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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Facebook and Conservatives

Photo credit: Breitbart.com
Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy – the RINO leadership in 2014
with Mark Zuckerberg 

About that meeting between Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and concerned conservatives, via Breitbart Big Journalism:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with a range of establishment conservatives in Silicon Valley on Wednesday to discuss the reported suppression of conservative content.

There were reportedly 16 attendees at the meeting, which included:

Glenn Beck, founder of the The Blaze
Barry Bennett, an adviser to Donald Trump
Jim DeMint, former GOP Senator from South Carolina [now at Heritage Foundation]
Robert Bluey, editor in chief of the The Daily Signal
Dana Perino, host at Fox News
Alex Skatell, founder of the Independent Journal Review
Mary Katharine Ham, Hot Air Editor at Large
S.E. Cupp, CNN political commentator
Jenny Beth Martin, CEO of the Tea Party Patriots
Brent Bozell, President of Media Research Center
Zac Moffatt, part of Mitt Romney’s campaign
Arthur Brooks, American Entreprise Institute

Representatives from Breitbart were asked to attend but declined the invitation, as did American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp.

While Breitbart is not entirely free of bias itself (see here and here), its report today expressed a viewpoint that, if indeed embraced by Breitbart, that most conservatives would share.

We do not want, nor do we need, Facebook’s corporate “validation.” We understand algorithms. Our social media team works relentlessly each day using state of the art analytics to monitor and leverage Facebook traffic. We strive for excellence, and we do not need Facebook’s condescension.

Here’s what we and our tens of millions of readers are interested in:

An interview between Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos and Mark Zuckerberg on the topic of free speech and Facebook’s suppression of conservative media. Milo will interview Zuckerberg anytime, anywhere—and we’ll agree to have it broadcast on your live video platform.

Facebook to immediately cease its active suppression of conservative media, as extensively reported by Gizmodo, The Guardian, and myriad other news outlets. Indeed, Facebook’s Trending News chief, Tom Stocky, is a maximum political donor to Hillary Clinton. So there’s no need to “discuss” anything. Facebook did it, Facebook got caught, and it must end.

Bottom line: be interviewed by Milo and stop screwing conservatives.

Free speech is not for sale, and neither are we.

But look at some of the names on the list of “Vichy” conservatives who DID meet with Zuckerberg. I now expect names like Bozell, Beck, and Perino on the list. But it is more than a bit alarming to this Tea Party patriot (small case “p” for patriot is deliberate) that Jenny Beth Martin is on the list. She is not keeping good company these days. And why is she now listed as the “CEO” of Tea Party Patriots, originally organized as a grassroots bottom-up loose organization of disparate Tea Party groups across the country. Cleveland Tea Party does not answer to a CEO. From a philosophical standpoint, we are closer to the Breitbart position quoted above.

This meeting was all about damage control. Once again Sundance exposes the charade.

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