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Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland votes no: any lessons for Gov. Kasich?

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On Breitbart London, James Delingpole commented on yesterday's vote in Scotland for or against independence from Great Britain. 

With hindsight, we can all tell ourselves that last night's victory for the "No" vote was inevitable. With almost the entire British political establishment - including three prime ministers - behind it, not to mention an exceedingly rare and unlikely union of the left and right media (and The Daily Mail shall lie down with The Guardian and the BBC...), as well as three hundred years of history, the continuation of the Union ought to have been a foregone conclusion.
But that is certainly not how it has felt in the last fortnight. Hence the unseemly scramble we witnessed in the last few days as Cameron and co headed north to grovel and abase themselves on broken glass promising Scotland anything and everything just so long as it remained in the Union.
And so it has come to pass: a small tactical victory has been gained at the expense of a massive strategic defeat.
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Great Britain could emulate the federal system of the US, with its newly Balkanised states granted the freedom to set their own local tax levels, either running themselves into the ground on the high-tax, overregulated, socialistic California model or emulating the can-do spirit of Texas and become thriving models of free-market capitalism.

Gov. Kasich: are you paying attention? Where is your “can-do spirit” to get off the federal dole and lead the effort to turn Ohio into a thriving model of free-market capitalism? Ohio can’t get there with Common Core, Obamacare, and expanded Medicare dragging it down.  

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