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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine now Threatening Candidates

I guess with smear campaigns not being enough, it appears ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine, still trying to manipulate the integrity of the election process and the will of the voters, is now resorting to veiled threats directed at State Auditor candidate Seth Morgan.

Via Right Ohio from the Dayton Daily News.....
“I think Seth could have a bright future in our party if he makes the right decisions,” Kevin DeWine said in an e-mail. “He’s a politically ambitious young man and sometimes that desire to climb the political ladder can make you do things you end up regretting.” More.....

It sounds as if ORP Chairman DeWine is saying.... "if a candidate for office doesn't adhere and subscribe to the backroon deals we make -- they will regret the day they challenged us."

No Chairman DeWine.... the safe bet would be -- you will regret the day you thumbed your elephant clan trunk at the Tea Party & 9.12 Groups in OH.

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