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Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Omnibus spending bill and the Uniparty

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Last Friday, Jim Robb at NumbersUSA reported on the Omnibus spending bill that sold conservative voters down the river:
This week, Congress pushed through a horrible Omnibus spending bill to fund the government through next September.
The bill amounts to a betrayal of American voters, especially on immigration matters.
Where do I begin to condemn this? I'll start with House Speaker Paul Ryan.
It didn't take long for Ryan to break all his promises on immigration, did it?
When he was running for Speaker two months ago, Ryan promised he would not bring up immigration bills that did not have the backing of a majority of Republican House Members.
Yet as soon as he got the chance, Ryan snuck several huge immigration giveaways into the Omnibus spending bill Congress approved today. It goes further:
Nearly QUADRUPLES the number of H-2B low-skilled foreign workers allowed in this year. This could raise the total of these workers this year from 66,000 to 264,000.
Not only that...
FUNDS a large increase in Syrian and other refugee resettlement in this country. Instead of a timeout and a full security review, Congress handed Obama everything he wants.
FUNDS Obama's catch-and-release policy that virtually stops deportations.
FUNDS Sanctuary Cities, so that cities like San Francisco that refuse to turn over jailed illegal aliens to the feds will face no cut in funding.
MAINTAINS tax credits to illegal aliens in the form of the Earned Income Tax Credit. That is, if a family is poor enough, they not only pay no income tax, the government pays THEM. Yes, that includes illegal aliens! Also, Congress continues to allow illegal aliens to claim child tax credits on their tax returns.
FUNDS the continued relocation into America of the unaccompanied minors who are marching across the border into Texas and states. The numbers of these crossing the border is way up again this year.
Even with all these outrages I've mentioned, there are still MORE terrible things hidden in the Omnibus bill, which passed both the House and the Senate. A hopeful sign is that 95 House Republicans joined with 18 House Democrats, and 26 Senate Republicans joined with 6 Senate Democrats to vote NO on this monstrosity. Yet, most Republicans and most all the Democrats voted yes, and it passed.
The House roll call votes are here; the Senate roll call votes are here.
Voting YEA on this irresponsible bill were Rep. Marcia Fudge, Sen. Sherrod Brown, and House Republicans from Ohio Steve Chabot, Brad Wenstrup, Bill Johnson, Michael Turner, Pat Tiberi, Tim Ryan, David Joyce, Steve Stivers, and James Renacci.
Rob Portman, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul voted against the bill. Marco Rubio did not cast a vote. Also disappointing were Congressional freshmen who ran on conservative values and then voted for this “monstrosity,” such as Mia Love and Martha McSally.
the Omnibus Spending and Tax Provision bills, used by Republicans in lieu of an actual Fiscal Year 2016 budget . . . passed. . . .

Summary:  [conservative voters] gave Republicans large majorities in both the House and Senate so they could push-back against ridiculous progressive big government spending.   What did the REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP do with the majority?   Republicans constructed big spending on behalf of the Democrats and voted with them to end up with the same result if Democrats were in control.

….THAT IS A UniParty !!

This blog will be taking a close look at the UniParty as we head into next year.

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