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Thursday, June 14, 2012

We Are Not Fooled By Fairy Tales on Failed Policies


June 14, 2012
Contact: Diana Price

We Are Not Fooled By Fairy Tales on Failed Policies

Cleveland, OH -  While making a campaign stop for his reelection bid, President Obama visited our great city today to tout the perceived accomplishments of his Administration over the past 4 years.
“That President Obama would come to Cleveland, the 7th most financially distressed city in the U.S., and attempt to spin gold from his 4 years of failed policies into a fairy-tale like story of imaginary accomplishments while he has occupied the White House is beyond belief,” stated Cleveland Tea Party Patriots Co-Coordinator Ralph King.
Obama’s EPA regulations have already forced four FirstEnergy Corp. coal-burning power plants to close in Ohio alone. The Ohio Public Utilities Commission told the Associated Press that closing these power plants, “could have a dramatic impact on electric prices” in most of northern Ohio, which produces 47% of our nations electric supply, and beyond.  
“While President Obama claims to be for the working man, his failed policies put thousands of area car dealerships out of business and many more people out of work,” said King. “And, it is only because of President Obama’s heavy-handed support of the EPA and his Administration’s ‘War on Coal’ that residents in this region will soon be faced with skyrocketing electric bills and a 300% increase in sewer rates from $3 billion in EPA mandated upgrades – further crippling an already financially distressed region and the ‘working man’ he claims to be helping.”
Ohio is an important swing State in the coming election and the President has another major problem to overcome. The people in Ohio roundly rejected his prized “Obamacare” last year when they passed an Amendment to the Ohio Constitution blocking the “Obamacare” mandates now under deliberation by the U.S. Supreme Court.
“The Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment was a complete embarrassment for the Obama Administration and a rebuke of his policies with all 88 Ohio Counties voting for the Amendment in a mandate like fashion – even in the Democrat strongholds of the state. So who is he trying to fool?” asked Marianne Gasiecki Tea Party Patriots State Co-coordinator.
The Cleveland Tea Party Patriots are a member group of the Tea Party Patriots (www.teapartypatriots.org) the largest grassroots Tea Party organization with over 3,300 groups across the United States.
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