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Friday, June 29, 2012


It’s not over till it’s over. The 5-4 SCOTUS decision upholding Obamacare is prompting a wide range of reactions. According to Dov Fischer at American Thinker:

There is now a formal United States Supreme Court opinion on the books, overdue by nearly a century, holding that the federal government may not wield the Commerce Clause to impose on American citizens the obligation to buy health insurance or anything else we do not want. . . .

What is the point here? If the “federal government may not wield the Commerce Clause to impose on American citizens the obligation to buy health insurance or anything else we do not want,” under this ruling, they may instead wield the authority of Congress to impose a tax to coerce Americans to buy things they don’t want.

It’s actually worse than that. Andy McCarthy makes the case that

the Supreme Court decided that Americans have no right to due process. Indeed, the Court not only upheld a fraud perpetrated on the public — it became a willing participant.

Chief Justice Roberts & Co. . . . said the American people are not entitled to an honest legislative process, one in which they can safely assume that when Congress intentionally uses words that have very different meanings and consequences — like tax and penalty — and when Congress adamantly insists that the foundation of legislation is one and not the other, the Court will honor, rather than rewrite, the legislative process. Meaning: if Congress was wrong, the resulting law will be struck down, and Congress will be told that, if it wants to pass the law, it has to do it honestly. . . .

Further, it shielded the political branches from accountability for raising taxes, knowing full well that, had Obama and the Democrats leveled with the public that ObamaCare entailed a huge tax hike, it would never have had the votes to pass. . . .

The ObamaCare mandate was enacted as a penalty flowing from Congress’s Commerce Clause power. It has been upheld as a tax flowing from Congress’s power to tax-and-spend under the General Welfare Clause. As the dissent sharply demonstrates, the contention that the mandate could have been enacted as a tax is frivolous.

State Governors, such as Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal (Louisiana) are already stepping up to the plate by refusing to to “establish a federally mandated health care exchange in his state.” So has Democrat Governor John Lynch (New Hampshire). Media Trackers reports that Gov. John Kasich has announced that Ohio will not “create a health insurance exchange” with the federal government. It's an opportunity to call Kasich's office with words of solid support. PH (614) 466-3555 or e-mail him here.

Fischer further commented on the potential political consequences of the SCOTUS ruling:

Congress has a massive new mess awaiting it, all as voters prepare to vote for a new Congress and for 33 Unite States Senate seats, 23 now held by Democrats and their two “independent” allies. House Republicans solidly will vote symbolically to overturn the legislative monstrosity, and they will find endangered House Democrats breaking ranks with their leadership to vote with them. Senate Democrats facing reelection will be caught in a vise. Harry Reid will be trying desperately to prevent a vote on ObamaCare repeal from reaching the Senate floor, even as national news coverage focuses on the two national parties’ conventions.

Politico reports that "House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Thursday that the Republican-led House will vote on repealing the health care law soon after the July 4 recess.It’s not too early to call the representatives from Ohio. Republican contact info is here.

Thursday, June 28, 2012




In a 5-4 decision today the United States Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) as constitutional. Chief Justice Roberts wrote the majority opinion, which upholds the individual mandate as a constitutional tax.

While Ohio citizens had gained protection from the federal healthcare mandate when the Ohio Healthcare Freedom bill was approved by voters last year, because of this ruling Ohio citizens and businesses are no longer protected and will continue to be adversely impacted by runaway spending in healthcare programs and policies already put in place by this administration.

While the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots could not disagree more with this ruling, as we respect the Rule of Law -- we will respect their ruling. But patriots can be assured the ruling does not bring the matter to a close.

Even though the SCOTUS ruling found Obamacare to be Constitutional, the ruling does not mean that Obamacare is good or fiscally sound legislation.

As we have since our first days in opposition to a government-run healthcare that will take away our freedom, strip us of our liberties, and further depress our already strained economy -- we remain steadfast and resolute in our calls for repealing Obamacare in its entirety and to defund any programs already in place.

And thanks to Mr. Instapundit for announcing today’s rally in downtown Cleveland!

