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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

IRS Day of Action Wednesday, Feb. 12

Protect the First Amendment from the IRS

Calling all Patriots! 

In May of 2013, it became public knowledge that the Internal Revenue Service of the United States was targeting American citizens for their political and religious beliefs. This caused many Americans to spend time and resources to jump through hoops for the IRS to remain in compliance.

Speculation is that this was done specifically to prevent conservatives from making their voices heard leading up to the 2012 election, effectively silencing a large segment of the population.

The IRS is prepared to implement new regulations that would make their targeting legal. This is an assault on the 1st amendment and we cannot let them get away with this.
Proposed IRS rules for non-profits - limiting free speech!
Proposed IRS rules for non-profits - limiting free speech!

Now is the time to make our voices heard like never before!
The deadline for comments at the IRS is February 27th, so we must have a continuous effort between now and then to stop this assault on the first amendment. 
We need to flood the IRS with comments, we need to contact our elected officials, and we need to pressure the Congressional committees that oversee the IRS.  
A nationwide effort of Tea Party Patriot and liberty groups across the states has been ongoing making their voices heard by contacting their elected officials and submitting comments to the IRS.
As part of this nationwide effort, on Wednesday 2/12/14 (tomorrow) the states of Ohio & Oklahoma will be contacting elected officials, submitting comments to the IRS, writing letters to the editor, tweeting and using social media to speak out against these abuses.

Take Action Now
  • Call, write, tweet Congress and tell them to stop this assault on the first amendment.
  • Leave a comment with the IRS so we can flood them with comments.
  • Write a letter to the editor to inform your community.
  • Forward this email to everyone you know to tell them to take action.
Please click the links below to find the contact information for the Ohio Congressional delegation, sample Letter to the Editor, submit comments to the IRS and then please click here & forward this email to a friend.

Plain Dealer - Letter to Editor (Click Here)
Columbus Dispatch - Letter to Editor (Click Here)
Akron Beacon Journal - vop@thebeaconjournal.com

Washington Times - Letter to Editor (Click Here)
New York Times - Letter to Editor (Click Here)
USA Today - Letter to Editor (Click Here)


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