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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Governor Kasich, Get A Clue!

More on Governor Kasich continuing his lies and deceit on his support for Common Core in Ohio - which is opposed by most residents of Ohio.

From Ohioans Against Common Core --
It’s hard to determine which of Governor’s Kasich’s remarks that appeared in the 9/9/14 Columbus Dispatch article, “Common Core repealed in Ohio? Kasich doubts it“, are the most concerning. Running the gambit from insinuating Ohio’s legislature is playing lip service on the issue of Common Core to his flippant remark, “Is the test good? Well, I don’t know”, one is left begging the question, just where has Governor Kasich been for the last eighteen months? Considering that Ohio has had repeal legislation for well over a year, that Ohioans have turned out by the hundreds to events and hearings, and that the Republican caucus’ own polling has found Common Core to be the number one election issue, it is baffling that the Governor would utter such nonsense.

It’s shocking to hear how out of touch Governor Kasich has become with Ohio’s parents and families. Hours and hours of testimony against Common Core has taken place since August 18th, on HB597, a bill joint sponsored by a member of the Republican leadership. This testimony has come from Ohio parents and teachers, as well as nationally recognized experts, who have provided our state legislators with concrete and concerning evidence that the Common Core is NOT good for Ohio’s children. His remark, “there may be an effort to talk about it”, indicates he’s as clueless about what’s going on in the Ohio legislature as he is with Ohio citizens.

What’s the source of such arrogance, lack of empathy, and sheer disregard? Could it partly be that Governor Kasich’s inability to relate to the plight of Ohio’s public school parents lies in his choice and luxury to privately educate his children? Governor Kasich and his children are protected from the Common Core madness experienced at the kitchen table of our public school students, who represent the vast majority of Ohio families.

To hear our own governor suggest we should simply re-brand Common Core is beyond the pale. This, too, must be off his radar. He is completely unaware of what is going on around the country and right next door in Indiana with just such a ruse. Hoosiers are fed up with Governor Pence and laugh at the idea he could possibly run for President after betraying his own on such a fundamental issue as education. Governor Kasich should take pause and realize the same will be said of him.

News tip, Governor – There’s an election in a few weeks and Ohio polling says…Voter support for a Governor who supports Common Core? Ohioans doubt it.

To keep up to date on efforts to Repeal Common Core in Ohio, please go to the Ohioans Against Common Core webpage by clicking here

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