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Monday, February 17, 2014

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots report: Health Care Compact news & County Sin Tax survey

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This is a recap on some of the highlights from Cleveland Tea Party Patriots' monthly meeting one week ago, 2/10/14. Below the meeting update you will find some information on the Sin Tax and an important survey we are asking you to fill out.

On the national level we reviewed the upcoming 5th Anniversary of the Tea Party movement and the Rally Tea Party Patriots will be having in D.C. to celebrate with Keynote speaker Mark Levin.  
And we are proud to say one of our own, Marianne Gasiecki, Founder of the Mansfield Tea Party and Tea Party Patriots State Co-Coordinator for Ohio, will  be in the line-up of All Star speakers at the event.
For ticket info and to see the line up of speakers for the event click here.

At the state level, we discussed the status of the Health Care Compact (HB 227) in Ohio which is scheduled for proponent testimony this week (tomorrow) in the OH House State & Local Government Committee.
About a week ago, Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) introduced the Health Care Compact (H.J. Res 110) in the U.S. Congress. 
Since the Health Care Compact is the only way to Constitutionally remove us from the chains of Obamacare, this is great news!

Jesse Smith, N/E OH Coordinator for Americans for Prosperity, did an outstanding job presenting facts & figures on the proposed Sin Tax extension that will be on the ballot. Jesse's presentation was followed by some hard discussion and insightful questions for and against the proposed Sin Tax extension.
In the end, it was agreed upon that because of the wide ranging views and the different scenarios of the Sin Tax, that we would put together some information and take a poll to better gauge the feelings and sentiments of our members.
Below you will find a poll and information on the Sin Tax. We are asking that you please fill out the poll and share your feelings on the Sin Tax proposal that will be on the ballot this May 2014.

Sin Tax Info & Survey
Being pushed by the Greater Cleveland Partnership, Cuyahoga County Council voted to put the extension of the Sin Tax on the ballot this May to pay for upgrades.
The troubling part of this is the Sin Tax extension DID NOT need to go on the ballot this soon.  Other funding avenues could have been explored & discussed and the Sin Tax extension could have been placed on the ballot in November 2014 or May 2015. Giving no thought or discussion on alternative avenues for funding, Cuyahoga County Council & the Greater Cleveland Partnership simply decided you the taxpayer should again be responsible to cover these costs.
From the sentiment at our meeting - be it for or against the Sin Tax - the general consensus was everyone wants to support our teams and see the City of Cleveland succeed. But the taxpayers should not have to continue bearing the brunt of this burden and other avenues of funding should be explored.
Defeating the Sin Tax this May would force Cuyahoga Council & the Greater Cleveland Partnership to come to the table with alternative funding options that can be presented to voters at a later date.
Some of the options for alternative funding include an increase in ticket prices for games and/or a facility fee on all events held at these venues.
So we can better gauge our actions and position on the Sin Tax extension, please fill out the attached survey by clicking here.

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