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Monday, July 25, 2016

VP candidate Sen. Tim Kaine, the GOP, and the Uniparty

Richard Fernandez (Belmont Club at the PJ Media blogsite) has a good analysis of the GOP official website statement about Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary’s pick for Vice President. Fernandez call it a “stunningly awful” statement, an almost GOP-lite endorsement of Kaine:

A Career Spent Taking Cautious Positions 
Anathema To The Party's Liberal Base

. . . It is as if Reince told the interns to "Come up with something that makes Kaine as likable as possible to our people."

For Tea Party readers who have been following Sundance’s blogs at Conservative Treehouse over the past couple of years, the mushy GOP website statement on Kaine comes as no surprise. The GOP establishment, and party chairman Reince Priebus, are reluctant, at best, to support Trump’s candidacy. At worst, some of the GOPe are downright hostile to the Trump candidacy, as seen in the “Never Trump” delegates from Iowa and Colorado who marched out of the Republican National Convention in a huff.

For Tea Party people who have not heard of the terms “Uniparty” or “Splitter Strategy,” nor followed Sundance’s “Tripwire” predictions based on his “Uniparty” analyses, today’s blog on Conservative Treehouse here gives a handy summary. At the bottom of the article, you’ll find links to Sundance’s previous blog posts that outlined the “Uniparty” theory, linked to the new GOP primary rules state-by-state to define the “Splitter Strategy,” and then calculated the Tripwires or predictions that give credence to the Uniparty theory. It was the accuracy of the many predictions – in sequence – that persuaded many readers to change their minds about what was unfolding. Not politics as usual. (Maybe readers will want to bookmark the page to go through all the posts linked at the bottom, as time permits.)

Once readers recognized what the “Uniparty” was, the behavior of the political class, the donor class, and the media became more comprehensible, albeit more reprehensible. Scrolling through the reader comments at Treehouse can be helpful and even reassuring; it’s a bit unnerving when we find ourselves in such uncharted waters.

Link to Sundance / Treehouse: click here.
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