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Support AZ Illegal Immigration Resolution Template

Whereas, the City of (INSERT YOUR CITY), Ohio believes strongly in the integrity of the borders of the United States and that the federal government has a duty to protect these borders, including regulating the numbers and the qualifications for entrance into the country;

Whereas, the Federal Government has failed in its role to protect our borders from an unprecedented number of illegal aliens entering our country;

Whereas, the State of Arizona is in the unusual and unfortunate position of enduring the vast majority of illegal border crossings and suffering from the narcotics trafficking into our country;

Whereas, the Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that 500,000 illegal aliens live in the State of Arizona;

Whereas, after considering both Fiscal Costs and Fiscal Revenues, it is estimated that illegal aliens cost the State over $2.7 billion annually,

Whereas, the State of Arizona, has passed Arizona Senate Bill 1070, which was amended by Arizona House Bill 2162, to assist the federal government in enforcing the nation’s immigration laws;

Whereas, the Arizona law requires its law enforcement officers to verify a person’s immigration status with the federal government, if the officer has a reasonable suspicion to believe that the person is unlawfully in the United States;

Whereas the Arizona law expressly prohibits the use of racial profiling and is designed to help enforce the nation’s immigration laws in a way that does not violate anyone’s civil rights;

Whereas the Arizona law requires aliens to register for and carry documents with them that the federal already requires such aliens to possess and does not require United States citizens to carry any documents;

Be it Resolved, that the citizens and [You City Council] of (Your City), Ohio hereby affirm their support for the people of Arizona who must endure the direct consequences of our federal government’s failure in protecting our borders. The [xxxxx] further applauds and thanks Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and the Arizona State Legislature for protecting its citizens when the Federal Government has refused to do so.


  1. This resolution was presented to Mantua Township (Portage County) Trustees at their May 20th meeting.

    Our local forms of governments are Cities, Townships and Villages. Cities and Villages have 'Councils' and Townships have 'Trustees'

  2. Thanks Dawn.... please keep us posted as to how it goes or if there is anyway we can help.

    Yes, we are aware of the various political subdivisions. We used Council as there are more Cities than Townships.

    Thanks again!


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