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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Melt the phones to stop amnesty

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Just in from Tea Party Patriots:

President Obama is expected to grant executive amnesty this week via executive order. Our last chance to stop it is to urge Congress to not allow one dime of money to be spent implementing the executive order.
Congress is expected to pass an omnibus bill sometime before December 12th that would finalize spending until the end of this fiscal year (September 30, 2015). While we would prefer not to have an omnibus bill, we realize this may be our only opportunity to stop the President’s executive amnesty.
Rep. Matt Salmon has started an effort in the House to push the appropriations committee to not include funding for executive amnesty in the spending bill. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
1.   Use the information here to contact Congress. Use the Twitter icon to automatically tweet them and the email button to email their staff. Call, tweet, and email!
2.   Contact all of those listed here with a red “x” and ask them to support Matt Salmon’s efforts to stop executive amnesty. Get them to commit to not supporting a spending bill if it funds the President’s executive action.
3.   Contact all of those listed here with a green check mark and thank them for being willing to fight this. Tell them to stay strong and they’ll continue to get our support.

Ohio Representatives who have not yet committed to stopping Amnesty are (click on each name to send an email):
Steve Chabot (OH-1)    202-225-2216
Michael Turner (OH-10)     202-225-6465
Patrick Tiberi (OH-12)     202-225-5355
David Joyce (OH-14)     202-225-5731
Steve Stivers (OH-15)     202-225-2015
James Renacci (OH-16)     202-225-3876
Jim Jordan (OH-4)     202-225-2676
Robert Latta (OH-5)     202-225-6405
Bill Johnson (OH-6)     202-225-5705
John Boehner (OH-8)     202-225-6205

Melt the phones!

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