Trump website here.

For directions, go to the IX Center website here (scroll to the bottom for the map).

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


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Media tries to discredit James O’Keefe, Project Veritas

So yesterday in prime time, Fox News ran some footage from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video exposé on dirty tricks implemented by various organizations supporting the Clinton campaign. Then Fox went into overdrive to discredit James O’Keefe. The dismissive remarks of course referenced O’Keefe’s 2010 arrest when he got caught impersonating a telephone company employee (the charge was phone tampering) while working to expose then-Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA), who was allegedly avoiding any and all calls from her constituents who were upset about Obamacare. O’Keefe’s standards as a journalist were not at issue, yet the Fox narrative claims that he is known for phony and misleading editing.

O’Keefe has made enemies, to be sure. His exposés on Planned Parenthood and ACORN provoked all kinds of attacks on him, his ethics, his editorial bias, and his selective editing. Salon describes him as “best known for selectively editing undercover footage to get people fired.”
Let me say something about selective editing.

I was interviewed for a television documentary a few years ago. I was in front of the cameras for about 2½ hours and appeared in the final cut for maybe 3-4 minutes. Before the documentary was broadcast, somebody asked me how I thought I did. My reply was that if the producers wanted me to look good, I’d look good. If they wanted me to look bad, I’d look bad. Ah yes, was the reply. That ole cutting room floor.

Everything we see on TV or read in the news has been edited. The question is: was the edited final product faithful to the original report? You’ll decide if O’Keefe has/had his thumb on the editorial scale or not.

From where I’m sitting, O’Keefe is doing the investigative journalism that the mainstream media not only refuses to do, but works aggressively to suppress and discredit. Already, the progressives are claiming on Fox that the statements caught on the Project Veritas video were merely hypothetical ideas that were never implemented. Then how come two of the principal players in the undercover videos have been fired or have resigned? That would be Democratic consultant Robert Creamer (who visited the White House multiple times) and Scott Foval, national field director for Americans United for Change. (No doubt they will turn up wearing another hat in another room real soon.) 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hillary’s criminal rap sheet

art credit: Your Perception is not Reality
Front Page Magazine is a website published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The Center is dedicated to exposing the agenda and tactics of the radical left, whether socialists, communists, liberal, etc. A few days ago, John Perazzo collected a long list of Hillary Clinton’s crimes and misdemeanors. Mostly crimes. His title is “The Clinton Record: A devastating exposé of the most unfit and undeserving individual ever to seek the American presidency.” The article is very long, it’s footnoted, and it is devastating. Below are the bullet point conclusions.

This, then, is Hillary Clinton: a woman who is wholly, unequivocally unfit to serve as anything more than an inmate in a federal penitentiary. She has demonstrated, time and again:
  • that she cannot, under any circumstances, be trusted with national security or state secrets;
  • that she treats the paper on which the Espionage Act is written, with no more reverence than she would give to a strip of toilet paper;
  • that she treats with similar disregard the paper on which the U.S. Constitution is written;
  • that her judgment in matters of international conflict, diplomacy, and terrorism is an abomination;
  • that she routinely uses her “charitable foundation” as a money-laundering operation designed to enrich herself under the guise of helping the needy;
  • that she will gladly sell out her country, and everyone in it, in exchange for material riches and political dominion;
  • the she is intent upon using the most irresponsible refugee and immigration policies imaginable to import countless millions of people from hostile, impoverished nations across the globe for one core purpose: to permanently transform the American population into one that will vote reliably Democrat from now until the end of time;
  • that she fully intends to purge the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights;
  • that she unequivocally plans to expand the disastrous, failing Obamacare debacle into an even more monstrous, government-run, single-payer healthcare system;
  • that she favors soft-on-crime policies that have repeatedly been shown to cause violent crime rates to skyrocket;
  • that she is perfectly willing to institutionalize massive, ubiquitous voter fraud because she believes that it will ensure additional power for her political party;
  • that she views white Americans as a whole, as inherently, “implicitly,” and “irredeemably” racist, and therefore in constant need of an all-powerful government to restrain their bigoted impulses;
  • that despite her professed aversion to racism in general, she is quite happy to ally herself with “politically correct” racists like Al Sharpton and the Black Lives Matter movement; and
  • that she opposes the imposition of any restrictions whatsoever on abortion rights, or on the government's power to force taxpayers to fund abortions.

