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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Common Core House Floor Vote Expected Wednesday, February 11th

From our friends at Ohioans Against Common Core:

Due to the urgent need for action to protect Ohio students, HB7 is expected to be on the House schedule for a floor vote tomorrow.

When – Wednesday, February 11th. House session begins at 1:30 pm

Where – House Chamber & viewing gallery, Ohio Statehouse

Action – Call and turn out! Contact your State Representative and let him know you fully support HB7 and the urgent need for passage. If you are able to attend, let your Representative know so he/she can have you recognized as a guest in the gallery.

Please help us make a presence in the viewing gallery. Given the time wasted this year to testing, some parents intend to make a statement and pull their children early from school so they can be there, too. What a positive lesson in civic engagement, all a direct result of their parents’ tireless fight against Common Core.
If your schedule prevents you from attending, please pass along to grandparents or others whose schedules would allow. Hope to see you Wednesday!
Wednesday, January 29th, HB 7 was filed as an emergency measure by Representative Jim Buchy.
If passed, H.B. 7 will provide the same protections from PARCC testing that the Ohio legislature voted to provide to districts, schools and teachers.
H.B. 7
1) Prohibits 2014-2015 PARCC scores from being utilized for promotion or retention now, or at any point in a child's education career.
2) Provides option to take the End-of-Course exams (currently PARCC & AIR) at any time within the student's high school career, or opting to never take EOC exams, instead choosing one of the other options to earn their high school diploma; e.g., a remediation free ACT/SAT score, passage of an approved job skills assessment, or earning an Honors diploma.
It is extremely important that parents act now to OPT OUT their children from any and all PARCC and AIR assessments. Don't wait to protect your child.
Keep in mind, when the legislature deliberated this last year, they voted to protect the adults. Their vote serves as an admission that the major problems with Common Core and the testing were expected.
What legislator can justify not extending the same protections to our children? 
Make sure your House Rep knows you expect his co-sponsorship and support for HB7. Find your Rep's number here and call today. If he/she has already signed on, take the time to say thank you and then call HB7 Sponsor, Rep. Buchy to extend a thank you, as well.
Direct family and friends to OptOutOhio.com
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