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Monday, February 14, 2011

The headline reflects the madness

"The President says he is ushering in a new era in fiscal responsibility with his 3.73 TRILLION DOLLAR budget proposal." (emphasis on TRILLION DOLLAR is mine)

I prefer to make the sound of an old teletype machine in my mind just before reading the headline. It adds to the absurdity.

Can it be any clearer folks?

There is no rambling thought here ... just a reflection of the oxymoron that passes as "news." This is the double speak that I call Fishyspeech.

I prefer to look at such astonishing headlines through the eyes of high satire ... yet it is surely not a joke.

Tea Party means hard work, conviction, confidence, and optimism.

Most of the occupants of these great United States grew up ... in the United States! ... of America! We have the unique shared American experience. The Tea Party represents the experience of the American way. Born Free. Defend Free.

Choose freedom.

Tea Party ... the 80/20 Party.

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