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Monday, November 2, 2015

Responsible Ohio, Progress Ohio & Ex- Ohio Democratic Party Staffer Deploy Double Super Secret Twitter Ninja's to pass Marijuana Monopoly in Ohio

A lot has been written on why voters should vote no on the Responsible Ohio's Issue 3 Marijuana Monopoly in the upcoming November election. 

Be it for religious reasons, medical disagreements, protecting the Ohio Constitution from being used as a tool to create monopolies, they all present very good reasons to vote no on Issue 3.

The purpose of this post is to clear the room from the cloud of the weed smoke that hangs over Ohio and expose who is really behind Responsible Ohio (Issue 3) and Ian James, the driving force of wanting the green dollars from this "green" initiative.

The below video, put together by Citizens Against Responsible Ohio, is from leaked emails and leaked audio of a conference call on April 13th, 2015 between Responsible Ohio, the Democrat aligned Progress Ohio former Ohio Democrat party officials and Don McTigue - a long time go to attorney for the Ohio Democrats.

Progress Ohio, a political/public policy action committee of the Democratic persuasion, implicate some very subversive tactics used against Ohioans.  Many of the players involved are known supporters of none other than Hillary Clinton.

These tactics aim to intentionally mislead and misinform Ohioans via Social Media, as evidenced with their use of fake Ninja Twitter accounts.

Ian James, the architect and public face of Issue 3, was former Ohio GOP chairman Bob Bennett's hand chosen consultant to collect the signatures for the 2009 passage of the casino amendment. Now, James has the entire ODP 2016 presidntial campaign Fake Mutant Ninja Turtling for a marijuana monopoly, an exact replica of his 2009 casino sham. Even Ian's husband Stephen Letourneau is puff-puff passing through tens of thousands of dollars himself to Progress Ohio's ninja hive.

Known as Responsible Ohio's "puppet master" is Erik Greathouse, who was Chris Redfern's finance director at the Ohio Democratic Party under Ted Strickland until the Ed FitzGerald campaign.

Responsible Ohio's fake twitter ninja operation at Progress Ohio is run by Brian Hester, who most recently was ODP's deputy communications director. After putting lipstick on that pig for a year, Hester is now paid at Progress Ohio from $5,000 monthly from The Strategy Network for marijuana "research".

Progress Ohio's chair is Antoinette Wilson, who ran for ODP chair last fall, and who is widely expected to be Hillary Clinton's Ohio director in 2016.
Wilson, a long time political operative for the democrats in Ohio, worked on former Ohio SoS Jennifer Brunner's 2006 election & helped Brunner run the 2008 election in which Barack Obama won Ohio.  Along with being a Brunner flunky, Wilson worked on the campaigns of Dick Cordray, Treasurer , John Kerry’s 2004 Ohio primary director and as the 1996 Ohio political director of the Clinton/​Gore campaign.
Responsible Ohio and Progress Ohio also share Don McTigue, who sits on Progress Ohio's board, and drafted Issue 3 from its birth.

Tea Party members will remember McTigue as one of the attorneys who joined with Hillary Clinton attorney, Marc Elias, to file a lawsuit against the State of Ohio to block laws and orders they claim are designed to throw roadblocks between the voting booth and traditional Democratic constituencies.

So with all this Green Slime - we don't really even need to go into Responsible Ohio marketing to children with their "Buddie" character or lefty 1% er's using the Ohio Constitution to form a marijuana monopoly as a reason to Vote No on Issue 3!

Vote No on (Ir)Responsible Ohio's Issue 3!


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