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Wednesday, August 5, 2009



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Never in my wildest, ugliest dreams did I imagine an America where the White House would encourage it's own citizens to forward "casual conversations" to them.

Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.

Uhhh, anybody else hear the jackboots coming? I want my country back, enough said.


  1. Does it really matter??? I mean really? There are so many people that have personal agendas involved with this... even people that organize these rallys and protests. Then you have others that just sit back and criticize others and their ideas and say "oh, their crazy, that will never work"... all the while they are too ignorant and uneducated to even offer up a half way intelligent plan of their own.

    We are circling the drain... and too stupid to even notice it.

  2. I'm confused, You talk about people who sit back and criticize others. Yet you begin by Criticizing others that are actually trying to do something and make a difference.

    You told one of the organizers that she has a agenda. Hell I know for a fact she doesn't because I help her and I do not have a agenda.

    Furthermore to just make a blanket statement like that is no better then the very people that you were complaining about.

    Ask the people that lived in the Wiemar Republic. How that "Does it really matter" attitude worked out for them.

  3. Making a difference how? By runing others down and trying to make examples of them... all the while doing it with smiles on their faces???

    The Weimar Republic??? What exactly would you know about that? What you read in history books? Come with me and I will show you the grave markers of those whom I share my blood with that gave their lives to defend their homeland. The few in europe who refused to bow down to Hitler and made a stand with their lives.

    The problem my friend is that there is a lack of character involved in this mess we have started. People claim to be patriots and yet they lack the basic resolve to stand up for what they know is right when it's in front of them. Or they talk behind others backs or listen to cleverly crafted tales and make their decisions without even trying to find out the truth. If those are the ones leading this movement then we are doomed before we even left the station.

  4. We are not running other down and making examples of them. We are doing no such thing. We have not harassed anyone on the street. We have not solicited anyone to join our organization. People join the Tea party movement on their own free will.

    How dare you accuse us of this when it has been documented that Acorn would rome the halls of collages harassing people to vote and join their cause. Strong arming people out of town hall meetings.

    Yes I know about the Wiemar Republic History books. Sorry I do not have first hand experience about it but seeing I am only 27 History books is all I have. Unless you are 80 years old I doubt you have first hand experience either.

    I do however have the story's passed down from my grandfather and my wife's grandfather that did have first hand experience.

    What are you a lib? Did not think I needed to post a detailed history lesson on what happen in the Wiemar Republic. Of course there were people that stood up and defended their homeland. Of course there were people that payed with their lives.

    What I was speaking about was the overall attitude that allowed it to get that far and allowed it to flourish and yes it was a I don't care attitude by the mainstream public. Or it was a appeaser to save my own but attitude.

    By the way I have been to Germany and I have saw personally the graves of people that stood with their lives. My grandfather confiscated pictures from a Nazi death camp guard for rows of dead naked bodies of people that stood with their lives. I am fully aware of what happened in the Wiemar Republic.

    You attack our Character and lack of Resolve. Give me a break. You have no idea who we are. You have no clue who I am and it is ignorant to make a blanket statement like that when you have no clue who we real are.

    We may be imperfect. We will and have made mistakes on the way but lets face facts. We are normal people that 2 years ago never thought that we would be like this. We are learning as we go. At least we have the balls to go out of our comfort zone rather then just posting on a blog.

    I don't see you trying to get involved with leading the movement if you know best. I don't see you getting involved with your basic resolve to stand up and do what is right. With your massive character. If your beliefs and RESOLVE is so strong then stand with us. If the Answer is no the just shut up and go away because you have no more right to join the conversation.

    It is easy to criticism in a blog but it is entirely different to do something about it. From what I can tell you are the exact person you criticize.

    Who the hell are you to criticizes us when all's you are doing is posting on a blog. You claim to know the answer but yet all's that I can see that you have done is post on a blog.

    Sorry I would rather align myself with imperfect people that are trying to make a difference, rather then a person who's only claim to fame is posting criticizing comments on a blog.

    In conclusion you are No better then the very people you criticize. If you think you know best then stand up. I am more then willing at the next Tea party event to have a nice conversation with you in person. You want to go have a beer? I can meet you out and we can discuses this further. Until then you have no right or legs to stand on.

    You have no right to criticize us until you stand in our shoes or take a stand yourself. You have no right to bring our character into question if you are just going to be a BLOG WARRIOR. If you want to make a ignorant blanket statement, about our character and Resolve you can do it face to face. Rather then using the anonymity of the internet.

    Roger,Celine,Glynn,Ralph and I may be imperfect and we will make mistakes but at least we are out there doing, rather then being a Blog Warrior. Until you can make that claim you have no right to bring any of our character traits into question.

  5. Disclaimer: May not be the easiest to read. All though I have 2 English teachers in my family and are friends with one not my strong suit. The only reason all the spelling should be correct is spell checker.

    I am also sorry to Ralph for making so long. I understand being his age he needs to take frequent naps and may fall asleep half way through. You know I am messing with you Ralph.LOL My ill fated intention to bring Humor into these comments.

  6. Oh I have been in your shoes... I am not a lib. I have been involved in the "movement" before you were.

    As a matter of fact some of the very people you mention above claimed to support me... when the first hint of trouble came they ran like cockroaches. Oh yes... they are patriots... as long as that is the easy road. When things really get hard they will run away like the cowards they are.

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  8. Oh so your feelings were hurt then. So this is more of a personal vendetta. Well then it all makes sense. Have fun discrediting the movement for your own personal feelings or gain.

    My offer still stands. We can talk at the next Tea party event. If you do not want to do this and show your resolve and "Character" then you really should have nothing more to say on the matter.

  9. How convenient that you would threaten a woman like this. Will you call my mother names next? Please grow up.


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