Monday, June 25, 2012

HOLD HOLDER in Contempt for Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious:

Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force

HOLD HOLDER in Contempt!

Last week (June 20, 2012), Fox News reported that

President Obama has granted an 11th-hour request by Attorney General Eric Holder to exert executive privilege over Fast and Furious documents, a last-minute maneuver that appears unlikely to head off a contempt vote against Holder by Republicans in the House.

Over the weekend, former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy (who wrote the book on the jihad organization led by the “Blind Sheik” in the first WTC bombing) published an analysis of Fast and Furious that is devastating to the administration assertions of Executive Privilege, and to the continued stonewalling by Holder himself. Essentially, McCarthy sets forth the internal organizational structures in the DOJ and how cases are categorized and funded; he makes the case that Fast and Furious was categorized as an OCDETF, that is Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. OCDETF cases are, by definition, under the direct authority of “Main Justice,” the AG’s DC department. Extracts from this Must Read [my emphases]:

ATF and the U.S. attorney had to apply to Main Justice for OCDETF status. A case gets approval for funding — which can run well into the millions of dollars — only if senior Justice Department officials, after studying the formally submitted proposal, determine that the investigation has great promise.

The Obama Justice Department made exactly that determination. And this was no rubber stamp — it never is, given the number of agencies across the country competing over the OCDETF pot of gold. Chairman Issa’s most recent memo (dated May 3, 2012) explains that, to win its OCDETF designation, Fast and Furious was “reorganized as a Strike Force including agents from ATF, FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) component of the Department of Homeland Security.” Because of the investigation’s importance, a senior ATF agent (who later became a whistleblower) was transferred to Phoenix to help oversee the case.

…the defining features of OCDETF are investigative coordination under the Justice Department’s leadership and the liberal sharing of information across the department’s array of agencies. No OCDETF case is an outlier.

. . . in January 2010. It was then that the case became an OCDETF investigation. . . . It is a deliberate process. ATF and the U.S. attorney had to apply to Main Justice for OCDETF status. A case gets approval for funding — which can run well into the millions of dollars — only if senior Justice Department officials, after studying the formally submitted proposal, determine that the investigation has great promise.

The Obama Justice Department made exactly that determination. And this was no rubber stamp — it never is,

. . .

OCDETF cases get the attention of the Justice Department’s top hierarchy. What gets that level of attention gets the attorney general’s attention.

McCarthy cites chapter and verse, including memoranda that Darrell Issa has already received, not from Eric “Stonewall” Holder, but from whistle-blowers, that put the AG at the center of this deadly scandal.

Alert for this week: Call Rep. John Boehner to make sure he knows WE know about the OCDETF status of Fast and Furious. One American border patrol agent is dead, one ICE agent is dead, and hundreds of Mexican citizens are dead. And the House should vote to hold Eric Holder in contempt. For starters.

Rep. John Boehner:

  • Phone (202) 225-6205
  • Fax (202) 225-0704
  • Or go here for Twitter, Facebook and other social media links to his office

Friday, June 22, 2012

How Congress Wrecked America's Road System

At one time chairing the House Subcommittee that handled funding for transportation nationwide, former Congressman Ernest Istook, now a Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, shares what he learned and gets to the root of the problem with the roads and highways in our country....

From News Max --
Why are our roads so congested?

It’s because of a wreck. By spending fuel tax money on things other than roads, Washington has wrecked the way we pay for highways. With dedicated revenue now drained away, roads are clogged due to wasteful practices by government.

Congested roads hurt our entire economy by slowing people and goods from getting where they need to go. 

This creates new forms of road rage. Contractors, state and local governments are angry because new transportation plans were due from Congress over 30 months ago. October of 2009 was the deadline to renew the legislation that governs roads, highways, rail and mass transit. The latest extension (#9) runs out on June 30.

Lawmakers are stalemated. This became inevitable years ago when Congress violated the trust of drivers who pay fuel taxes. What began in 1983 as a trickle of diversion is now a flood. Over a third of gas tax money is siphoned off for the insatiable appetites of those who want free or subsidized travel.

