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Monday, May 19, 2014

Alicia Colon on conservatives going local

Art credit: blogs.columbian.com

From Jewish World Review, here is the excellent Alicia Colon on conservatives going local:
. . . The Republican National Committee hasn't a clue on how to reach the low-info voters that continually vote for the Democrats. Until they find a savvy political activist like the late Lee Atwater, I will not donate my measly dollars to it or any other establishment GOP organization.
It should be a given that the mainstream media has no journalistic integrity and is just a partisan mouthpiece for this administration and its Kool-aid cabinet. There are, however, ways to outsmart the Alinskeyites but the GOP is so entrenched in mediocrity and poor leadership that they throw away opportunities to take back the country. It needs to look past the Ivy League alumnae as fodder for its activism and embrace the grassroots because that's where our salvation will come from.
. . .
. . . Here's a reality check for conservatives. We know what's going on in our country because we watch Fox News, log onto terrific informative online sites like the Drudgereport.com, lucianne.com, Daily Caller, Newsbusters.com, National Review Online; American Thinker and of course Jewish World Review. Thanks to the Internet we have access to the U.K's Daily Mail and Telegraph and Canada's Free Press. Half of the country does not visit these truth tellers so how do we get them to know the truth is out there?
So much money is spent on advertising in the markets that our choir listens to. Why waste money there? Outsmart the media by advertising great, informative, attractive, ballsy ads on the stations that the low-info voters watch and listen to, e.g.-MTV, BET, TMV and talk shows.
I'm completely baffled by these focus groups that I watch on Fox that are so predictable because they are filled with educated middle to upper class attendees. Why not go into the inner cities and offer cash for the opinion of the people there? Find out how they get their information, whom they respect and just offer them the truth. Tell them about the racist history of the Democrat Party and that it has been the Republicans and Lincoln's party that has always been for civil rights. We need good community leaders that can host town hall meetings to promote the party's agenda to show how it benefits those communities. That's how the Democrats operate but we will offer them the truth not BS.
The GOP has to get off their high horse and stop avoiding the underclass. These are people who have been made to feel like victims by politicians who have conned them into thinking the government is their only resource. We have excellent role models for them in the Republican Party whose inspiring stories they have never heard of. Has the RNC reached out to Lloyd Marcus or Alfonzo Rachel? They certainly haven't recruited me except to ask for funding. What a joke. I just send those letters back with "I AM BROKE" written in black marker. We can throw block parties in the inner cities to show off our stars. Spend money to improve these areas. Instead of having fundraisers in Vegas or deluxe restaurants, support local businesses, hire people from the area for these events. It will take time but the only way for the GOP to undo the demonizing by the media is to get up and personal with all the electorate.
As for the conservative base, it needs to stop whining about the liberal bias and start supporting those battling for the truth. It doesn't take much, just a few dollars from each of the millions of readers to sustain those struggling voices of truth. If you enjoy getting the truth online, look for the site's donation button. If it doesn't have any, don't complain about those ads because that's supporting the site. Frequent the businesses through the site and help them survive.
2014 may be our last chance to oust the Obama minions and sycophants from office so get involved and help spread the truth. If you're not physically able, open your wallets and support the grass root challengers.
Read the rest here. And check out some of the comments. 

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