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Friday, September 2, 2011

President Obama's Job Package for Illegal Immigrants

With the unemployment rate slowly creeping up to meet Presdient Obama's plunging poll numbers, President Obama, through the U.S. Department of Labor, has taken bold steps to get people working. 

The only problem with the Presidents plan is it appears he forgot he is President of the United States -- and that he is supposed to represent and protect the "American" worker....

From CNS News --
The U.S. Department of Labor told CNSNews.com in a written statement on Wednesday that it will enforce the federal wage laws on behalf of anyone working in the United States “regardless of their immigration status.” The statement was in response to a written question from CNSNews.com.

The written statement backed up a video statement that Labor Secretary Hilda Solis made to CNSNews.com on Monday in which she indicated that “partnership” agreements she had signed that day with a group of Latin American countries will obligate the U.S. government to protect the working conditions for both “documented and undocumented” migrant laborers here in the United States. (See earlier story.)

The Labor Department’s determination to make U.S. employers treat illegal aliens taking jobs in the United States as if they were U.S citizens or legal immigrants seems to contradict the Immigration and Nationality Act. That act says “employers may hire only persons who may legally work in the United States (i.e., citizens and nationals of the U.S.) and aliens authorized to work in the U.S.” and that the U.S. government “protects U.S. citizens and aliens authorized to accept employment in the U.S. from discrimination in hiring or discharge on the basis of national origin and citizenship status.” More...
After issuing his recent Executive Edict of granting amnesty to over 300, 000 illegal immigrants, it only makes sense President Obama would again flout the law and push this illegal immigrants jobs package. How else couldthey to donate to his campaign fund?

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  1. This is sickening to me as an American! Somehow we must stop this insanity.I have yet to hear the Republicans response,did you ? Did I miss it?.On Sunday the 11th at 8 pm,I will have 2 guests discussing this very issue,the first guest John Stahl, will lay out the issue including how it will effect E Verify,and the second guest Rick Oltman,will tell us how we can fight against this.Join me at Newstalk 1420 am at 8pm,or listen to it live on www.whkradio.com....I hope you can join me....Erica Stephens "The Voice of The Tea Party"


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