As noted by The Heritage Foundation’s Ron Utt: “only about 65 percent of federal surface transportation spending is used to support general-purpose roads, while the remaining 35 percent is diverted to high-cost, underutilized programs like trolley cars, transit, covered bridges, hiking trails, earmarks, administrative overhead, streetscapes, flower planting, hiking and bicycle paths, museums, ‘transportation enhancements,’ tourist attractions, and archaeology.”

One alternative that’s gathering support is to give fuel tax dollars back to the states so they can allocate the money. States might also politicize how it’s spent, but they can’t do worse than Washington has.

Our once-viable Highway Trust Fund is effectively broke while roads remain crammed, in disrepair, or both. Any talk of raising fuel taxes is beaten down by consumers. Drivers will pay higher prices if they must; but they rebel at higher gasoline taxes because they know the system misuses that money.

With trust funds almost empty, most Senators and Democrats are ready to break the logjam by borrowing billions so they can continue to shove money out the door in the same old manner. But a phalanx of House Republicans stands in the way. They insist on at least partial reforms before a new transportation bill is passed — reforms that won’t fix all the problems but at least will address some of the waste.

Here’s how bad the drainage of the trust fund has gotten:

The U.S. Department of Transportation for years tracked federal subsidies to different forms of travel. Recognizing that different vehicles carry different numbers of people, and for trips of differing lengths, USDOT measured the subsidies per passenger per each 1,000 miles travelled. The results: 

  • Highway users paid $1.91 per thousand passenger-miles.

  • “Passenger rail received . . . $186.35 per thousand passenger-miles.

  • “[Mass] transit received $118.26 [per thousand passenger-miles].”
The abuse became so embarrassing that the Transportation Department quit calculating the subsidies a few years ago. And Amtrak has stopped filing its monthly disclosures of per passenger subsidies on each train route. (They claim it’s caused by a “financial system conversion” that curiously has taken a year so far.)

The diversion of fuel taxes into non-road projects destroyed public confidence and public support for transportation taxes. The move away from the principle of “user pays” began in 1983 with applying some of the fuel tax dollars toward public transit. That trickle has become a flood of projects and non-drivers who ride at the expense of road users. That’s why transit fares are so cheap. Fares paid by transit users typically are less than half of a system’s operating costs and zero of its construction and capital costs.

Transit advocates deceptively claim they reduce congestion by not driving. They never mention that they enjoy subsidized rides even while they take away the money that could have improved the roads and eased the flow of traffic.

The diversion did more than create our backlog of needed highway projects. It also destroyed possible public support for raising fuel taxes — because people know the money would go into a tank that is riddled with holes.

Some of those leaks are the waste: Ever-rising construction costs are worsened by red tape such as environmental regulations, “prevailing wage” laws, union-protecting “project labor agreements” and the like.

When the governing principle of “user pays” is removed, our transportation system stalls and breaks down. Congress is mired in a political dogfight because too many want to receive while somebody else pays. It’s a prime example of what happens if we follow the credo of the Occupy movement.

So when you’re stuck in traffic, remember that somebody has been hurt in a wreck. That somebody is you, the driver who carries the load for everyone else.

Former Congressman Ernest Istook chaired the House subcommittee that handled funding for transportation nationwide. Now a distinguished fellow at The Heritage Foundation, he will host the “Istook Live!” daily talk radio show that will soon launch in syndication.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tea Party Patriots: U.S. Supreme Court Obamacare Decision Tele-Town Hall

From the Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

The timing of the Supreme Court’s decision is subject to lots of rumor and speculations, but a look at what the cases the Court has yet to rule on and its past behavior might help give some indication of when we can expect the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare.

The Court is currently reviewing several other cases. Because The Court could decide to announce some decisions together, it will probably provide 12 separate rulings outside of the Obamacare case. As the Supreme Court Justices wind down this session, the Court may take their time and hand out their opinions separately over the course of days or weeks or choose to hand out several cases on a single day.

Many reliable sources speculate that the earliest the Court will announce its decision on Obamacare would be Monday, June 25th.

This could be one of the biggest rulings of this century and we want to bring you as much information as quickly as we can surrounding the ruling.

