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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Trump, Sanders, and American discontent

art credit: www.writerscafe.org

From Pat Dooley’s FB page:

Trump, Sanders and American discontent

Trump is now the presumptive GOP candidate. He started as a joke candidate. The pundits trashed him from left and right. But, somehow, he resonated with ordinary Americans and gained traction in the polls. National Review, the leading conservative magazine, devoted a complete issue to attacking Trump. He survived that broadside. His GOP competitors spent 10's of millions of dollars on attack ads against him. He spent virtually nothing. He said stupid things, insulted virtually everyone, and still he kept winning. This is actually a unique event in modern American history. No outsider has ever done what Trump has just done.

How did he do it? He chose a great campaign slogan and he hammered illegal immigration, bad trade agreements, job losses, and political correctness. He used his media savvy to garner free airtime his opponents could only dream of and he found ways to dominate virtually every media news cycle. He spent virtually nothing on advertising and his whole campaign was run on a shoestring. Jeb Bush blew through $130 million and got nowhere.

Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary a run for her money, and he is appealing to people on the left who are disillusioned with "politics as usual." He doesn't have a chance because the system is rigged against outsiders. Hillary picks up pledged delegates that were committed before a vote was cast.

Sanders and Trump reflect a general malaise that American people feel. The Federal government is working against us, not for us, and it is costing far too much.

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