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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A specific plan to defeat ISIS?

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As a Cleveland Tea Party Patriot, I receive regular emails from Tea Party Patriots’ national office and also their PAC, Tea Party Patriot Citizen Fund. Today, the email from the Citizen Fund reported on Ted Cruz’s efforts to win support from evangelicals; Jeb Bush’s message on national security; and Rubio's plan to defeat ISIL [ISIS]. The section refers the reader to Senator Rubio’s plan, published on the Politico blog here

I would also refer the reader to Ed Straker’s take on Sen. Rubio’s plan over at American Thinker here. Its title is “Marco Rubio wants to defeat ISIS by arming ISIS and fighting its enemies,” and here is an extract (Rubio's words appear in gray highlight):

Marco Rubio has a plan for defeating ISIS.  . . .

As president, I would demand that Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government grant greater autonomy to Sunnis, and would provide direct military support to Sunnis and the Kurds if Baghdad fails to support them.

Guess who is currently supporting ISIS, lock, stock, and barrel: the Sunnis!  Rubio would arm them directly.

Cutting off oxygen to ISIL also requires defeating Assad in Syria. I would declare no-fly zones to ground Assad’s air force and coalition-controlled “safe zones” in the country to stop his military

If Assad is defeated, can you guess who will move in and take over his territory?  I'll give you a hint: the group's name begins with the letter "I."
. . .

Marco Rubio is not a brilliant foreign policy strategist.  . . .  When Politico starts publishing his press releases, you know you're reading the words of an establishment Republican.

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots is nonpartisan and does not endorse or contribute to any candidate, but it does want to contribute to debates on major issues, in this case, a strategy to defeat ISIS. 

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