Within 2 days of the ruling we will be hosting a Tele Town Hall with some very special guests. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congressman Steve King, Senator Rand Paul and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will all be joining us on the call to give you their take on what the Supreme Court decides. 


The date will be determined when the Supreme Court releases its decision and will either be the night of the ruling or the night following the ruling, but the call will be at 8pm EDT. We'd love to have you join the call!

We will send an email as soon as we have set the date and the great thing is that once you sign up with your phone number, we will automatically call you to conference you into the call the night of the call.

We look forward to you joining us for this exciting event and yet another stop on the Road to Repeal!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Alabama to UN Agenda 21: Drop Dead!

Agenda 21 has been gradually getting some attention in Ohio, in part because its tentacles are already being felt in our state (and promoted by, e.g., Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium). Marianne has posted quite a bit on the Mansfield Tea Party page here. Earlier this month, Investors Business Daily reported the good news that :

Alabama Bans U.N. Agenda 21 Sovereignty Surrender

Property Rights: Few have heard of Agenda 21, the U.N. plan for sustainable development that tosses property rights aside. But Alabama has, and it recently secured a victory as important as that over union power in Wisconsin.

After Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's stunning triumph over the excesses and abuses of public-sector unions, the London Telegraph's James Delingpole, an indefatigable opponent of global warming fraud, opined in a piece titled, "How Wisconsin And Alabama Helped Save The World," that we should take note of "an equally important but perhaps less well-publicized victory won in the Alabama House and Senate over the U.N.'s malign and insidious Agenda 21."

Agenda 21 is one of those compacts, like Law of the Sea, Kyoto and New START, that are supported by an apologetic administration with a fondness for the redistribution of American power and wealth on a local and global scale.

It fits in perfectly with President Obama's pledge to "fundamentally transform" America, its institutions and its heritage of capitalist freedom.

Agenda 21 has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate, but it may not have to be if in a second Obama term the Environmental Protection Agency pursues it by stealth, as it has other environmental agendas that make war on the free enterprise system and rights we hold dear.

One of those is property rights. "Land ... cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market," Agenda 21 says.

"Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes."

Not liking the sound of that, Alabama recently passed Senate Bill 477 unanimously in both of its houses. The legislation bars the taking of private property in Alabama without due process and says that "Alabama and all political subdivisions may not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in or traceable to Agenda 21."

Agenda 21 is intended to foster what environmentalists call "sustainable development" in the belief that man since the Industrial Revolution has been a plague on the planet, plundering its resources while destroying nature and putting the world at risk of disastrous climate change, poverty and disease.

At the end of March, EPA administrator Lisa Jackson jetted off to Paris' ministerial meeting of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, as the press release put it, "to discuss the agency's international efforts on urban sustainability."

Excuse us, but "urban sustainability" at the behest of global organizations is not what the EPA was created to do.

Jackson will represent the U.S. at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, which will be held June 20-22 in Rio de Janeiro.

"Specifically, in a transition to a green economy, public policies will need to be used strategically to reorient consumption, investments and other economic activities," a U.N. document describing the conference explains.

The EPA's war on coal, its regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant and its regulatory abuses including the use of drones to spy on American farmers are key parts of this international agenda that Jackson says "is the rarest of opportunities to truly change the world. ... It means working together to strengthen the effectiveness of environmental governance."

We don't need "environmental governance," just a governance of, by and for the people of the United States.

Nor do we need to "reorient" our consumption and economic activities.

Alabama has just told the U.N. and the EPA what they need to be told — don't tread on us.

Full text of the bill is here (and it’s only 3 pages double-spaced). Key paragraphs:

The State of Alabama and all political subdivisions may not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in, or traceable to "Agenda 21," adopted by the United Nations in 1992 at its Conference on Environment and Development or any other international law or ancillary plan of action that contravenes the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of Alabama.

Since the United Nations has accredited and enlisted numerous non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations to assist in the implementation of its policies relative to Agenda 21 around the world, the State of Alabama and all political subdivisions may not enter into any agreement, expend any sum of money, or receive funds contracting services, or giving financial aid to or from those non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations as defined in Agenda 21.

