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Friday, January 8, 2016

Why Does the Ohio Republican Party Fear Their Own Voters?

For Immediate Release
January 8, 2016
Contact: Diana Price
Why Does the Ohio Republican Party Fear Their Own Voters?
Voters across the country are reaching record levels of frustration, mistrust, and outrage. They are tired of backroom establishment politics continually ignoring and thwarting the voice of the people. Yet today, the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) is choosing to stick a finger in the eye of the Ohio electorate.
The ORP is doubling down on shady politics that is sure to further divide voters, even more so than the establishment GOP already has. In a deliberate move attempting to ensure a predetermined outcome, the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee is voting to endorse a bottom tier candidate, Gov. John Kasich, instead of respecting the will of Ohio voters and allowing the primary process to take place.

The ORP, run by State Chairman Matt Borges, a hand-picked crony of Governor John Kasich who has already been convicted of improper use of public office, this underhanded stunt should come as no surprise," stated Ralph King, State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots. "By voting to endorse in the GOP Primary process, the ORP only reinforces the perception across the U.S. that the voice of the voters no longer matters."

Instead of fearing their voters, the Republican State Central Committee should respect the primary process and act as a neutral unifier of Republican voters against the eventual Democrat nominee. Today the Ohio Republican Party shows establishment politics and political cronyism is more important than the voice of the people."
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  1. Oustanding observation,&Spot on.One only has to look at the actions of the State Party leaders, to see how out of touch they are.

  2. Shockingly revealing how some Republican officials believe only they have the right to choose the nominee. Remember when republicans valued the constitution and freedom?


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