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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ohio Electoral College reports

cartoon credit: Margulies [okay, so it's 4 years old!]

Gateway Pundit posted this report on the Electoral College vote on Monday in Columbus:

Ohio GOP Delegate Casts Vote for TRUMP – Then Torches All of His DNC Troll Letters in Yard Pit

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones received HUNDREDS of harassing letters from Hillary trolls begging him [to] reject Donald Trump.

Sheriff Jones ignored the letters, emails and phone calls and voted for Donald J. Trump for President on Monday in Columbus, Ohio.
Then he went home and dumped his pile of letters into a yard pit. Poured lighter fluid on the pile. … And torched them all.
Sheriff Jones posted the videos on Twitter . . . [scroll down on GP website here]

And in the comments section, we find some photos of the Sheriff and Cleveland Tea Party’s own Ralph King, who also served as a member of the Electoral College and cast his vote on Monday for Donald J. Trump:

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