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Friday, December 13, 2013

It is Time to Take Boehner's Gavel!

Once again we see the Spineless Speaker, John Boehner, instead of standing on the integrity of his word and standing strong for the future of our country -- has turned to attacking the Tea Party & Liberty movement that enabled him to become Speaker.

This would be the same Tea Party & Liberty movement that Boehner has abandoned too many times to count. Most recently in the CR fights when we tried to stop the predicted Obamacare train wreck.

It is time to take Boehner's gavel! #takeboehnersgavel 

From Tea Party Patriots --

Statement by Jenny Beth Martin, Co-Founder of Tea Party Patriots, on comments made by Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner:

“Speaker Boehner thinks ‘outside groups’ are the problem? Does he really think the American voters who are involved in the tea party, who got him elected, should not demand accountability of their elected representatives?

“The Speaker’s anger and ire is misdirected towards the wrong people. President Obama is choosing whether to enforce laws in the country or not by whim. He changes policy through press conferences and tweets. He rewrites law by fiat. Members of Congress renege on their pledges not to spend more or increases taxes on hardworking Americans.

“Frankly, Mr. Speaker, continuously making promises and then breaking them is how you lose credibility with the American people. Pitting your colleagues against their constituents is how you lose credibility with your conference. Not upholding conservative principles is how you lose credibility with the voters who will find someone else if you are not willing to do your job. “

It should also be noted that from Ohio, the only GOP Congressmen that can stand with their head held high and sleep knowing they voted against this fiscal fraud perpetrated on the American public would be Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Brad Wenstrup and Rep. Steve Chabot.

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