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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots does not endorse Ted Cruz

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Cleveland Tea Party Patriots does not endorse Ted Cruz

Jenny-Beth Martin sent out a message from Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund with the following:

After four rounds of national voting, the supporters and activists of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund have spoken. And they have decided to endorse Ted Cruz for President.

. . . [fund-raising pitch] . . .

Our mission now is to harness all the might and fury of the Tea Party movement to build a massive grassroots operation for Senator Cruz.

Unlike the TPP Citizens Fund,  Cleveland Tea Party Patriots does not endorse candidates. When we tabulate report cards on candidates based on positions related to the three core values of Tea Party Patriots, we leave it to the voter to decide for him/herself who to support.

In this case, Cleveland Tea Party Patriots emphatically rejects the above mandate that dictates that all Tea Party Patriots support Ted Cruz. What about patriots who support other candidates, whether, e.g., Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, or Donald Trump?

In particular, Cleveland Tea Party Patriots is dismayed with the endorsement of Ted Cruz for several reasons, including Cruz’s decisions and actions within the Republican Establishment (GOPe). Not too long ago, when Glenn Beck withdrew his support from Sen. Rand Paul and transferred that support to Sen. Ted Cruz [via Conservative Treehouse]:

Beck claims he became disgusted with the Senator [Paul] when he made a deal with Mitch McConnell. 
. . .
The deal was to go along with Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell’s overall objectives, electoral objectives AND legislative objectives, as the GOP entered into the 2014 mid-term election cycle.
. . . [BUT]
Both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz agreed to stay out of the mid-term elections for incumbents at the request of Mitch McConnell.
Remember, this agreement is the set up to the Mississippi fiasco of 2014 with Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel.  The agreement gave both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz leadership approvals for their 2016 presidential race.
. . .
Remember the 2014 Mississippi Primary Fraud?
Here’s is a video/audio [Mark Levin on the radio] you must ABSOLUTELY listen to, in order to understand what’s going on today – AND – how radio host Mark Levin has been covering for Senator Ted Cruz for more than just a couple of months.
. . .
Senator Cruz states the campaign conduct in the Mississippi runoff was “incredibly disappointing” etc. and even goes on to say an investigation is warranted.
Eventually, [Sundance at Conservative Treehouse] found out who paid for those racist attack ads [against McDaniel], and who paid for the phone calls, and who paid for the Democrats to come out and support Thad Cochran in the Mississippi primary runoff.
. . .
It was the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).
. . .
The NRSC, the actual Republican Party itself, was funding racist attack ads against its own party candidate, Chris McDaniel, in the runoff primary race.
Who was the Vice Chairman of the NRSC for Grassroots Outreach? TED CRUZ. Links galore to the videos of TV interviews, the FEC filing documents, and so on are here.

Treehouse predicted that Cruz would lose the Iowa caucus. As we all know, Cruz won. Treehouse’s prediction notwithstanding, the information on the blogsite is documented and linked. Check out the video and audio clips in particular.

For a previous CTPP blogpost on funding sources for Cruz’s campaign, go here.
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  1. Do republicans really want to win this time?
    Or just talk about how they could have again?

    1. The primary season has just begun, and the GOP convention to nominate a candidate is not until mid-July. CTPP encourages all patriots to educate themselves on the issues and familiarize themselves with the candidates. It does not encourage patriots to support a primary candidate because someone told them to.


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