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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Senator Hatch introduces "Defending America's Affordable Energy and Jobs Act"

In attempts to further stem the out-of-control EPA, the rogue regulatory agency hell-bent on imposing Cap & Trade regulations through the Clean Air Act, Senator Orrin Hatch introduced the Defending America's Affordable Energy and Jobs Act....

From Senator Orrin Hatch --
WASHINGTON – Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) have introduced legislation that would pre-empt federal agencies from restricting human carbon-dioxide emissions without authorization from Congress.

The Defending America’s Affordable Energy and Jobs Act also would prevent any legal action from being taken against greenhouse gas emitters for their contribution to climate change.

"With this bill, we are reclaiming Americans’ right to have their elected officials have a say in the laws and regulations that effect them,” Hatch said. “Last time I checked, Congress makes the laws and the Administration implements the people's laws.

“We have put a lot of focus on the EPA for attempting to regulate carbon emissions without the express consent of Congress,” Hatch added. “In truth, though, the President is attempting to implement these controls throughout the entire federal government, and we don't intend to stand idly by and watch as the U.S. Constitution is circumvented in this way."

The bill would define the government's ability to implement the Clean Air Act only for pollutants which harm humans as a result of direct exposure, but not based on the theory that a greenhouse gas may contribute to general warming of the planet.

The bill would also move the existing oversight of greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles away from the EPA, and place the effort under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation.
Combined with Senator Rand Pauls REINS Act, in which Hatch is a co-sponsor, the "Defending America’s Affordable Energy and Jobs Act" will serve as a useful tool in combating the EPA's -- Integrated Urban Air Toxics Strategy

The Integrated Urban Air Toxics Strategy is the battering ram of the Clean Air Act.  This, along with court ordered consent decrees, the EPA is trying to impose Cap & Trade regulations on small businesses such as dry cleaners, gas stations, restaurants and 28 other industries. 

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