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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The 10th Annual "Support Our Troops" Luncheon (Cleveland)


 “A Celebration of Patriotism and Bravery to Honor Our Military Personnel”

Thursday, September 8, 2011 ~ Windows on the River
2000 Sycamore, Cleveland, Ohio, 44113
Doors open 11:00 a.m. Luncheon At Noon ~ Silent Auction ~ Cost: $35.00 per person *
  • Keynote Speaker:  David Beamer, Father of Todd “Let’s Roll” Beamer, one of the heroes of Flight 93, United Airline’s flight that was hijacked by four al-Qaeda terrorists on Sept. 11th.  Mr. Beamer will talk about his son, Todd, and the permanent memorial planned for construction where Flight 93 eventually crashed. Todd Beamer’s last audible words were, “Are you guys ready?  Let’s roll” which would later become the war cry for those fighting al Qaeda in Afghanistan.
  • With Special Guests:  Bob Hope, nephew of the legendary Bob Hope, speaking about the renovations taking place at the Bob Hope USO Lounge at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, one of only two in the country with permission to use the Hope name.
Well-known Cleveland News Anchor, Tom Sweeney, who will speak to us about the new Greater Cleveland Fisher House, a place where the families of wounded, rehabilitating and stricken soldiers, sailors, marines, aviators and coast guardsmen will have the opportunity to support and be with their veterans as they undergo treatment and healing.

For Information, or to be a sponsor contact:
 Lucy Stickan, 440-759-2551, lucygop@aol.com -Sally Florkiewicz, 440-247-6945- sallysofchagrin@msn.com , or Steven Backiel, 216-621-5417, SBackiel@cuyahogacountygop.com

­­­­­­­ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Please reserve _____ seats @$35.00 per person.  Enclosed find my check for $______­­­__.
I would like ____ vegetarian plate(s) instead of the chicken entree.
I cannot attend but would like to make a donation $__________

Name: ______________________________________________________

Contact Information: ____________________________________________

Mail Checks (Payable to Support Our Troops) & Reservation Form to:
 Support Our Troops, 1500 West 3rd Street, Suite 120, Cleveland, Ohio   44113

Bill to Require Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients in Ohio

State Senator Tim Grendell (District 18) will be introducing a bill that will make it a requirement for people receiving state assistance to submit to drug testing.

You can expect the usual howling from the left about how this bill is racist, will harm the poor, and of course -- will hurt the children.

From the News-Herald --
State Sen. Tim Grendell announced Thursday that he intends to introduce a bill that would require any Ohioan receiving state assistance to submit to a drug test.

“Hard working taxpayers of the State of Ohio should not have to pay for the drug habits of illegal drug users,” Grendell said. “This assistance from the state is for those who need these funds for food and shelter, not illegal drugs.”

Under the potential legislation, state welfare and unemployment applicants would pay for their own testing. People who pass the drug test would then be reimbursed.

Applicants who fail the test would be required to enter into a drug treatment program approved by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services.

As long as the program is fully complied with, the applicant would continue to receive his or her benefits.

Noncompliance would result in the person’s benefits being revoked immediately. The applicant could not reapply for benefits for six months from the time they are revoked.

Anyone who fails a second drug test would be banned from receiving their funds for three years.

Children of applicants who fail a drug test would still be able to receive their benefits.

The parents could name a state-approved person to receive and administer cash benefits on behalf of the children. That designated person must also pass a drug test.
Dismissing the expected howls from the left, the proposed bill is not racist as it requires drug testing for ALL recipients of State Assistance, allows those that qualify (the poor) to continue receiving State Assistance as long as they are not drug users, and has provisions safe guarding support for children of drug users.

One would think with Ohio trying to save every penny we can and trying to cut future costs this bill should fly through the Republican led Ohio Senate. Sorry to say that is not the case, and we will have to fight to get this bill passed out of the Ohio Senate.

Under the leadership of former OH Senate President Bill Harris and current OH Senate President, State Senator Tom Niehaus, (both Republicans) it should come as no surprise that several versions of this type of Bill have either died or are sitting stagnant in Committee. 

Last year, an alternate version of this Bill died in the GOP-led Senate Finance Committee. Currently, SB 69 as introduced in February of 2011 by State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster) and co-sponsored by State Senatot Gayle Manning (R-North Ridgeville), is sitting stagnant in the Ohio Senate Health, Human Services & Aging Committee and has yet to even have one Committee hearing.

