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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big Government wants to shut you up!!

Here is a letter I received by a Cleveland Tea Party attendee. How long will we be able to speak out or speak up? We've already seen that if you attended or were involved in planning a tea party you warrant additional scrutiny by our beloved DHS. Squashing our first amendment rights WILL be the downfall of this nation. Make no mistake about it..

To All Concerned Citizens:

On Thursday of this week the FCC begins hearings, as directed by the President, regarding conservative talk radio. The situation is basically this: The head of the FCC is a political appointee of the President. The committee is made up of 2 Democrats and 1 Republican. The Democrats hold majority power in both the House of Representatives and in the Senate so the filibuster option is not there.

The President’s plan is simple: The committee will hear and decide what they have been directed to decide. That is that talk radio needs to be monitored to assure that it is “fair and balanced.” The recommendation of the board will be to fund community organizers to monitor talk radio stations all across the country and to report back to the FCC.
The reports will say the topics being aired are not fair and balanced.
The FCC will then MANDATE to the radio station owners that they bring in opposing views and give them equal time or else…

Radio is a commercial venture. It is funded by paid commercials. Companies do not purchase commercial time on radio stations that do not have the audience they want to target or the talk show host that they believe in. Liberal talk radio has never been successful in America because of several reasons but mostly because no one wants to listen to it. So, companies do not buy air time; it must be constantly subsidized.
The point is that when this begins to take place the AM radio stations will no longer be viable commercial ventures. (Within all this will be a myriad of reports that radio stations will be forced to file documenting/ proving they are in compliance).

At this point the only options left to the radio station ownerships will be to go to a Top 40 programming format or to sell out. When these actions take place there will no longer be an open forum in the country where information, other than what the elite lawmakers want us to hear, will be available. “Americans will only hear what they want you to know.”

Further and even more important is the fact that this move by the President is an aggressive and a direct move in violation of Americans First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech. At this point we, as a country, are fast moving toward a fascist government. Qualifications for such a government are: Control of the Banking Institutions (they are now under Full Federal control), Control of the Military, Control of the printing and distribution of all money by way of the Federal Reserve Bank, Control of large manufacturing(Control of automobile manufacturing and with the passing of Cap and Trade control of all manufacturing), Control of Transportation(FAA, Commerce Department, Federal Highways Commission), Federal Control of public Health Care, Control of Education all across America including, most importantly, what our children learn(the teachers union is the puppet for this goal), and Control of the Press/Mass Media including AM Talk Radio.

The simple fact that the ACLU is nowhere to be found in this most vital of all issues is a clue as to who is directing the work and which way it is going.

If Americans can only understand and then become passionate about the fact that we/they must protect our First and Second Amendment Rights we may then have a chance in the coming years to correct at least part of this massive Federal take over. Without our First and Second Amendment Rights coarse correction will be all but impossible.

Americans MUST ban together in a letter writing and phone calling campaign to all federal representatives telling them we do not want any infringement against our rights in the arena of Free Speech including talk radio. I know and can guarantee that if we do not stop this now there will be no turning back. Unless we stop these actions now we will no longer be able to call our country the “Land of the Free…”

But..It isn't just the radio waves they want control of, they want the internet too. Obama's new regulatory czar nominee, Cass Sunstein, wants the internet to be "fair too". Who decides fair?? They do of course.

From Worldnet daily

Perhaps Sunstein's most novel idea regarding the Internet was his proposal, in
his book "Nudge," written with Richard Thaler, for a "Civility Check" for e-mails and other online communications.

"The modern world suffers from insufficient civility," they wrote. "Every hour of every day, people send angry e-mails they soon regret, cursing people they barely know (or even worse, their friends and loved ones). A few of us have learned a simple rule: don't send an angry e-mail in the heat of the moment. File it, and wait a day before you send it. (In fact, the next day you may have calmed down so much that you forget even to look at it. So much the better.) But many people either haven't learned the rule or don’t always follow it. Technology could easily help. In fact, we have no doubt that technologically savvy types could design a helpful program by next month." That's where the "Civility Check" comes in.

"We propose a Civility Check that can accurately tell whether the e-mail you're about to send is angry and caution you, 'warning: this appears to be an uncivil e-mail. do you really and truly want to send it?'" they wrote. "(Software already exists to detect foul language. What we are proposing is more subtle, because it is easy to send a really awful e-mail message that does not contain any four-letter words.)

A stronger version, which people could choose or which might be the default, would say, 'warning: this appears to be an uncivil e-mail. this will not be sent unless you ask to resend in 24 hours.' With the stronger version, you might be able to bypass the delay with some work (by inputting, say, your Social Security number and your grandfather’s birth date, or maybe by solving some irritating math problem!)."

Hey, but no worries. I'm sure they have our best interest in mind. I mean, if everyone is more civil and has a 24 hour waiting period to post emails, we say our pleases and thankyou's, the world will be a happier place right? (Insert sounds of a bubbling bong)

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  1. Cleveland Tea Party is trying to make it easy for you to take action on this. Use the Contact Your Congressmen links to find and email/fax/phone your representatives. These are on the Resources page (http://clevelandteaparty.webs.com/resources.htm).



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