In the final analysis, Hillary Clinton is a woman with a mindset that is totalitarian in every respect. To make matters worse, she is a lying, deceiving, manipulative, self-absorbed criminal without a shred of personal virtue. Truly it can be said that never before in American history has anyone so unfit and so undeserving, run for president. Never.

The entire article is here
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UPDATE: Project Veritas video cited in FEC complaint

art credit: Public Interest Legal Foundation

That was fast!

J. Christian Adams, a frequent contributor to TV news, heads up the Public Interest Legal Foundation. A member of his team just filed a complaint naming the DNC (Democratic National Committee), Hillary For America, and other individuals and organizations. The complaint credits Project Veritas Action, i.e., James O’Keefe’s exposés on video of potentially illegal actions behind the Clinton campaign and deliberate efforts to rig elections. A reader at Treehouse posted a link to the pdf file with the complaint. It is addressed to the Federal Election Commission and demands an investigation. It’s a start, and it is good to see O'Keefe's undercover work forming part of the basis for the legal complaint.

For the two Project Veritas videos just released, see here and here

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Project Veritas Video #2: HOW TO commit Voter Fraud

(accessed on YouTube)

Stay with it, despite some repetition. (Some of the repetition is probably to cover the base in case the viewer did not already watch Video #1 – or just to drive home a point). You may want to take a shower after you view it. It is sleazy dirty stuff.

And after that, share it on social media, or take up O’Keefe’s request that you forward it (or link) by email or tweet to every “journalist” or “news organization” that you can.

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A Rigged Election: Project Veritas- Clinton, Collusion & Criminality

James O’Keefe released the first of his undercover Project Veritas videos that capture explicit statements from personnel identified with various political organizations working to disrupt Trump and Pence events. These are the people and organizations behind, for example, the cancellation, due to security concerns, of the Trump rally in Chicago. These organizations are not supposed to coordinate with campaigns and the DNC, and you will learn how they position themselves to get around the laws to achieve their goals.

Part 1 of “A Rigged Election,” above, is 16 minutes along. It is very disturbing to watch, and you will need a strong stomach. There is obviously more to come.

Part 1, all by itself, would be a a thorough rejoinder to Greg Gutfeld’s disingenuous statement yesterday on Fox that Trump’s sounding the alarm over a rigged election is premature – sort of like challenging the referee before the game is played. Oh? 

What about the voter registration fraud we are already seeing in Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvaniaand elsewhere ? What about the actual voter fraud documented from the 2012 election. And now we have Part 1 of “A Rigged Election” that shows the individuals, organizations, and methods underlying all this disruption, fraud, and corruption.

The second video below (h/t Sundance) is James O’Keefe’s short message on what Tea Party people can do to bust through the corporate media black-out on the Part 1 video, per above.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Eric Holder named to lead effort to destroy GOP

art credit: OtterLimits

If this doesn’t scare you, nothing will. It's not a headline from The Onion, either. From Thomas Lifson at AmericanThinker:

Eric Holder named to lead effort to destroy GOP
after Hillary wins the presidency

This election is for keeps: plans are being implemented, with President Obama already signed on, staff hired, and money being raised.  Perhaps lulled into complacency by the MSM polls, the Democrats have already constructed and staffed their strategy to permanently disable the Republican Party.  Eric Holder is the perfect henchman, a man above nothing in his quest for political dominance, unbound by old-fashioned concepts of justice.

The GOP will remain in existence as the token opposition, useful for legitimizing the actual one-party regime, the essential element of the election rituals reminding us of the Republic we once enjoyed.

Edward Isaac-Dovere of Politico has the scoop:

As Democrats aim to capitalize on this year’s Republican turmoil and start building back their own decimated bench, former Attorney General Eric Holder will chair a new umbrella group focused on redistricting reform—with the aim of taking on the gerrymandering that’s left the party behind in statehouses and made winning a House majority far more difficult.

