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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Support Ohio Sovereignty Amendment

Ohio Tea Party Patriots
Ohio Sovereignty Amendment

Ohio- May 21, 2010 On Thursday, May 13, the People's Constitution Coalition of Ohio (PCCOH) officers met with the Ballot Committee and obtained approval for the Sovereignty Amendment. On May 17, the Attorney General's office returned the certified petition to PCCOH. On May 18, The Ohio Tea Party Patriots announced its support of the drive to gather petition signatures to place this amendment before Ohio voters.

History of PCCOH

Ever since the August 1, 2009 Liber-Tea Party in Columbus, which was the first call to rally support around an Ohio Sovereignty Amendment, Al Wilson/PCCOH has been working closely with Ohio Senator Tim Grendell, in order to ensure that the language in the amendment and the language in the Senate bill(s) were consistent, and that the Senate efforts and PCCOH efforts strengthened each other to enhance the chances of passage. Sen. Grendell has formally endorsed the PCCOH Ohio Sovereignty Amendment.

Substance of PCCOH

The PCCOH amendment is a comprehensive sovereignty amendment, intended to protect Ohio residents from intrusive federal legislation, regulation, and mandates. The language has been drafted to protect Ohioans from healthcare mandates, Cap and Trade, amnesty for illegals, card check, and so on - all bills that are either already enacted by Congress or are coming down the pike. If the PCCOH amendment gets enough signatures to get on the ballot, there will be no need to gather signatures for any other sovereignty amendment.

In addition, because its protection extends to so many areas of de facto or potential federal encroachment, the OH Tea Party groupsPatriot will be able to look to other organizations concerned with particular issues (e.g., groups opposing amnesty or gun control ) to join in the signature-gathering, thus increasing the likelihood of success. The text of the draft as approved is on the PCCOH website at http://www.pccoh.com/ .

Signatures Needed:

To get on the election ballot, the petition needs 400,000 registered Ohio voter signatures + 200,000 additional registered Ohio voter signatures to cover the inevitable disqualification of signatures. PCCOH recommends 700,000 signatures to absolutely guarantee success.


In order to get this amendment onto the November 2010 ballot, volunteers would need to collect at least 600,000 signatures by June 20, since 10 days are needed to process the petitions prior to the official June 30 deadline. But that leaves only about 30 days for canvassing, which translates into collecting 20,000 signatures per day.

A more realistic timeframe is to aim to get this amendment on the ballot for the May 2011 election, which means we have a mid-December 2010 deadline for submission. Every signature that we collect prior to June 20, 2010 remains valid if we submit in December 2010.

Seven northern Ohio groups have already signed on to work with the PCCOH on signature-gathering. They will be looking for team captains to take on specific geographic areas. The first priority will be to identify participating organizations and groups in Ohio , and then team captains from those groups. Specific plans will follow from each participating group.

About The Ohio Tea Party Patriots

The Ohio Tea Party Patriots & affiliate groups consists of conservative minded organizitions in the great state of Ohio. Cleveland 9.12 Project/ Medina Tea Party Patriots / Mansfield Tea Party Patriots / Geauga - Lake County Tea Party Patriots / Buckeye Lake Tea Party Patriots / Bowling Green Ohio Tea Party Patriots / Cleveland Tea Party Patriots / Geauga 9-12 Patriots

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    I have a question for you.... Since Transgender people are both a man & woman -- should they have to pay taxes twice?


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