So as you can see, even though Ohio's State Senate is GOP-led this year - as it was last year - there is no guarantee the new version of this bill will make it out of  the OH Senate. 

Please contact your State Senator and urge them to support Senator Grendell's Mandatory Drug Testing for Ohio residents receiving state assistance bill.

Ohio Senate Leadership


State Senator Tom Niehaus
Phone: (614) 466-8082
Email: SD14@senate.state.oh.us

President Pro Tempore

State Senator Kieth Faber
Phone: (614) 466-7584
Email: SD12@senate.state.oh.us

Majority Whip

State Senator Shannon Jones
Phone: (614) 466-9737
Email: SD07@senate.state.oh.us

State Senators from the Cuyahoga County area --

Senator Shirley Smith / District 21
Assistant Minority Leader (D)
Phone: (614) 466-4857
Email: SD21@maild.sen.state.oh.us

Senator Michael Skindell / District 23
Phone: (614) 466-5123
Email: SD23@maild.sen.state.oh.us

Senator Tom Patton / District 24
Phone: (614) 466-8056
Email: SD24@senate.state.oh.us

Senator Nina Turner / District 25
Phone: (614) 466-4583
Email: SD25@maild.sen.state.oh.us

For contact information for OH Senators outside Cuyahoga County, please click here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Black Tea Party Leader Demands Apology From Maxine Waters

From the South Central L.A. Tea Party --

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!!!                                                          
August 23, 2011                                                                                   Contact: (323) 556-2623

Black Tea Party Leader Demands Apology From Maxine Waters

LOS ANGELES— South Central L.A. Tea Party Founder and President, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is demanding an apology from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), for her remarks that the “tea party can go straight to hell.” Rep. Waters made her comments last Saturday at a forum in Inglewood, Calif., while vowing to push Congress to focus on creating more jobs. “I’m not afraid of anybody,” said Waters. “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned the ‘tea party’ can go straight to hell.” According to reports, Waters comments were met with cheers from the audience, which included SEIU members. Newly released figures indicate that California’s unemployment rate last month went up to 12%, from 11.8%. California now has second-highest rate of unemployment in the nation, trailing only Nevada at 12.9 %.

“Scapegoating the tea party for the wasteful liberal social policies which are destroying the U.S. economy is wicked and irresponsible,” said Rev. Peterson. “On behalf of millions of patriotic Americans we demand that Waters apologize! The tea party is the solution, not the problem. I’m sure Maxine Waters would like her attacks on the tea party to distract from her failures and serious ethics issues.”

The House ethics committee is investigating Congresswoman Waters for allegations that she improperly tried to obtain a federal bailout for a bank where her husband owns stock. Last week, the committee announced that it has named Washington Lawyer Billy Martin as an outside counsel to investigate the embattled California lawmaker. Waters, a senior member of the Financial Services Committee, has denied wrongdoing.

Rev. Peterson said, “Maxine Waters helped cripple the U.S. economy by pushing home loans to people who couldn’t afford them.” He added, “Waters rant damning the tea party is an attempt to fire up her base and shore up support since the committee will not dismiss her case.”

The South Central L.A. Tea Party (SCLATP) motto is “Power to the People!” It is open to patriotic American men and women of all races. SCLATP was formed in 2011by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who is the Founder and President of BOND Action, a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit organization dedicated to “educating, motivating, and rallying Americans to greater involvement in the moral, cultural and political issues that threaten our great country." The SCLATP recently held a successful rally to expose NAACP lies about the Tea Party, click here to watch report. For information visit www.bondaction.org


BREAKING: Tea Party Terrorist's Exposed!

We have finally been exposed....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Should we be Wary of Rick Perry?

From Liberty Laura --

Would you support a Presidential candidate who.....

  1. As a Democrat State Representative supported Al Gore for president and served as Gore’s campaign state chairman in 1988?

  1. Was publicly thanked by Mexican President Vicente Fox, on November 6, 2003, for offering in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants?

  1. Issued an executive order in 2007 that would have forced almost every single girl in his state to receive the Gardasil vaccine before entering the sixth grade?

  1. Spearheaded the effort to lease roads in Texas to foreign companies, to turn roads that are already free to drive on into toll roads, and to develop the Trans-Texas Corridor which would be part of the planned  NAFTA superhighway system often argued to be necessary infrastructure for regional government under Council on Foreign Relations plans for a North American Community and the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America (Agenda 21 anybody)?

