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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tea Party Patriots take on California GOP

Since first getting involved with the Tea Party Patriots I have always said and believed - this must not be a partisan group - but it must be a political group. It must be a group that will get involved with all level of politics. This means having fellow Tea Party Patriots on county party central & executive committees.

Being a conservative, for me this would be on a Republican county Central Committee - which I am. For me, I believe most of our politicians are lost and more concerned with getting re-elected, but I am more upset, disappointed and disgusted with do-nothing Republicans more concerned about renaming the Democrat Party the Democrat Socialist Party on a national level and the complete incompetence of the GOP at the state and local level.

As a Central Committee member of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County (RPCC) I have been very outspoken and vocal critic against the 'social club' that has rendered the party ineffective. This would range from taking the powers of the party to task for spending over $400k in salaries and operating expenses and being unable to get anyone elected or effect policy, buckling to the 'social club' members and failing to come out against a forced sales tax increase for the proposed MedMart, completely silent on the recent domestic registry created in Cleveland, and my favorite -- our party chairman condoning officers and members of our party financially supporting Democrat candidates running against endorsed Republican candidates.

It is because of this crap - I knew the only way to have effective change is at this level. Why? Because it is from within the party structures (D & R) that the candidates come, get their initial financial and grass-roots support.

Let's put it this way.... how often is it that when you go to the polls, you find yourself choosing between what you feel is the lesser of two evils? Pretty often huh? So, if this is where, on both sides of the ticket (D & R), we can effect the candidates from which we choose - wouldn't it only make sense that this would be one of the most important tasks we could accomplish?

It is having a say and a vote in these forums where we can challenge the potential candidates. This is where the candidates are given their endorsements - having voting members of Tea Party Patriots on these committees - is where we can force them to earn their endorsements.

Currently we are allowing the party members (Social Clubs) of the Donkey Brigade & Elephant Clan dictate too us the direction of our country. This is ass-backwards! We are to dictate too them - the direction of our country. The County Central & Executive Committees of both parties is where we can have a direct effect. Though I know many Democrats with conservative values it is the Republican hacks that fear this the most - this is why they try to be dismissive of the Tea Party Patriots.

Unlike some groups, the Tea Party Patriots - not only understand this - but are acting. You will see below how Ron Nehring, Chairman of the CA Republican Party, was thrilled spitless when confronted by Mark Meckler, one of the National Coordinators for the Tea Party Patriots and some San Diego Central Committee members...
Apparently, Ron Nehring, the Chairman of the California Republican Party made an appearance at the San Diego County Central Committee meeting on Monday night. In addition to refusing to answer Central Committee member questions about his party "expenses" which have been raised in the media, Nehring was also dismissive of the questions of large numbers of Tea Party Patriots who were present.

Some believe he might have been in attendance to thwart a rumored no confidence vote against the County Chairman, Tony Krvaric. In any event, Nehring refused to answer Central Committee Member questions regarding his personal expenses, which have been
raised in the media and left unaddressed by the Chairman. He was also apparently somewhat dismissive of questions by Tea Party Patriot, Sarah Bond regarding the Party's actions on the tax hike propositions on the upcoming special ballot. When asked directly by a Sarah about what the California Republican Party has done to defeat Proposition 1A after being so late to the party to take a stand against it, our Patriot activist reports,

"So after Nehring left the stage (he wouldn’t take my question in front of the meeting), I asked him point blank, “…We are holding a NO-ON-1A Tax Revolt here in San Diego this Saturday. What can we tell the Tea Party Patriot protesters, about what the California Republican Party has done for and spent on NO-ON-1A?”

Nehring’s answer, “What would be enough? One million? Two? I can’t give a number that will satisfy them. That’s not what this is about.”

You can read the whole torrid story

While it makes for amusing reading, it also shows how desperately out of touch the leadership of the California Republicans remains, in their continuing disdain for and dismissal of the tea party movement. But the story doesn't end there. Mr. Nehring wasn't yet done digging this hole.
As you can see, this is where the fight starts and where we can have a direct effect.

Good Job guys!!!

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