The bill went from first reading to signed legislation in about 6 weeks (April 5 to May 16).

Ohio need to tear a page from Alabama’s playbook on this one.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

We Are Not Fooled By Fairy Tales on Failed Policies


June 14, 2012
Contact: Diana Price

We Are Not Fooled By Fairy Tales on Failed Policies

Cleveland, OH -  While making a campaign stop for his reelection bid, President Obama visited our great city today to tout the perceived accomplishments of his Administration over the past 4 years.
“That President Obama would come to Cleveland, the 7th most financially distressed city in the U.S., and attempt to spin gold from his 4 years of failed policies into a fairy-tale like story of imaginary accomplishments while he has occupied the White House is beyond belief,” stated Cleveland Tea Party Patriots Co-Coordinator Ralph King.
Obama’s EPA regulations have already forced four FirstEnergy Corp. coal-burning power plants to close in Ohio alone. The Ohio Public Utilities Commission told the Associated Press that closing these power plants, “could have a dramatic impact on electric prices” in most of northern Ohio, which produces 47% of our nations electric supply, and beyond.  
“While President Obama claims to be for the working man, his failed policies put thousands of area car dealerships out of business and many more people out of work,” said King. “And, it is only because of President Obama’s heavy-handed support of the EPA and his Administration’s ‘War on Coal’ that residents in this region will soon be faced with skyrocketing electric bills and a 300% increase in sewer rates from $3 billion in EPA mandated upgrades – further crippling an already financially distressed region and the ‘working man’ he claims to be helping.”
Ohio is an important swing State in the coming election and the President has another major problem to overcome. The people in Ohio roundly rejected his prized “Obamacare” last year when they passed an Amendment to the Ohio Constitution blocking the “Obamacare” mandates now under deliberation by the U.S. Supreme Court.
“The Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment was a complete embarrassment for the Obama Administration and a rebuke of his policies with all 88 Ohio Counties voting for the Amendment in a mandate like fashion – even in the Democrat strongholds of the state. So who is he trying to fool?” asked Marianne Gasiecki Tea Party Patriots State Co-coordinator.
The Cleveland Tea Party Patriots are a member group of the Tea Party Patriots (www.teapartypatriots.org) the largest grassroots Tea Party organization with over 3,300 groups across the United States.
- ## -

Tea Party Patriots "greet" Pres. Obama at Tri-C Metro

President Obama made a campaign stop in Cleveland today (Thursday, 14 June 2012). He spoke nearly an hour to enthusiastic supporters at the Tri-C Metro campus. Approximately 50 patriots turned up at Tri-C Metro today to register their opposition to Mr. Obama’s policies that have destroyed jobs, and have adversely affected the economy, energy (especially Ohio coal), and healthcare. Tea Party Patriots were standing with Romney supporters, despite the different messages: Tea Party Patriots were there to express opposition to President Obama’s policies; Romney supporters were there to advocate Romney’s candidacy.

Among the media that either photographed and/or interviewed participants were The Plain Dealer (scroll down) - see also here (crowd underestimated), WKYC-TV Ch. 3, WEWS-TV Ch. 5, and a reporter from the AP. Check back for updated links.

UPDATE: Big Government reports that even a liberal "like Jonathan Alter had to admit that [Obama's speech] was, overall, a dramatic failure". Quoted at The Daily Caller:

“I thought this honestly was one of the least successful speeches I’ve seen Barack Obama give in several years,” Alter said. “It was long-winded. He had a good argument to make. And at the beginning of the speech he seemed to be making it in a fairly compelling way but then he lost the thread and the speech was way too long and I think he lost his audience by the end.”

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Action Alert: Stop the War on Coal

Earlier this week we posted on how Region 1 EPA Administrator Curt Spalding stated how they feel "Coal Communities should just go away."

The EPA led "War on Coal" being launched by the Obama Administration and supported by Senator Sherrod "Sluggo" Brown (D-OH) will soon cause electricity rates in the N/E Ohio areas to soar due to four power plants in this region being shut down over the new "air cleaner than God ever intended" restrictions on coal plants.

