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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Don Surber's tribute to Phyllis Schlafly

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Phyllis Schlafly lived 

Don Surber’s blog columns are often accessible via some of the aggregators. His column yesterday (via Lucianne.com) was a tribute to Phyllis Schlafly, who passed away over the Labor Day weekend. While many Tea Party people will be aware that Mrs. Schlafly’s organization Eagle Forum was recently challenged with a hostile takeover by a faction led, sadly, by her daughter, Surber’s tribute is entirely about Mrs. Schlafly’s courage and effectiveness as a champion of conservative principles. Here's some of his blog column: 
The Labor Day death of Phyllis Schlafly at 92 brought out the trolls among the left who called her names. Her death matters less than her life. She kept pushing for an unvarnished and unapologetic conservatism, as championed by Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

World Net Daily published her last column a few hours ago. [It’s also up on Eagle Forum here.]

Donald Trump’s surprise visit to Mexico, where he met the Mexican president and discussed the many contentious issues between our two countries, reminds me of President Reagan’s important trip to Geneva in 1985. Reagan was more than willing to sit down with the Communist leader of the USSR in an effort to build a personal connection between the two men without sacrificing America’s vital interests in the Cold War.

The 1985 Geneva summit was highly advertised as a potential showdown between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, the supposedly reasonable new Soviet leader. When it was over, Americans realized that behind Reagan’s genial affability was a steely determination to protect our country against the threat from Soviet nuclear missiles.

Just as today’s mainstream media are bent on undermining Trump’s call to put Americans first in our dealings with Mexico, the media of the 1980s (led by ABC’s Sam Donaldson and CBS’ Dan Rather) were overwhelmingly pro-Gorbachev and anti-Reagan in their daily coverage.

Her column is a reminder that we are on the right course, and we should remain true. The critics who hate America -- its self-reliance, its upward mobility, its sheer majesty -- never change. Only our heroes do.

Read the rest here. 
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