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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Another GOP Debate tonight

Cartoon credit: cagle.com/tag/this-tall/
NOTE that some of the candidates caricatured here have suspended their campaigns.

The next GOP debate is tonight at 8pm from New Hampshire. Watch it on ABC News (channel 5 in greater Cleveland). Still too many candidates onstage. Still no objective moderators; from Conservative Treehouse:

Progressive favorites David Muir and Martha Raddatz will moderate the debate, and position the narrative to expose the Republican party to as much ridicule and marginalization as possible.

As of today, Real Clear Politics is showing the top five candidates:

Trump at 30.7
Rubio at 16.4
Cruz at 12.0
Kasich at 12.0
Bush at 9.1

Fiorina, Christie and Carson are in single digits.
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