  1. Attended the Bilderberg meeting in 2007 (the secretive fascist New World Order organization) in direct violation of the Logan Act.  Associating himself with that organization should be a red flag for all American voters.

  1. Privatized TxU (Texas Utilities), handing it off to global investment firms and private control who are heavily involved in the Bilderberg group? The $45 billion TxU buyout involves at least three firms represented annually at Bilderberg - Goldman Sachs, Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co., and Credit Suisse First Boston.

  1. Launched in 2003 the Texas Enterprise Fund and in 2004 gave $20 million to Countrywide Financial, the mortgage creating machine that was a major player in the sub-prime crisis, that promised to create 7,500 new jobs in the state by 2010? In 2007, while slashing jobs and with its stock price plummeting, Countrywide was acquired in a fire sale by Bank of America.

  1. Massively increased the size of government spending and government debt in Texas? From 2001 to 2010, state debt alone grew from $13.4 billion to $37.8 billion, according to the Texas Bond Review Board. That’s an increase of 281%.”
Rick Perry is slick and handsome and will woo the ladies with a good tough Texas speech, but when Americans all over the country take a hard look at his record, they may not like what they see. Rick Perry is a globalist who has raised taxes and fees numerous times, doubling the size of the Texas budget.

Do we want to double the size of the Federal budget?

Right now, Rick Perry is trying to portray himself as the savior of the Republican Party by reluctantly riding in on his white horse after pledging he would not run for President as recently as 2010. He launched his deception with a fraudulent prayer rally in Houston that was a media staged event to make him look like some big religious warrior ready to battle the evil forces of Washington in the middle of a debt crisis neither side was winning.

Please, do not be fooled. It is all a hyped-up, media frenzy staged to make all the other Republican candidates look weak and pathetic. Please ask yourself, do you want another media hand-picked-especially-for-you Republican candidate like McCain or do you want to choose the candidate yourself?

Do not let the media choose for you, not even FOX News or Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck. You have the power to choose beyond what the media wants you to choose because as the polls show, any generic Republican candidate will handily beat Obama in 2012. It does not have to be Perry.

Please do your research and choose wisely.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama Backdoor's U.S. with Backdoor Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

With records of Americans out of work under his watch and with our country on the verge of fiscal collapse burdened under the weight of an ever growing list of government entitlements and out of control spending in D.C., President Obama again works against the best interest of our country.

Believing he is above the law and that the U.S. Constitution is best used as a place mat for one of his White House shindigs, President Magic Man waved his wand and granted amnesty to over 300, 000 illegal immigrants.  These illegal immigrants will immediately be able to now "legally" seek work, get drivers licenses and obtain a social security number....
The White House is introducing a new provision under the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act that could cancel deportation and authorize employment to 300,000 immigrants currently facing deportation proceedings.

DREAM, which is on a situational basis, applies to undocumented immigrants who do not have criminal records or pose a security risk to the United States, says U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. According to Carlos M. Colombo, an immigration lawyer at Colombo, Hurd & Brandt, PL, many undocumented immigrants, including illegal aliens, could qualify.

These individuals may be immediately eligible to apply for work authorization that would permit them to work, obtain driver’s licenses and social security cards. Qualifications on who may qualify are detailed in Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement John Morton’s memorandum of June 17, 2011.
In short, this means these newly allowed illegal immigrants will compete with out of work Americans for any job openings. By being able to obtain a drivers license and SSN, it will make it much easier for these illegal immigrants to now illegally vote in elections. Especially here in Ohio where Ohio Secretary of State John Husted has made it much easier for illegal immigrants to vote in elections.

Equally disturbing and troubling is, as stated above, with our country in the verge of fiscal collapse from the ever growing entitlement and social programs, these illegal immigrants will now cause a greater fiscal burden for Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, etc....

During the debt ceiling fight the Tea Party Patriots were the only group that refused to accept any trade offs for raising the debt ceiling and above is one of the reasons why.  By freeing up funds to be spent on old debt, it would allow the administration to spend money on new debt and further fund entitlement programs that will be used to buy votes. Just as he is doing here.

While some in the Tea Party movement may irresponsibly equate illegal immigrants to the same as running a red light, you can be sure the cost of President Obama's backdoor amnesty will far exceed the cost of a red light ticket.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tea Party Patriots tell Congress - "Get Back to Work!"

While the stock markets and 401K's tumbles like President Obama and Congress in the polls, our elected elite have decided to go on VACATION.

