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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Under-reported or ignored by the media at the DNC

Photo credit: YouTube: 
"Hundreds Of Sanders Delegates WALK OUT Of DNC And Launch Protest In Philly Streets(VIDEO)"

Breitbart reporter Patrick Howley filed a report on the recently concluded Democratic National Convention. If parts of his report are news to you, it’s because many in the legacy/ lamestream/ mainstream media didn’t cover it. Here’s a snippet (and notice all the empty seats in the above photo):

Floor Walk-Out

The walk-out by Bernie Sanders delegates immediately after the roll call vote was arguably the most significant act of defiance on the floor in recent convention history.

This reporter observed the carefully planned walkout from the grandstands a couple sections over from Bernie’s balcony, where he was busy getting feted for his silver medal. The commotion on the floor got started around the time Bernie’s brother Larry was toasting their late parents. My Breitbart News colleague Joel Pollak was on the packed convention floor texting me the protesters’ next location: the media center.

The protest at the media center was intense. Pro-Bernie agitators stormed through the glass doors while at least a hundred more crowded around inside. These were some of the top protest organizers on the Left at the top of their game (and negotiating with the police to avoid arrests).

The media center (which was just a big tent with no complimentary Wi-Fi) was completely shut down. How interesting that the top left-wing protesters in the country would choose the mainstream media’s encampment as the site of their surprise assault!

The mainstream media did not know how to handle this chaos aimed directly at them.

The rest of the Breitbart report is here

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