What is happening here in this area is only a small snapshot of what would happen on a larger scale should President Obama, Senator Sluggo and the EPA be successful in their War on Coal.

Below is info on how you can help stop President Obama's out of control EPA and their War on Coal....

From Tea Party Patriots --  

Stop the War on Coal by INSISTING on a YES vote from your Senators on Senate Joint Resolution 37 (S. J. Res. 37), the Inhofe Resolution.

PASSION: This week’s Passion to Action focuses on our efforts to stop another push to increase your utility bills. If you remember, the President warned us that under his Cap and Trade plan, electricity rates would “necessarily skyrocket,” as coal plants would have to be retrofitted and the costs passed on to consumers.

We need to let our Senators know that we disagree. Coal is a plentiful, useful and safe source of electrical power. Many people and many small business “job creators” are dependent on coal to provide consistent low cost energy. At a time when the economy is struggling, this is one of Mr. Obama’s worst ideas. Click here to learn more.

BACKGROUND: Democrats have owned the “global warming will kill us” issue for several decades, but some Republicans , like Senator John McCain, author of the Lieberman-McCain Climate Stewardship Act of 2003, and former congressman Bob Inglis helped to make it a bipartisan issue beginning in 2003. Bob Inglis lost his seat in 2010 and John McCain nearly did as well. In fact, when you look at the voting records of incumbents who were replaced in that election, you might say that the 2010 mid-term elections were a referendum on “Cap and Trade”. It lost, and when it did, President Obama said, ““Cap and trade was just one way of skinning the cat; it was not the only way. It was a means, not an end.” For source, click here.

Instead of Cap and Trade, the Obama Administration has been attempting to reinterpret old laws like the 1970 Clean Air Act to turn them into global warming laws. Their latest regulation is called the Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology (UMACT) rule (aka MACT, aka “Mercury and Air Toxics Standards” and/or “MATS”). Implementing Utility MACT will raise the cost of coal generated electricity an average of 20% nationally. Unfortunately, there are no environmental benefits associated with the program, but there is a benefit for the President; he gets to keep his word to the Environmental Left to make coal so expensive that alternative energy sources might compete with it. Does this look like a political pay-off to supporters and cronies? It might to someone suspicious of government, someone like you and me. So here’s what we are going to do:


 Call your Senators TODAY and ask them to vote for S.J. Res. 37, the Inhofe Resolution to overturn Utility MACT. The vote is expected next week. Here are some talking points: This one rule will increase electricity prices 10 to 20 percent nationally.

1. Increasing utility costs on small businesses that could be creating jobs in this weak economy is irresponsible.

2. What this country needs is more freedom for energy producers and fewer, but smarter regulations. CLICK HERE for more detailed information.

3. Inhofe’s resolution will overturn one of the EPA’s most expensive regulations, the Utility MACT. CLICK HERE for more detailed information.

4. Contact Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) and tell them to support S.J. Res. 37, the Inhofe Resolution.

Senator Sherrod Brown

Email: http://brown.senate.gov/contact/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/sensherrodbrown

Cleveland Office PH: (216) 522-7272
Cleveland Office Fax: (216) 522-2239
D.C. Office PH: (202) 224-2315
D.C. Office Fax: (202)228-6321

Senator Rob Portman

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/robportman
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/robportman
Email: http://portman.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact-form

D.C. Office Ph#: (202)224-3353
Cleveland Office Ph#: (216)522-7095
Cincinnati Office Ph#: (513)684-3265
Toledo Office Ph#: (419)259-3895
Columbus Office Ph#: (614)469-6774 / 1-800-205-6446 (OHIO)

President Obama's "United States of Indentured Servants"

Consistent with President Obama's campaign promise to "fundamentally transform the United States", a new CBO report shows at our current pace we will become the "United States of Indentured Servants" by 2037....

