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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Stopping Common Core in Ohio!

Local Authority Restoration Act L.A.R.A.
This is the bill we've been waiting for!

From Marianne & Ohio Tea Party Patriots:
Finally, the bill we have been waiting for will be introduced in Columbus on Monday the 18th!

On Monday, Rep. Andy Thompson will introduce the Local Authority Restoration Act - LARA Bill - to the House. Click Here for the summary. The final bill text is not yet available, as we won't have a bill number until it is formally introduced Monday.

We are trying to fill voicemail boxes and need phone calls, by the hundreds, to be made over the weekend.  NOW!!!

Call now through Sunday

Call the people listed below and ask them to support the local control bill being introduced Monday by Rep. Thompson. 

House Leadership: 
Cliff Rosenberger (614) 466-3506
Jim Buchy            (614) 466-6344      
Dorothy Pelanda  (614) 466-8147
Ron Amstutz        (614) 466-1474
Barbara Sears     (614) 466-1731
Mike Dovilla         (614) 466-4895

Below is a list of Representatives who are already showing support by signing on as co-sponsors.

Is your representative on the list?
If so, please call to thank him/her.  If not, please call and ask him/her to show their support and sign on as a co-sponsor.

Current Co-Sponsors: Timothy Ginter, Thomas Brinkman, Paul Zeltwanger, Terry Boose, Ron Young, Ron Maag, John Decker, Stephen Hambley, David Hall, Ron Hood, Kyle Koehler, Tony Burkley, Jim Buchy, Nino Vitale, Steve Kraus, John Becker, Wes Retherford, Anne Gonzales

Take Action and Make the Calls!

This is the Bill We've Been Waiting For!

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