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Sunday, January 4, 2015

An Ohio Patriot corrects the record

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Fellow Ohio patriot Nelson Hack of the Morrow County Tea Party, had his letter published in The Morrow County Sentinel on Dec. 30:

To the Editor:
Last week our representative to Congress answered critics who have been vocal about the recently passed government funding bill – the so-called Cromnibus.  I would guess he included me since I copied to him and his staff my Letter to the Editor of 12/17/14.  I also let him know that I sent it to all the Morrow County TEA Party members, the Morrow County TEA Party web page, Facebook, other Tea Parties, and newspapers throughout his district and state.  
Let me say I like Pat Tiberi as a person.  I believe he is a good man and has a wonderful family and seems to be honest until it comes to politics.  There is a war in the Republican establishment against Constitutional Conservatives within the party of which I am one.  For over a hundred years the progressives (liberals), both Republican and Democrat, have been doing their best to destroy the Constitution.  Did you ever wonder why, when a so-called conservative is elected, he/she never tries or manages to undo the legislation or programs the progressives and, most of the time they themselves, voted to have enacted?  Most of this legislation and these programs are unconstitutional and no one says a word!  After a long-enough silence it stands as law.    
Something Representative Tiberi did not tell is the political earmark in the Cromnibus bill that INCREASES the amount the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) can collect from individual donors from $32,400 per year to $324,000 – a tenfold increase! Since the NRSC takes sides in primaries, the new donation limit will help the DC establishment do more to support liberal incumbents. It's an earmark for RINOs (Republican In Name Only)!  This bill was so bad that Republican leaders had to rely on 57 Democrats to pass it.  President Obama even whipped up votes in support of the bill, and NOTE that Representative Jim Jordon did NOT vote for it. 
Let’s look at what Representative Tiberi calls “things in this bill that conservatives can be proud to have accomplished”:  
1.The agency that handles immigration enforcement is only funded until February.”  But negotiators gave new money for immigration programs through OTHER federal agencies.  They gave $948 million to the Department of Health and Human Service for an unaccompanied children program -- an $80 million increase. That program provides health and education services to the young migrants (MIGRANTS!  I believe they mean illegals).  The department also gets an additional $14 million to help school districts absorb new illegal students. And the State Department gets an additional $260 million to assist Central American countries from which the illegal children are coming.   Current funding for Department of Homeland Security which oversees most immigration policy is scheduled to end in February.  If Congress fails to pass legislation to fund it for the remainder of the year before the deadline there will be no pay for the Border Guards.  Wow, wouldn’t that be a real poke in the eye to Obama - no Border Guards!  That would surely put a stop to Obama’s illegal executive overreach on immigration, wouldn’t it?   Because the Republican establishment in D.C. cannot figure out strategies that work they will be made to look foolish and will cave in again.  Once again they will say this is not the right time for a fight - we will fight in September.  As someone on radio said, they are just like Lucy; they will once again yank the football away just when Charlie Brown (the Constitutional Conservatives) is ready to kick it.
2. “It doesn’t provide new funding for Obamacare.” The key word is NEW.  It doesn’t stop any money that is already in place to fund whatever is already authorized in Obamacare until October.  Take that, Obamacare!
3. “Strengthens pro-life provisions.” REALLY?  Here is what this bill does: once again it bans using federal funding to perform most abortions; blocks the use of local and federal funding for abortions in the District of Columbia; and blocks the use of federal dollars for abortions for federal prisoners. Republicans say that there's also new language directing the Secretary of Health and Human Services to ensure that consumers shopping for health-care coverage on the federal exchange can see whether or not a plan covers abortion services.
These are only a few examples of political speak our dear congressman learned from the years he has been in Washington.  I could go on but I think most will get the point.  Our Constitution does not guarantee anyone to be coddled and cared for from cradle to grave.  Socialism promises that, but it has failed everywhere it has been tried.  There have always been those who hate the freedoms our Constitution protects.  The only way our Republic will survive is to elect Constitutional Conservatives in both parties (or in another party) that may be on the ballot.  For those that say they are conservative but their voting record tells otherwise, hold their feet to the fire, let them know how they failed, and remember it at the next election.  Term limits, anyone?
Nelson Hack
Mount Gilead

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