From the Weekly Standard -- (Emphasis Added)
A new chart produced by the Republican staff of the Senate Budget Committee shows that, according to Congressional Budget Office data released yesterday, debt per American is "on track to triple in a generation":

CBO Data: U.S. Per Person Debt On Track To Triple In A Generation

Currently, as the chart shows, debt per American is at (or around) $50,000. Just four years ago, in 2008, the year President Obama was first elected, debt per person was at $35,000.

In 2037, if things stay relatively the same, debt per American will be at $147,000.

In that year, according to Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee, "the federal government will spend $2.7 trillion per year in interest payments alone, representing more than a quarter of our entire budget that year and greater than the total federal budget in 2003."

Per American family, on average, debt will stand at $382,000 in 2037, only 25 years from now. That figure constitutes an increase of $287,000 per family.

The CBO's numbers were released yesterday as part of its "long-term outlook." The non-partisan governmental organization warns, "waiting to address the long-term budgetary imbalance and allowing debt to mount in the meantime would be detrimental to future generations."

With President Obama and the Democrats known "War on Children" they do not view the growing debt a a detriment to future generations - they look at it as just another insurance policy of owning or controlling your children and/or grandchildren!

Marine Week in Cleveland June 11-17

Marine Week in Cleveland starts tomorrow and continues through next weekend:

Displays at Public Square, Gateway Plaza, Voinovich Park and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; Quantico Marine Band performances; ceremonies, and more. All the details are here.

Events are FREE and open to the public. Marine Corps. helicopters are already turning up over Cleveland today (Sunday, June 10).

Thursday, June 7, 2012

OHIO COAL : More Insanity from the EPA

Targets in the EPA's cross-hairs: the eggs industry, our Way of Life Act, and now the coal industry. 

From Ohio Coal Assoc.:

MEDIA STATEMENT: Ohio Coal President Mike Carey
‘EPA Administrator: Obama Coal Rules will Kill Industry’

Columbus, Ohio (June 5, 2012) – In video footage released by Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe yesterday evening, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Curt Spalding said the Obama administrations air regulations will kill the coal industry.

“This video is powerful. It explicitly shows the level of understanding of senior EPA officials that President Obama is trying to vanquish an entire industry,” said Ohio Coal Association President Mike Carey.
The footage was filmed at Yale University at “Beyond Pesticides’ 30th National Pesticide Forum” held March 30-31, 2012.

Mr. Spalding, a Region 1 EPA Administrator said:

“Lisa Jackson has put forth a very powerful message to the country. Just two days ago, the decision on greenhouse gas performance standard and saying basically gas plants are the performance standard which means if you want to build a coal plant you got a big problem. That was a huge decision.”

“You can’t imagine how tough that was,” Spalding continued. “Because you got to remember if you go to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and all those places, you have coal communities who depend on coal. And to say that we just think those communities should just go away, we can’t do that. But she had to do what the law and policy suggested. And it’s painful. It’s painful every step of the way.”

Watch the video here.

“Coal provides nearly 86 percent of our electricity in Ohio with reserves lasting an estimated 250 years. Destroying our industry, as planned by President Obama, would decimate Ohio because our economy relies on an affordable and abundant supply of electricity to power economic sectors like manufacturing,” said Carey.

The Obama administration’s new air standards would prematurely force the retirement of more than 140 coal-fired electricity generating units from 19 states by 2015. Senator Inhofe is sponsoring a resolution (S.J. Resolution 37) that would disprove EPA’s new standards.


Mike Carey is available for media interviews by request. Please contact Mike Carey directly if you would like to schedule an interview: 614-228-6336 / Media Contact: Matthew Henderson / Cell: 614-499-6602

Obama's Economic Recovery = Extraordinary (Failure)

From RSC Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-4) --
The jobs numbers that came out on Friday brought grim news. Last month’s increase of 69,000 jobs is far behind the pace needed even to keep up with population growth. Yet President Obama recently claimed at a campaign fundraiser that our economic “recovery” has been “extraordinary.” Unfortunately, the facts show otherwise.

In the chart below, the red line traces the rate of job growth from Feb. 2010, when the total number of jobs in America hit bottom. Compare that record to the brown line, which shows the average rate of job growth from the bottom of the previous 10 recessions. Based on this data, 4.3 million more Americans would have jobs today if only our economy had recovered at an average rate. Our kids deserve better than this.