The new group, called the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, was developed in close consultation with the White House. President Barack Obama himself has now identified the group—which will coordinate campaign strategy, direct fundraising, organize ballot initiatives and put together legal challenges to state redistricting maps—as the main focus of his political activity once he leaves office.
The group is moving forward in a systematic way, assembling talent and money:

Though initial plans to be active in this year’s elections fell short, the group has been incorporated as a 527, with Democratic Governors Association executive director Elizabeth Pearson as its president and House Majority PAC executive director Ali Lapp as its vice president. They’ve been pitching donors and aiming to put together its first phase action plan for December, moving first in the Virginia and New Jersey state elections next year and with an eye toward coordination across gubernatorial, state legislative and House races going into the 2018 midterms.

Redistricting, aka Gerrymandering (depending on the eye of the beholder), is now a science, thanks to the data-mining capabilities of all the Silicon Valley Big Money corporatist allies of the Democrats.  Assembling masses of data from Google, Facebook, and others, they can put together districts micro-targeted with just enough Democrats to win and shove the GOP voters into 90% majority districts, shut out forever from control of state legislatures and the House of Representatives.

As Richard Baehr emailed me, "so long as there is an opposition, it must be destroyed."

It will be, if these well designed, politically connected, well financed efforts are implemented under a President Rodham.  

Combined with a Supreme Court committed to the living Constitution fantasy, the Uniparty will rule us all any way it desires.

The continuing avalanche of Wikileaks confirms just how corrupt the entire political and governmental structures are. Sharyl Attkisson (who quit her CBS job a couple of years ago amid concerns of media bias) has a long column focusing on the corrupt corporate media scandal she is calling “Newsgate.” It looks like it's merely the tip of the iceberg. 
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fixing the rigged system

The Conservative Treehouse (Sundance) website runs this image all the time. The home page is here
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So how corrupt is our government?

art credit: Imgflip

It was a running gag on The Tonight Show, a standard format for jokes. Johnny Carson might say the weather sure is cold. Sidekick Ed McMahon would say, “So just how cold is it?” Carson would finish with his punch line, it’s SO cold that [joke here]….

We’ve been trying to follow the Wikileaks email revelations, and the sheer volume and the enormity of what they reveal is mind-boggling. These emails don’t raise more questions about corruption in the political class, corporate media, and Hillary’s activities, they PROVE widespread corruption.

So how corrupt is our government? Bruce Walker at American Thinker has an extended "punch line." He expresses outrage in his article “Breathtaking Criminality in Washington.” Some extracts:

Recent revealed emails within that broad criminal conspiracy known as leftism show just how utterly dependent those sock puppets like Obama and Hillary are upon the nefarious intertwined collusion of the leftist media, the agencies of the Executive Branch, the Clinton campaign, and the DNC.  The depth of this criminal conspiracy, as these latest emails show, is stunning.
. . .
During the debates, the number of interruptions of Trump and of Clinton are not even close, and the softball questions to Clinton (probably prepped, as we have found out in Hillary's interviews) make for a vast contribution to the Clinton campaign which is completely unreported and, because the gatekeepers are also the malfeasants, completely ignored.

But it gets worse.  Giant media corporations, unlike most other giant corporations, operate only by virtue of FCC licenses, which impose an additional duty to act "in the public interest," which means colluding to hide news from Americans, which is what notional "competitors" like CNN and CBS and ABC and MSNBC are doing.  All this violates not [only] federal antitrust laws, but also the conditions of their licenses, which are, themselves, a type of monopoly. 

When large corporations operating in the same section of the economy act in concert to deprive consumers of what they would have gotten in a truly competitive marketplace, corporate officers and directors go to prison.  Typically, the evidence required for convictions in these sorts of cases is little more than a "pattern of behavior."
. . .
The nefarious "Clinton Foundation" turns out to be nothing more than a grotesque scam using high public offices and murky machinations to enrich public "servants" through influence-peddling and shakedowns that make the Mafia look like petty crooks.  It is clearly "pay to play" on steroids and so unsavory that it is not even considered a real philanthropy by those organizations that grade the transparency and reasonableness of nonprofit finances and expenditures.  

This "foundation," which is a nonprofit organization that seems to serve no real purpose beyond laundering extorted money from foreign powers to the Clintons and their cronies, deserves much more scrutiny . . .

