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Sunday, October 23, 2011

And the New Sanctuary City is.... Washington D.C.!

The Capital of our country - Washington D.C. - ignoring our laws and U.S. Constitution, opens their arms and your wallets by putting out a "Welcome" sign for illegal immigrants...

From ALIPAC --
If there were only one way to sum up the illegal immigration crisis in the United States, the people who run the government in the nation’s Capital may have found it: Washington D.C., where our laws are made, where there the words “Equal Justice Under Law” are displayed over the Supreme Court Building and where the Chief Executive of the Republic resides … is now a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

The District of Columbia became a sanctuary city on Wednesday after Mayor Vincent Gray signed a new order forbidding D.C. police to ask about an individuals immigration status.

Furthermore, Mayor Gray said District police will not help Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents execute federal warrants unless the individual has committed another crime.

The new order also forbids D.C. police from contacting Immigration and Customs Enforcement to inquire about an individual's immigration status. More...

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