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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Focus on Re-employing Americans Instead of Immigration Reform: Letter to the Editor

With Speaker Boehner now done with his temper tantrum and stomping his feet over conservative groups slamming his latest failure - passing the Murray /Ryan Budget -- he is now expected to angle for the passage of a weak immigration reform

With Obamacare causing many people to lose their jobs or have their work hours drastically reduced and with many Americans stuck in low-paying jobs, the allowing of 20 million illegal immigrants to flood our country and the work force will even further depress wages and take jobs from Americans.

Regardless of party affiliation, the first job of the elected elite in D.C. is to represent U.S. Citizens and the well being of our country, not open the borders or offer back door amnesty and reward law breakers to the detriment of the country & citizens they were elected to represent....

From the Plain Dealer --
With over 90 million Americans out of work, Congress should be more concerned with helping these out-of-work Americans get back to work and not on an immigration reform that will drive down wages and take jobs from the same hard-working Americans they were elected to represent.

In Ohio alone the illegal immigrant population costs our state an estimated $870 million per year. This works out to an average annual amount of $200 per Ohio household headed by a U.S. citizen. Nationally, the costs are a whopping $106 billion per year!

Opening the illegal immigrant flood gates will only increase these costs to the already financially burdened citizens of this state. Not to mention the increased costs and burdens this will cause to the social services network already struggling to meet the current needs of the low income and less than fortunate residents of our state.

Furthermore, it is also a travesty that union leaders and elected officials that claim to be "friends of labor" are so willing to use the dues of hard working union members to fight so illegal immigrants can come and take the jobs of these same union members they are to represent.

They say charity starts at home - let's put unemployed and under-employed U.S. citizens and hard-working Americans first.

Ralph King,


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