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Sunday, July 15, 2012

UPDATE: Senators Portman and Ayotte Sink Law Of The Sea Treaty!

UPDATE Jul-16-12 2:55pm: From Senator Portman's website:

Senators Portman and Ayotte Sink Law Of The Sea Treaty
Two Senate Armed Services Committee Members Announce Opposition In Letter To Majority Leader Harry Reid, Saying "No International Organization Owns The Seas"
Please scroll down to the phone details for Portman. Take a moment to give him a call to thank him! He needs to know that Ohio Tea Party Patriots are watching closely.

This from Marianne at the Mansfield Tea Party:

Senator Portman Yet to Sign the Letter Opposing the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST)!

Two more Republican Senators have signed the letter opposing LOST bringing the total to 30 (four votes shy of being doomed), but Senator Portman is not one of them.
This treaty, as well as all others with the UN, must be defeated! The push for a one world globalist government must be stopped!

Take Action!

Contact Senator Portman and ask him why he refuses to sign the letter opposing LOST. And while you're at it, ask him why he also did not join the other 12 Senators in signing the letter asking governors to oppose the creation of state health care exchanges, which are a method of implementing Obamatax (Obamacare).

Website: http://portman.senate.gov/public/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/robportman
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/robportman

Cleveland Office Ph#: (216)522-7095 Cincinnati Office Ph#: (513)684-3265
Toledo Office Ph#: (419)259-3895
Columbus Office Ph#: (614)469-6774 / Toll-Free: 1-800-205-6446 (OHIO)

Click Here to read why LOST is so dangerous to our sovereignty as a nation, and is just another step in achieving one world government.

You can also visit the Mansfield Tea Party website for a brief video explaining LOST.

* * * * * * * * *

The Law of The Sea Treaty, Agenda 21, “green” jobs based on “man-made global warming” junk science and propaganda – these are all components in the Progressive agenda. The alternative media is doing the job that the MSM refuses to do – investigate and report the truth. Case in point: In the wake of the Freeh Report, detailing the pervasive corruption of Penn State to cover up serial sexual abuse of minors, OpenMarket.org revisits another recent Penn State scandal: Michael Mann’s collusion with Phil Jones on the Anthropogenic Global Warming deceptions. Fraud after fraud: the phony-baloney hockey stick graph, manipulation of data, the Climate-gate e-mails, and the dishonest effort to prevent dissenting views from being published in leading peer-reviewed journals. From the report:

Michael Mann, like Joe Paterno (and to a lesser degree, Jerry Sandusky) was a rock star in the context of Penn State University, bringing in millions in research funding. The same university president who resigned in the wake of the Sandusky scandal was also the president when Mann was being
investigated. We saw what the university administration was willing to do to cover up heinous crimes, and even let them continue, rather than expose them. Should we suppose, in light of what we now know, they would do any less to hide academic and scientific misconduct, with so much at stake?
It’s time for a fresh, truly independent investigation.

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