When it comes to growing our economy, we shouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than extraordinary. Getting there will require us to make the right choice between a weak economy built on government subsidies and a strong one built on hard work and earned success. The president’s ideas aren’t working. Let’s try something that will.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Way to Go Wisconsin!

From Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder and National Coordinator on the outstanding job by the grassroots Tea Party groups in Wisconsin....

From Brietbart --

The Wisconsin recall election was a local microcosm for a national debate between two competing visions for America – a debate that will be settled, one way or the other, on November 6th, 2012.

 On one side of the debate are power-hungry big government overspenders who waste taxpayer dollars on their insider pals and on their half-baked schemes to control our lives.

On the other side of the debate are We the People -- people who want to keep more of their hard-earned money, and want power-hungry politicians kept in check by the checks and balances built by our nation’s founders.

Tea Party Patriots who held up protest signs a few years ago are now willing to take time out of their lives to fight the battles that must be fought – on the ground, door to door – to save the country. We might not have as much money as our opponents, but we make up for it in passion, dedication, and sheer numbers of ground troops.

In the Wisconsin recall election, we put out the call to Patriots across America: anyone with the time and the passion to step up and save Wisconsin and save the country – by knocking on doors, stuffing envelopes or making phone calls – we would help them step up.

From as far away as Seattle and Texas, from age 16 all the way up to age 80, Tea Party Patriots answered the call. Together in Wisconsin, we knocked on 15,000 doors, made 37,000 phone calls, and distributed nearly 150,000 pieces of literature.

And we won. We beat the well-funded special interests and big government overspenders.

 Wisconsin was another Tea Party Patriots victory. Just like Massachusetts in 2010. Just like Indiana last month. And just like the massive 2010 midterm victories now dubbed “the Tea Party midterms.” 

But all of that was just a warm-up for the November 2012 elections.    

While we have been racking up victories for America, we have been strengthening ourselves for the battles ahead. 

As an organization, we have focused intently on training, educating, and preparing our troops for victory. Across America, Tea Party Patriots Local Coordinators are now trained, ready, and building their teams for November. Every time the media counts us out, we count more and more people coming through our doors – patriotic Americans who want to save the country and don’t take kindly to being told that they’re irrelevant or don’t exist.

We are mothers, grandmothers, fathers, and sons. We are soldiers, veterans, seniors, and students. We have 15 million supporters nationwide and more than 3,400 locally organized chapters. We are organized, we are trained, and we are ready to win in November.

And we will win on principle. The Tea Party Patriots’ three core principles are Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets. When we stick to our core principles, we rack up electoral victories for America. Our core principles are America’s core principles. They remain the same from election to election. While others focus on personal attacks, we focus on principles. People listen to our motives and vision. And, judging by our growing numbers – and our growing number of victories – our principles are resonating with the American people.

In the weeks and months to come, the Tea Party Patriots will continue to reach out to our fellow Americans and share our core principles and show why they are important to America’s future success. We will continue to take time away from our home lives to do the work that must be done to secure a better future for all Americans. And we will continue to campaign on our core values and our vision for America, which is the same vision held by the first tea partiers in Boston Harbor and the same vision written into our Declaration of Independence and Constitution by America’s founders.

But our job will not be complete in November 2012, just like our work was not complete after the “Tea Party midterm” victories of 2010. We will not rest on November 7th or any day thereafter. Elected officials are human beings and human beings are frail. We will immediately – and repeatedly – remind the human beings we helped elect why they were elected in the first place. 

Starting on November 7, and continuing through 2013 and for as long as it takes, we will keep up the pressure until the “government of the people, by the people, for the people” does the job that We the People sent them to do: fully repeal Obamacare, balance the federal budget in 5 years or less without raising taxes, and eliminate crony capitalism and corruption to allow competitive free markets to create a real and lasting economic recovery.

The Tea Party Patriots helped save Wisconsin.  Now it’s time to save America.

Visit www.TeaPartyPatriots.org to get involved.