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Monday, April 27, 2015

Ohio primary bills and Photo ID Lobby Day info

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These just in from Ohio Tea Party Patriots via Marianne:

Ohio's Turf in Play

There is a bill that just passed the House that would push our primary date back another week.  That would mean six more states would do their primaries before us, making Ohio less relevant in the process.  

Also, Ohio is a winner take all state.  That means the candidate that received the most delegate votes, receives all the delegate votes, rather than the ones that actually voted for the candidate.

Assuming Governor Kasich intends to run for President, if he received one more delegate vote than all the other candidates, he would receive all the delegate votes from Ohio.

Why would our legislature want Ohio to be LESS relevant in an election cycle.  Could it be because Kasich is concerned about the lack of support he'll garner from his own state, especially since our state budget has expanded under his leadership?  

Could it be because Kasich went against the will of the people and his legislature when expanding Medicaid, which is now 33% higher than projected?

Could it be because Kasich continues to lie about Common Core and insult the parents of the children forced to deal with it, while he sends his girls to private school?

If they should be changing anything, it should be the "winner takes all" rule.  
It's About the Party
Not the People
Unfortunately, this battle over turf happens at every level, Federal, State and Local.  The role of the Party is to protect the Party and its turf, that is the only way to be successful in the party's agenda, whatever it may be.

So how do we protect the people?  It starts at the local level. Become the Party.  Ask yourself: Who is my precinct rep in my county party?

If you don't know, find out by calling your Central Committee Chair or your County Board of Elections.  If you don't have one, run for the office.  All you need is five valid signatures on your petition (always get more).

Your precinct rep is your voice at the local level.  Know who they are or become one.

If you need help, let CTPP  know.

Photo ID Lobby Day

Just a reminder for this Wednesday's Photo ID Requirement Lobby Day:

WHEN: Wednesday, April 29th:
10:00 a.m. - Attend press conference
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. - Meet with legislators

WHERE: Ohio Statehouse Atrium (East Entrance)

If you are unable to attend, please contact your state Representative and Senator and let them know that you support voter photo identification.  Ask them to show support and co-sponsor the legislation.

Click here to contact your representative

Click here to contact your Senator

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