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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cleveland Tea Party’s Ralph King Goes to Washington

photo credit: washington.org

Thousands of Donald Trump supporters from across the land will descend on the nation's capital this week to witness history when the billionaire businessman is sworn in as the nation's 45th president.

We spoke to some of the Ohioans who obtained tickets to the ceremony through their members of Congress.

Ralph King, Bedford: 
As co-founder of the Cleveland Tea Party, a delegate for the Trump campaign, and one of the representatives who officially cast Ohio's 18 electoral votes for the president-elect, there was no way that King would miss Trump's inauguration.

King says he backed Trump from the beginning because he's not a typical politician. He felt the rest of the candidates were "full of it," lying more than they told the truth.

"I couldn't give out enough Trump signs to auto workers and union laborers," recalls King, who works as a contract administrator. "They know they are getting screwed over by the Democrats and the Republicans want to kill them. Where do you go? To Donald Trump."

While he's in Washington for the inauguration, King says he's hoping to network with other Tea Party activists from across the nation, and attend a reception the Ohio Republican Party is hosting on Thursday.

We’ll want a full report with photographs! And we'll link to live-stream videos to the swearing in ceremonies on Friday. 
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