Now, instead of putting politics in place of good policy and failing to protect our countrys credit rating in the debt ceiling debate, the establishment elite have decided frolic and fun is more important than the well being of our country.

As many Americans have put vacation plans on hold because of financial constraints or in the past have cancelled vacations because of unexpected work obligations, the Tea Party Patriots are asking Congress to be responsible and do the same...

From U.S. News --
"If I were Speaker Boehner, I'd call Congress back into session. I wouldn't take this month off. I'd say in light of the downgrade, we have serious problems we need to address. There's nothing from stopping us from addressing them right now and lets get back to work," says Jenny Beth Martin, cofounder of the Tea Party Patriots.

She told Whispers that Congress should return to make good on earlier promises to slash spending, moves that might help the nation regain it's AAA bond rating from Standard & Poor's. Once back, she says, "they could keep their pledge that they made to cut $100 billion this year. Or they could take the cuts from the 'Cut, Cap, and Balance' plan of $110 billion and pass that. They don't need to wait until the special 'super committee' makes recommendations at Thanksgiving. This downgrade right now is affecting not just our economy but the world economy. Who is going to be the leader and solve these problems, that's what we're looking for."

The speaker's office had no comment. Neither Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid nor President Obama have signaled a desire to recall Congress.

In a harsh assessment of Congress, Martin adds, "At what point are they going to realize that Americans are frustrated with what they are doing? They are destroying our country right now."

Martin said that if Congress doesn't cancel its recess, Tea Party members will flood congressional town hall meetings around the nation to demand action.

"If they don't go back into session, then we're going to show up at town halls around the country," she says.
Since we know these D.C. dipweeds will not cancel their vacations, please sign up on our email list at www.clevelandteaparty.com for up to date info on Congressional Town Halls in Ohio.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rich Man / Poor Man: A Must See Video

A great video to send any of your Liberal, Progressive and Democrat friends. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Credit Rating Lowered -- President Obama Owns it!

All through the debt ceiling debate we were told by the elected elite in D.C. how important it was to protect the credit rating of our country. Many did not want to hear the call of a strong few in D.C, supported by us so-called crazy & uneducated Tea Party people, that the only way to save the credit rating from being lowered was to cut spending and NOT through raising the debt ceiling.

The media, always including the latest GOP  "Tea Partier's are Hobbit's" attacks, continually hammered home the beltway blab from President Obama and his band of befuddled bureaucrat's on how we must raise the debt ceiling in order to keep us from going into default and to save our credit rating from being lowered.  

After stomping his feet,  using quotes from Ronald Reagan to beat House Speaker John Boehner into capitulation, and in the name of "saving our credit rating" by threatening to veto anything that he did not approve of, President Obama held strong and got what he thought was best for the American people to save our credit rating.

And the Credit Agencies responded...

From JS Online -- (Emphasis Added)
The U.S. had its AAA credit rating downgraded for the first time by Standard & Poor's on concern spending cuts agreed on by lawmakers to raise the nation's borrowing limit won't be enough to reduce record deficits.

S&P dropped the ranking one level to AA+, after warning on July 14 that it would reduce the rating in the absence of a "credible" plan to lower deficits even if the nation's $14.3 trillion debt limit was lifted. The U.S. was awarded the top credit ranking by New York-based S&P in 1941. It kept the outlook at "negative."

"The downgrade reflects our opinion that the fiscal consolidation plan that Congress and the Administration recently agreed to falls short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government's medium-term debt dynamics," S&P said in a statement today.

Demand for Treasuries has surged even with the specter of a downgrade as investors saw few alternatives to the traditional refuge during times of risk as concern increased global growth is slowing and Europe's sovereign debt crisis is spreading. The action could still hurt the U.S. economy over time by increasing the cost of mortgages, auto loans and other types of lending tied to the interest rates paid on Treasuries. JPMorgan Chase & Co. estimated that a downgrade would raise the nation's borrowing costs by $100 billion a year.

"It's a reflection of the fact that we haven't done enough to get our fiscal house in the order," Anthony Valeri, market strategist in San Diego at LPL Financial, which oversees $340 billion, said in an interview before the downgrade. "Sovereign credit quality is going to remain under pressure for years to come." »Read Full Article
So it looks like, once again (Stimulus, TARP, Bailouts, etc...), the financial and fiscal wisdom of President Obama has failed to live up to what he said it would be, or should we say for what some people "hoped".

Mr. President -- you own this one!