. . .The Augean Stables must be cleaned, and that process requires dramatic and serious action.

Read the rest here

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Voter fraud: minimal or in the millions?

art credit: TheRealSide

 Data suggests millions of voter registrations are fraudulent or invalid. That’s enough to tip an election, easily.

JohnGibb, writing at The Federalist, argues that the potential for voter fraud is real, and actual voter fraud is a bigger problem than we might have thought:

This week, liberals have been repeating their frequent claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist. A recent Salon article argues that “voter fraud just isn’t a problem in Pennsylvania,” despite evidence to the contraryAnother article argues that voter fraud is entirely in the imagination of those who use voter ID laws to deny minorities the right to vote.

Yet as the election approaches, more and more cases of voter fraud are beginning to surface. In Colorado, multiple instances were found of dead people attempting to vote. Stunningly, “a woman named Sara Sosa who died in 2009 cast ballots in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.” In Virginia, it was found that nearly 20 voter applications were turned in under the names of dead people.

In Texas, authorities are investigatingcriminals who are using the technique of “vote harvesting” to illegally procure votes for their candidates. “Harvesting” is the practice of illegally obtaining the signatures of valid voters in order to vote in their name without their consent for the candidate(s) the criminal supports.

These are just some instances of voter fraud we know about. It would be silly to assume cases that have been discovered are the only cases of fraud. Indeed according to a Pew Research report from February 2012, one in eight voter registrations are “significantly inaccurate or no longer valid.” Since there are 146 million Americans registered to vote, this translates to a stunning 18 million invalid voter registrations on the books. Further, “More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters, and approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.” Numbers of this scale obviously provide ripe opportunity for fraud.

Don’t Let Data Contradict My Narrative

Yet in spite of all this, a report by the Brennan Center at New York Univeristy claims voter fraud is a myth. It argues that North Carolina, which passed comprehensive measures to prevent voter fraud, “failed to identify even a single individual who has ever been charged with committing in-person voter fraud in North Carolina.” However, this faulty reasoning does not point to the lack of in-person voter fraud, but rather to lack of enforcement mechanisms to identify and prosecute in-person voter fraud.

The science of criminal justice tells us that many crimes go unreported, and the more “victimless” the crime, the more this happens. The fact is, a person attempting to commit voter fraud is very unlikely to be caught, which increases the incentive to commit the crime.
. . ..
We have no reason to believe that the low number of prosecutions means only that exact amount of voter fraud is happening. Rather, it could mean a lack of enforcement is failing to reveal the bulk of the violations that are occurring. Thus, as with many types of crimes, especially victimless crimes, the real number of cases is likely significantly higher than the number reported.
. . .

What are some solutions to this problem? States like Michigan have Poll Challenger programs, where observers from both parties may be present at voter check-in tables at precincts. They check each voter’s ID against a database of registered voters for that precinct to ensure the person attempting to vote is actually legally qualified to vote in that precinct. If there’s a discrepancy, the poll challenger may officially challenge the ballot. Other states should implement similar programs.

States should sponsor initiatives to remove dead voters and correct the registrations of people registered in multiple states (make them choose just one state). Since many local jurisdictions are reluctant to clean their voter rolls, federal or state oversight with teeth may be necessary.
. . .
So let us not believe false claims that voter fraud doesn’t exist. It’s real, and we must work to stop it, while making sure those who are eligible to vote but without proper ID are accommodated fairly.

Read the entire article here.

If you are already signed up to work the polls, or act as an observer, etc., you’re doing your bit. What can others do at this late stage of the game? One thing is to spot check voter registrations in your own family. We know a lot of dead people are never purged from the rolls. So it occurs to me that the parent who died within the last several years might still be registered to vote. I can go to the BOE and check out that one in person; it probably helps if you have the photo ID, the death certificate, and (at least in my case) standing (power of attorney or documentation as executor). 

I can also check my own; I’ve been a registered voter my entire life, but for two recent elections, the signature facsimile in the sign-in book was not even close to my own signature. I wonder if that meant my details were also registered in another precinct. So I can check that as well.

Please add your suggestions in the comments.

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