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Thursday, September 22, 2016

If they don’t report, how do you decide?

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Another black mark for Fox News. In a long line of black marks. 

Last year, Megyn Kelly disgraced herself at the first GOP primary debate, with assists from Bret Baier and Chris Wallace. Gretchen Carlson sued Fox for sexual harassment and won. Roger Ailes resigned under a cloud. Then Greta Van Susteren resigned abruptly. Last month, Andrea Tantaros sued Fox for sexual harassment. Some critics are fed up with Sean Hannity for his blatant bias and support of Donald Trump.

So yesterday evening, the 10pm Hannity show was scheduled to broadcast the town hall taped earlier in the day in Cleveland Heights. Donald Trump was speaking as the guest of Pastor Darrell Scott, who is a Trump surrogate; Scott is especially eloquent on minorities, inner cities, the media, and related issues. (This blog has posted some of Scott's interview via YouTubes here and here.)

Fox News bumped the Hannity town hall last night. Instead, they went wall-to-wall with “Fox News Alert” coverage of Charlotte, North Carolina, with shots of earlier rioting interspersed with current shots of not much going on (the Governor declared a state of emergency at 12:30 am and the violence continued into the night; I don't know if Fox was still bumping regularly scheduled programming). 

Is Fox planning to run the Hannity town hall with Trump tonight or over the weekend? The Fox website states only that “The Hannity town hall event, originally scheduled for Wednesday, did not air due to breaking news coverage of the protests in Charlotte.” No announcement of re-scheduling. 

Sundance recently predicted that as Election Day approaches, and since Hillary’s campaign seems to be cratering, that we will see the media and the Uniparty political class fan the flames of race warfare like we’ve never seen. Maybe Fox’s decision to bump the Trump town hall and spend the entire hour with footage of Charlotte streets, evidently anticipating more rioting, is a beginning of the final ugly phase of the presidential campaign season. I don't know, but I can say that I don't see much difference these days between Fox, other cable news, or the networks.

The Washington Post, no fan of Mr. Trump, published an annotated transcript of the Hannity/Trump town hall here

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