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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cleveland in the headline

via YouTube: "North Korea is a template for Trump: Mark Steyn"

"Pricing in the nuking of Cleveland"

Mark Steyn is a favorite commentator and analyst. And he is funny. From his website

[Steyn] started the day with a full hour on one of his favorite shows, "Varney & Co" on Fox Business. Stuart was as irrepressible as ever about the way the market had shrugged off the news from North Korea, and Mark gleefully chided him for "pricing in the nuking of Cleveland". However, they also addressed the situation rather more soberly.

Click above to watch (and it’s short).

It’s worth it just to watch an exasperated Steyn kick off with: "I'm so sick of listening to Mitch McConnell explain why nothing can be done." 
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