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Sunday, May 19, 2013


The public is finally learning of the tyrannical abuse of power emanating from this Administration from Benghazi, to the Associated Press wire tapping to the bias and unwarranted harassment of Tea Party, Liberty and conservative groups from IRS. 

Continuing to lead the fight against this rogue Administration and the abuse of power by the IRS, Tea Party Patriots flew a multitude of liberty minded group leaders from all over the country to DC this week to join Jenny Beth Martin for a press conference on Capital Hill to discuss the IRS scandal. 
Click here to view press conference.

To continue the pressure, Tea Party & Liberty groups are hosting a day of protest against the IRS at locations across the U.S. this coming Tuesday 5/21/13.

Make no mistake, the targeting of citizens by the government was no mistake and was done to silent a certain group of people for their beliefs. 

This is the United States of America and regardless of one's political beliefs or leanings, in the United States of America, nobody should tolerate any Administration using government agency's to target people for their beliefs and exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

Please stand united with fellow Patriots across the U.S. and join us this Tuesday 5/21/13 at 12pm Noon at the downtown Cleveland IRS office to show the public this abuse of power against the citizens of the country will NOT be tolerated!

Date: Tuesday 5/21/13
Time: 12pm Noon - 1:30pm
Location: IRS / Cleveland Office (Click for Map)
Address:1240 E. 9th St. Cleveland, OH (west side of the street, just south of Lakeside Ave.)

Please bring your flags, message related signs, etc.....

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